The Explosive Gun Safe Torture Test

The Explosive Gun Safe Torture Test

We know that when you’re looking for the toughest gun safe, you want more than the status quo. For years, most safes were made the same way, utilizing steel round pins to secure your stuff. The problem? While these round pins are very strong, they can have a weak point. The steel pin is attached to the locking bar using a rivet, and thieves are sometimes able to bend that rivet point and pry the safe door open.

That’s why we created our military-style locking bar system. It eliminates that weak rivet point and gives you the peace of mind that comes from owning one of America’s #1 safes. It's also able to withstand a 1,000 pound cement block dropped from 100 feet! How do we know our safes are stronger, tougher, and more secure? We rigged a Liberty Safe and a similarly priced competitor safe with explosives and let the ultimate gun safe torture test do the talking.

The results? Well, they blew us away. Unfortunately, they also blew our competitor’s safe away. Watch this gun safe comparison video to see what happened and why Liberty Safe makes the best home safe.


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