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Accessory Door Panel Ratings and Reviews

Centurion D20 (2007)
written by TX4EVER on June 1, 2020
Will this fit the Liberty Centurion D20 (20 gun) safe from 2007? Will it need special clips?

Adding a Door Panel (2)... i have same problem as the review 'Ad
written by GW on January 19, 2017
I think this is going to be a terrific product so I gave it 5 stars. I purchased the 20/23/24/25 size door panel for the Liberty Centurion safe I purchased in 2006. It seems to fit perfectly except the top clips cannot be installed over the inside panel of the door. The top edge of the panel has a lip over most of its length.. Will the fix mentioned in the referenced review work for my problem .


Need help!!
written by Hugh on June 7, 2016
Need help on finding a door organizer for an LX-35. Planning on getting one for my 2012 Fatboy jr. Was going to get one for my father for fathers day. Want to order both at the same time.Need help please. Measurements are 29"x51"

Door Panel for Liberty 18
written by Steve on February 20, 2016
I just purchased an Accessory Door Panel for a Liberty Revolution 18. It took about 5 minutes to install and fits great. This panel holds 4 pistols, some other pouches and a Cool Pocket for documents. I love it. I keep our Wills and other documents in the cool pocket and the panel allows me to place more "stuff" on the shelves. A great product that I highly recommend.

Door panel replacement
written by Brandon on January 31, 2014
Is it possible to buy a replacement door panel that has the accessory pockets and cool pack for a timber ridge TR30?
I would rather replace the whole panel than attach the pockets with Velcro .


Liberty's Response:
We will be in contact with you.

5 Star Service
written by Bob on July 11, 2013
Just a follow-up on my 3-star review of the accessory panel... The panel itself is high quality except for the issue I had with the Velcro straps.

At the same time, Liberty gets 5-stars for service in following up both here via email in an honest attempt to investigate and hopefully correct the issue for future purchasers. As note, my wife was able to correct the issue with some sewing magic.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Bob. We appreciate it.

50 size door pannel
written by Romeo on June 20, 2013
I love these accessory door panel's. I have the 50 size for an old Washington 72" safe. it adds 10 pistol capacity to the door and gives me more room inside to add other items in the safe. it has many compartments to add other things too, I like the pouch to store important papers in. at first you might not like the price, but once you have it in your safe you will quickly realize the money is well spent.. Think of it as an investment!

*Free standard shipping on accessory orders over $25 is available in the contiguous 48 U.S. states only.