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HD-100 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 553 customers ratings and reviews

Great safe
written by SAT on November 12, 2019

Awesome customer service
written by Rich on November 12, 2019
Had a issue with my hd100 handgun vault and Liberty sent me a replacement. Can't thank these guys enough!!

Great safe & Excellent Customer Service
written by Jam on November 9, 2019
This safe is perfect for my Glock 43, extra clip and cash. I keep this safe in my work vehicle. I actually fit my Glock 43, 1 clip, my friends Taurus lcp2 and an envelope of cash. Love the electronic opening instead of a key but my first safe stopped opening after about a year. Emailed customer service and they sent me a brand new one. Thank You Liberty Safes and keep up the great customer service by standing behind your products.

written by TRbigwheels on November 1, 2019

Exactly What I was looking for
written by Trailblazen on October 25, 2019
Full Size M&P40 with Spare Magazine fit perfectly inside this with room to spare. Easy to use and ready to go out of the box.

written by Lance on October 21, 2019

written by rsh on October 17, 2019

written by HappyOwner on October 12, 2019

Great safety addition
written by Nathan Duncan on October 3, 2019
Product is heavy duty and is very professional looking. I love the auto light inside when opened and the lift supports. Good price for a great product as advertised.

written by Tim on October 3, 2019
Easy to operate, & install in my car.

Quick Vault
written by TW on September 15, 2019
Easy to program and use. I wish the lid opened completely after release.

Great product
written by Enzo30 on September 8, 2019
Great product and perfect size for keeping a handgun in the night stand!

Portable gun safe for vehicles
written by JAY on September 5, 2019
Strong and easy to use.

Great warranty
written by The Trainman on September 3, 2019
After several years of no use, the lid did not want to "pop" open with with either the combination or the backup key. Banging on the front corner released the lock but this was not acceptable for handgun storage. The vault was returned to the Liberty dealer where it was determined a pin had shifted slightly in the lock mechanism. The old vault was exchanged for a new one with no hassle whatsoever. Thank you

written by John Hancock on September 2, 2019
This product is well constructed and I finally have peace of mind knowing my grandkids are safe. Easy setup!

written by Mike on August 31, 2019

written by Marissa on August 20, 2019

Heavy duty feel
written by Kevin on August 20, 2019
Just got this. Seems heavy duty and secure. Better than the one I have now. Easy to set up the code.
The lid will not open automatically, you have to lift up a bit before it locks again. It may just be stiff. I am sure it will loosen up as we use it.

Perfect size safe
written by John Smith on August 20, 2019
This is the perfect size safe to keep your handgun close in any drawer in your house. It is easy to setup and fast to open. The interior light is a nice touch for opening it in a dark room.

Good but a little heavy
written by Pick on August 18, 2019
Only issue is the weight

Great Customer Service and Support
written by Tom Mack on August 10, 2019
My first HD-100 was purchased nearly 2 years ago, one month shy of the end of the 2-year warranty the latch mechanism broke. I called Liberty and they immediately sent a replacement HD-100 at no cost and no argument. My other two HD-100's that I bought about the same time are working great. Thank you VERY much...THAT is GREAT customer service!

Great Vault
written by Phatbolt on August 6, 2019

written by Steve Martin on July 23, 2019

Great safe for compact pistols
written by Jpm on July 11, 2019
I have had two of these. One by my bed and one in the car. Great and sturdy for price.

Child Protection
written by grand parent on July 1, 2019

Quality Product
written by Ricky Luck on June 20, 2019
Liberty Safes are a quality product and they are made in the United States......

written by Karen C on June 10, 2019

Liberty is quality
written by Doug on June 9, 2019
Read the other reviews. As always some people are never satisfied. I have 3 Liberty products that are reliable and great quality at a fair price. Love the feedback on some issues people may have with mechanical products. I work on machines and none are perfect. Liberty has always stood behind their products and resolved the issues. You don't see that much today. Their safes are made in the USA. Gotta love that!

written by Jay on June 6, 2019
The safe is exactly what I needed to protect the guns from my grandchildren.

Good safe for my bedroom
written by BigRed on June 1, 2019
Love the interior light and popup door. The retaining cable installation point inside the safe needs some kind of retainer - it is too easy for the cable to "pop" out when the door opens.

Ronnie's Review of HD-100
written by RON REVIEW on May 19, 2019

written by Ethiopia on May 18, 2019

Chief Gunnersmate
written by Chief Gunner on May 14, 2019
It's a great size for travel. It'll easily fit on the motorcycle.

Chief Gunnersmate
written by Chief Gunner on May 14, 2019
I have previous experience with these safes. They are compact enough to fit on the motorcycle.

written by gary on May 9, 2019

Hd-100 quick vault
written by The dude on May 4, 2019
Great value. Easy to use.

great product and quality product
written by DJ on April 30, 2019
great product and quality product

Nice and Secure
written by Flair on April 20, 2019
Easy set up, nice structure and great travel unit

Barry B
written by Barry Baumeister on April 19, 2019
Waiting for assistance for setup.

Nice vault
written by Kirk on April 13, 2019
Great little vault for the price. Quality construction, easy to use, and fits a full frame pistol.

Perfect handgun safe for truck, office, home!
written by BK on March 31, 2019
This is exactly what I needed. Perfect size to fit in my truck, in my desk, in my house. The way you access (key or pad) is very easy to use. Love the interior light. The safe seems very rugged. The security cable is a must for this type of safe. The size is also nice, fits my full size and micro pistols well, with extra magazines. I also don't worry about the micro moving around, the foam keeps things secure. I was worried about the room on the inside, but this thing is way more roomier than it appears. I can put my full-size double stack XDM, IN it's holster, in this safe. That is very nice so your not in/out of the holster all the time. Also, how fast the top opens is very nice for quick access. Well done Liberty!

written by JSB81 on March 31, 2019

First Impression Based on Reputation
written by Chuckybaby on March 23, 2019
Appears to be what I need for the safe access to my firearm at home.

Ranch Owner
written by Horseshoe L Ranch on March 22, 2019

Solid as a rock!
written by Len M on March 10, 2019
My old "Locked" container was too flemzy and hard to get into and was not "Safe". Great quality!

Good quality product.
written by Jim on March 8, 2019
Bought this to replace an old gun vault that no longer works. Very pleased with the finish and how the lid pops up when the code is entered. The light inside is a bonus.
Also the ability to silence it is great.

Works Good
written by Natops031 on March 7, 2019

written by none on February 25, 2019
Versatile, durable and secure.

Works as it should
written by Craig Miller on February 24, 2019
I read a lot of reviews for this safe and a lot have said, "it doesn't open because of the gas strut assist has to be perfectly level"or "it's to weak", or they just can't get into it. Well I sat with the one in Cabelas for about 10 minutes and tried all different ways of opening it flat, level, slanted upside down, even holding the top part and pushing key pad the bottom dropped right out, and it opened every single time. I got home and programmed it and it work flawlessly every time. I have no worries about this opening if I need it in a hurry. Maybe I got the cream of the crop, either way I am satisfied.

written by Matt on February 24, 2019
This little handgun vault is small but has it all. Quick access, light inside, key access, very durable, made in the USA. I love this vault cause you can literally use it for alot of stuff, pictures, important papers, handguns, ect.

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