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HDX-250 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 579 customers ratings and reviews

Great for my bedside nightstand.
written by Berkley on November 12, 2019
Works perfectly. I love it.

written by Ginger on November 7, 2019
A very good product easy to set up just need to follow the owner manual

My second HDX-250
written by Larry LaPine on November 5, 2019
This my second Biometric Smart Vault HDX-250. I got my first one in November 2018 and have liked it so well that I have bought a second one.

Great Safe
written by Jason on October 31, 2019
Great Safe

good to go
written by none on October 30, 2019
seems to work pretty good so far

Warranty replacement
written by 2nd time around on October 26, 2019
So my first vault was a lemon. I was able to program different fingers at different angles successfully. When trying to open the safe it took several minutes to keep entering my fingerprints to get it to open. Tried clearing and re entering the process with the same results. If I would have had to defend my family, we would all be dead. So I used the keys instead having close by until the keys quit opening the vault.
I got a hold of Liberty and they immediately they told me that a new one is on the way with a return label, costing me nothing.
Customer service is unbelievably top notch. So i am rating this product high as a result of customer service.
When I program the new one i will update this review.

Smart Vault HDX-250
written by Kelly on October 16, 2019
Works great, I scanned multiple times on each finger so I don't have to be as precious on the scanner sensor. The result is that it opens on the first scan every time.

Excellent customer service
written by Kingranch on October 15, 2019
Had a problem with the biometric on my original safe. Liberty didn't hesitate and replaced it immediately! Very impressive response time and professionalism of the reps at Liberty. This is my 3rd safe and they have definitely secured me as a lifetime customer.

Made in USA and Built like a Tank!
written by William D on September 22, 2019
Exactly the bedside handgun safe I was looking for. Well built and easy to set up the biometric feature. With the mounting bracket I don't have to worry about trying to reach for it and risk pushing it away. Holds my handgun, extra magazine and flashlight with room to spare.

Awesome safe quick access great protection
written by Pauly on September 21, 2019
Buy it, the safe is kick ass!!

written by Jeff on September 18, 2019

written by Dj on September 13, 2019

My second excellent product from liberty
written by Brian on September 11, 2019
My second excellent product from liberty. I am a strong advocate for keeping your firearms secure and Liberty is meeting and exceeding my expectations. I really like how fast and accurate the biometric scanner works. Only time will tell if it stays that way. If you've not had a chance to watch the videos of people trying to pry the door open they are well worth your time before you purchase something like this. The size of the HDX250 is really nice for a large range of handguns. Only down side is I wish the warranty was better then five years when you consider the reputation of Liberty and the cost of this unit. Come on Liberty do us all a solid on the warranty, please.

written by Richard on September 10, 2019
Great little safe. Bigger than I thought it would be.

written by Bob on September 8, 2019

Happy customer
written by JesseL on September 5, 2019
We Really love the biometric feature of this safe.

written by Will Brown on September 5, 2019
Been very reliable. Love the speed and accessibility

Well made
written by JR on September 4, 2019
The unit was easy to program and the mounting plate was a cinch to mount. Very simple to mount to vault.
Seems well made and works great.

Tremendous Customer Service and Quality Product.
written by G. W. on September 3, 2019
I have the pleasure of owning two HDX-250 Smart Vaults and one of the smaller 150s.. I often need to secure a firearm briefly while loaded, or longer term when unloaded. The security of these biometricly locked vaults is astonishing. Coupled with the option security plates to bolt them into a particular space they are prudent, safe, and tactically productive. They are well made and thoughtfully constructed of very fine, capable material. I highly recommend these to anyone needing total firearm security while enjoying immediate access.

written by Bob on August 27, 2019

written by Shernie on August 23, 2019
Love the 2 ways to open.

2nd HDX-250 smart vault
written by Ox Young on August 14, 2019
I've had one for a year or two and it has worked flawlessly. Bought a second one and I'm glad I did. Thanks Liberty!

Awesome products
written by Gregory on July 31, 2019
Top quality of of this handgun vault, easy to set up and use

written by Nick Klein on July 28, 2019

Absolutely Gorgeous
written by Corey on July 26, 2019
Great safe, however I havent really used it yet, but love the biometrics and United we stand graphics on top.

Keeping Grandchildren Safe
written by Dale Gipe on July 24, 2019
First grand child is up and moving. Time to keep him safe and everyone else in the house unless you're not invited.

written by JAV on July 16, 2019

Liberty safe
written by Mike on July 12, 2019
Excellent safe with quick access

written by Duckman1 on July 11, 2019
I needed a safe place to store my HD handgun while away, this fit the bill perfectly. Easy to use and program, made in the USA and Liberty's warranty and outstanding customer service made the rest easy.

written by Steven Weiss on July 10, 2019

Excellent Smart Vault
written by SeniorFrog on July 9, 2019
Excellent product and exactly what I was looking for. I'd definitely recommend this gun safe to anyone looking.

Its so cool
written by Velisa on July 9, 2019

Liberty HDX250
written by Popo0600 on July 8, 2019
I hope I get the hang of the print sooner than later.

Great Purchase
written by JDF on June 29, 2019
Works as advertised. Quick and easy set up. Opens quickly.

written by ToonPeople on June 15, 2019

Tough safe & sturdily built
written by Christopher with Grassroots North Carolina on June 15, 2019
I have an SO with a 7-year old and I wanted her to have access to a firearm for the house when I wasn't there. However I couldn't afford a major safe at this time but I could easily swing $200 for a good pistol safe.

I wanted a safe with a fingerprint scanner since I don't know if she could remember a combination in a panicked emergency, or leave keys laying around that a curious child might find.

I went to the local gunshop, "Proshots" in Rural Hall, NC where I knew the staff and they had a few of these on display. I've heard numerous good reviews on Liberty safes, and the "made in America" part sealed the deal. The safe is heavy but not too much so. Now I just have to figure out where to bolt it to... ;)

After getting it home, I was able to fairly easily set up the safe to take several fingers from both myself and my SO. Be sure to run the same finger over the scanner at least 5 times to ensure it's read well.

Tested: 100 fingerprint swipes
written by JSK on May 30, 2019
This was delivered today. I read all the reviews and was worried about the biometrics working properly. I set it up and followed the instructions to a T. I programmed my fingerprint and went on to test it 100x. To my pleasant surprise it never failed. Perfect 100 for 100. I'll report back in 6 months. Not sure if Liberty changed anything or if I was lucky but I'm very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this pistol vault.

written by Josh C on May 30, 2019

Trouble with finger prints
written by orddy on May 30, 2019

Warranty replacement
written by Marc on May 28, 2019
original safe would not latch and biometric did not work. Called Liberty and they sent a replacement immediately! Thanks!

written by Marc on May 28, 2019
This vault is reasonably priced, very attractive and well built!
The fingerprint scan is so easy to program and when using it opens very fast
I am going to buy another for my tool box at work!

written by krp on May 27, 2019

written by Luis on May 26, 2019

Liberty safes are Excellent and reliable!
written by Daniel Smith on May 11, 2019
Very well programmed and secure, fast access very satisfied thank u Liberty!

written by William H. on May 10, 2019

Solid safe with good biometrics
written by bp on May 4, 2019
I just need the updated versions of this safe. I can be reached at 419-310-5431.

written by kimurabean on May 1, 2019

Exactly what I was looking for
written by Ivan on April 30, 2019

The HDX-250 is a Perfect Handgun Vault
written by Skyburner on April 26, 2019
I wanted a handgun vault that was secure and had quick access. I also wanted it to be movable from vehicle to vehicle and into the home. The HDX-250 with the accessory mounting plate was perfect for this use. I am very happy with it and its performance so far.

Scott J
written by Scott J on April 25, 2019

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For more instructions on setting up your safe, view our Programming the Liberty HDX-250 video.

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