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How Much Does a Gun Safe Cost?

How Much Does a Gun Safe Cost?

What You Should Know Before Buying a Gun Safe

One of the questions we’re asked most often is, “How much does a safe cost?

Well, that depends. Safes can range from $200 all the way up to $10,000 or more.

What causes such a big difference in the price? Combination gun safe prices are based on four things:

  • Its size
  • The level of security it provides
  • The features built into it
  • How much fire protection it offers

Let’s break these down.

  1. Size

We’re just gonna come right out and say it: When it comes to buying gun safes, size matters. Bigger is almost always more expensive.

  1. Level of Security

The level of security a safe provides will affect the cost. For example, the thickness of the steel used to make the safe, locking mechanisms, and locking bars are all critical to a safe’s security rating. When you choose a higher security rating you’ll pay more, but get added security.

  1. Features

The features built into a safe, like the interior fabric and lighting, and the paint finish on the exterior, can all affect price.

  1. Level of Fire Protection

Choosing a safe with increased fire protection can affect the cost. Some safes only offer 15-30 minutes of fire protection, while others can protect your valuables from high heat for 2 1/2 hours or longer.

The pricing of safes varies quite a bit depending on which features are most important to you. You can definitely find those really expensive, concrete-wall, $10,000 or more safes if that’s what you’re interested in. But at Liberty Safe, we work hard to provide the highest security, fire protection and premium features, all in an affordable and good looking safe.



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