Do I Need a Safe

Protecting Children at Home

You might be wondering if you really need a gun safe in your home. While having one is not a must, there are many reasons why you should buy a safe, even if you only own just a couple of guns versus a large collection of firearms.

First and Foremost, Safety!

As a responsible gun owner, you want to keep your guns secure and out of the hands of curious children or grandchildren. When you buy a safe, you are investing in the safety of your family, visitors, and anyone that could be tempted to play with or examine one of your guns if they were to stumble upon one in a drawer or closet.

Complying With Local Laws

There is no federal legal requirement to keep your guns locked up. However, your state might require you to lock up your guns to prevent child access. You might not have children living in your home, but if you have visiting grandchildren or friends with children, storing your guns in a safe could protect you from criminal liability for negligently storing them.

Stores Your Guns All in One Place

You might have multiple guns all in separate cases. Having a safe gives you a central location to store all your guns. This eliminates the hassle of having to remember numerous combinations or keeping track of keys for locks on multiple gun cases.

Keeps Your Guns out of Crooks' Hands

Whether you have a gun that is an irreplaceable heirloom passed down through your family or have invested in a custom grip for your .357, you want to keep your guns out of the hands of crooks. Most burglars want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible. They cannot waste time trying to get into your safe or easily carry it off to open offsite to get to your guns.

Protects Your Guns From Fire

In the event of a house fire, having guns and ammo in your home sets up a dangerous situation for firefighters who are trying to put the fire out to save your home. If you have a valuable collection or just a few guns, you also want to protect them from fire damage even if they are insured. Insurance companies will never reimburse you for the full value of your guns. A gun safe like the Modern Lincoln can protect your guns from fire for up to 90 minutes and keep rescuers protected from exploding ammo.

Not Just for Guns

When you buy a gun safe, you now also have a place to store all your important documents, cash, family treasures, and jewelry. If you have items that you want to protect from fire or keep away from would-be thieves, you will find that a good-sized gun safe will come in handy.

Learn more about the benefits you'll experience when you buy a safe for your home. Contact your local Liberty Safe dealer today.


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