How Many Guns Can a Liberty Gun Safe Hold | How Accurate Are Safe Gun Counts?

How Many Guns Will a Gun Safe Hold?

Typically, you buy a gun safe for storing, you know, guns. But how do you know if the safe you’re looking to buy can actually hold all your guns? Long gun storage numbers can be a little tricky. Keep watching to make sure you know what to consider when figuring out how many guns you can actually fit in a safe.

How Many Guns Can You Actually Fit in a Gun Safe?

Safe Gun Counts

Let’s start with the most common metric used: safe gun counts. Most safes will list a number indicating how many long guns the manufacturer estimates the safe can hold. But how accurate is this number, and how is it determined?

Gun safes typically come with gun racks to hold your pew pew possessions. A safe’s gun count is determined by the number of slots in the safe’s gun racks. That number, however, doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact number of firearms you’ll be able to fit into the safe.

Why not? In a perfect world, you’d be able to fit a gun into every slot on the rack. But every gun is different, and based on the size of the firearm, and the attachments you have on it, some guns will take up more space than others. It’s a little like the parking lot at the shooting range. Your buddy’s Prius may fit nicely into a stall. Your overcompensating, one-ton pickup truck, however, takes up a lot more space.

Accessories and Gun Counts

Be aware that if you have a large firearm, like a sexy AR-15, it’s not going to fit inside the safe as neatly. The same is true for guns with scopes or tripods. They take up more room and will reduce the number of firearms you can store in your safe.

So, remember, when you’re shopping for safes by gun count, keep in mind that large long guns, scopes, and other accessories, take up extra room. Liberty Safe also sells rifle rods which help utilize the space in your safe. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space to fit your entire collection and expand it in the future. We have customers who tell us all the time that they wish they would’ve bought a bigger safe. You’ll likely fill yours up faster than you think!

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