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Accessory Door Panel Ratings and Reviews

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written by Kelly on August 23, 2018
All the Liberty door panels are geared for hand gun users. My Liberty safe (which I really like), is full of long guns, a compound bow, hunting accessories and ammo. I love it.
The door panel has hand gun slots and lots of wasted space if you don't own a handgun. I wish Liberty would have """ 1 '''''' door panel option for non-handgun owners.
I have called Liberty twice over the last 2 years, and no door panel has ever been made available to purchase, that does not come without a hand gun holder.

Poorly thought out product
written by Brian D on September 8, 2014
I purchased the 12 gun door panel for my Liberty 12 gun safe. Only 3 of the 4 handgun pockets can be used as the bottom one hits the existing fixed shelf in the safe. The center divider in the safe interferes with the pockets below the bottom handgun and does not allow for anything with any thickness to be stored in there. This particular panel is 50% useless.
Liberty's Response:
This particular door panel is tough to get all of your pockets filled. The space is just really tight in the 12 safes. We hope you can find a way to arrange it to meet your needs.  

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