Liberty Safe Key Access Handgun Vaults

Key Vaults

Sometimes you only need to secure small items, like a single handgun, your wallet, phone, passports, medication, or cash. That’s why we offer our smallest handgun vault lineup: key vaults.

For gun owners, these handgun vaults are TSA compatible for airline use and can be used to secure your firearm in your automobile. Whether you’re headed out to the range, keeping your handgun in your vehicle, or just want to keep your personal protection secured in your closet when you’re not using it, these compact vaults can help. They’re the perfect storage solution for restricting access, and ensuring safe storage and transportation.

Each vault offers enough space to store a single handgun, plus accessories like a flashlight or magazine, and features a sturdy key-operated lock, as well as anti-pry features. These smaller handgun vaults are also foam lined, and come with a security cable for tie-down capability.

If you’re looking for a secure storage solution for your smaller items, these key vaults are for you.