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Accessory Door Panel Ratings and Reviews

Pistols do not fit properly into Pistol Pockets
written by JimG on January 29, 2019
The Presidential 40 Door Accessory has 8 Pistol Pocket 4 at the top of the door panel and 4 pistol pockets directly below the top 4 pockets.
When placing pistol in the top pockets, the muzzles of those pistols interfere with the lower pistols. The upper pistol pockets and lower pistol pockets are sewn way to close together leaving about 4 inches of unused space along the top of the panel. The lower pistol pockets are really useless upper 4 pockets are sewn about 5 inches below the top of the door leaving way too much unused space

Adding a Door Panel
written by Stephen in Mansfield, TX on March 15, 2014
I have the Liberty Franklin 25 model, which is a few years old. I purchased the Accessory Door panel for 18 size gun safes. It is the perfect size. HOWEVER, the clips at the top cannot fasten due to the lip of the door "hanging" over the inside of the door. It basically renders the Accessory panel useless. I am very unhappy as I drove 30 miles to purchase the Accessory panel. Any suggestions out there? Am I going to have to return it???
Liberty's Response:
The older models had a different door panel configuration. We can get you clips for those, but it is something we will have to special order. The door panel you purchased fits the current configuration perfectly. We will be in contact to see how we can help.

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