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HD-100 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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written by none on February 25, 2019
Versatile, durable and secure.

Buyer Beware...
written by ShouldHaveChosenAnythingElse... on January 30, 2019
I bought this safe specifically to go into my new vehicle. Of course the floor model worked as advertised. In practice it is very different. The buttons are very squishy, and give no tactile feedback. My safe was slow opening the first couple times, and I hoped that the action would loosen up. It didn't. Now the safe does NOT OPEN automatically once the correct code is entered. It requires manual entry. Had I known this was going to be an issue, I would NOT have purchased. Roll the dice if you want, but I am a Dissatisfied Customer.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, if your having issues with your vault please call our customer support.

solid safe... but issues opening after a year
written by John in SRQ on January 27, 2019

Neat Safe
written by GIJoe on January 26, 2019
I received this as a gift from my son. I was in a hurry the day I received and after packing up to leave we realized the key was inside. Customer service was helpful in replacing key after proving ownership. Neat safe, good customer service.

Doesn't work
written by GunGuy91 on January 21, 2019
I bought this safe and followed directions for proper set up. I set my 5 digit code and the safe worked great. I tried this multiple times to get used to putting the code in. After about 5 attempts, the safe would not open completely without me having to push it up to get it open (not exactly the easy access it claims to be.) I have tried multiple batteries at that does not seem to be the issue. Would probably not recommend this to a friend and think you would be better off spending your money on another safe.

written by Jdub on January 20, 2019

Does what I need
written by HaroldAK on January 18, 2019
Review based on initial use of the HD-100 Quick Vault (one day): The setup was easy and worked as expected. The vault door pops open as stated. I like that the Key Press beeps can be muted and also like that there is an internal courtesy light.

Pistol safe
written by Happy Customer on January 17, 2019

easy to set up
written by bperk on January 17, 2019
easy to set up

written by Jeremiah on January 16, 2019

written by Kelly on January 12, 2019

written by Safety Master on January 10, 2019

So far so good.
written by Jax on January 5, 2019
Works great.

written by phoenix on January 1, 2019

written by Kyle on December 29, 2018

Great safe for a great price.
written by Elysha on December 28, 2018
Got this safe for my nightstand. Fits perfect. No issues so far. We wI'll see how it holds up.

New to gun ownership
written by Sideout179 on December 28, 2018
I highly recommend the Quick vault gun safe for securing your hand gun. Compleats the gun ownership responsibilities. Be SAFE

Great Christmas Present
written by Bliss on December 25, 2018
This was a great Christmas present from my wife for the buy who has everything. One can never be too careful today with handguns in your home. This vault fits the bill for being small in size, easy to open, and secure.

written by Mark Twain on December 25, 2018

Handgun Mobility safe
written by Victor on December 24, 2018
Handgun owners safe zone.
Mobile safety cable or permanent mount.

Handgun Mobility safe
written by Victor on December 24, 2018
Quick assesability with a mobile cable security option or permanent mount.

Small and compact
written by JohnWayne on December 23, 2018
Fits nicely in a small area and springs open perfectly every time.

Quick access stopped working
written by AQ on December 22, 2018
Had the safe for less than a month and the quick acess Hutton's stopped working

written by Uncle lar on December 21, 2018

Peace of mind
written by Bill Sr on December 17, 2018
I know of no other way to have peace of mind in protecting your weapon, as well as protecting others from your weapon. Protection, yet with quick entry when required.

Excellent products must buy
written by Chris on December 15, 2018
This product is a must buy very durable and reliable. Perfect for home use and also vehicle compact and easily moved and operated

Handgun vault
written by Bob on December 13, 2018
First class

written by Safe Grandpa on December 9, 2018

written by Merika on December 8, 2018
Thanks again for making great products

Works great
written by Jeremy on December 8, 2018
Live the vault and the light when it's night time. Opens very quickly and opens every time.

written by RolltideBama on December 7, 2018
Great. When my grandchildren are over I don't have to run and put in our big gun vault.. I can leave on my tall dresser and feel safe.

written by kinghut on December 5, 2018

written by Brent on December 5, 2018

Built like a tank, access like a jet.
written by Rich B on December 3, 2018
Built like a tank, access like a jet.! The HD 100 is very well-built, it has nice features, the keypad is fast and accurate and easy to set up. I don't think you will find a better hand gun vault for the money. This could easily cost more than I paid for it and I would still have made this purchase.

Securing Firearms
written by epsilon on December 2, 2018
My primary concern was securing my firearms in a way that would equip me with easy access for self-defense. This vault does the job quite well. Nothing more to be said really.

WA Secured
written by Uncle Butch on November 30, 2018
Excellent product for securing my valuables.

New but nice
written by Derek M on November 23, 2018
Brand new purchase but appears I made the right choice

Great Safe
written by Tavis Dahlke on November 21, 2018
Great safe and excellent customer service

Excellent features and very easy to use.
written by Robsls2000 on November 17, 2018
This product is what I was looking for. Wanted a vault to protect for theft and keep out of hands of children, but wanted to be able to access very quickly, in case of an emergency use.

Best of the best
written by Satisfied customer on November 12, 2018

Soft T
written by HFP3 on November 7, 2018
The safe works as advertised however the "Soft Touch" buttons are hard to push causing the codes to be entered incorrectly. I can see that under duress this could be a problem. It is not in my nature to return items therefore I will live with it until I find a replacement. for now I am assured the gun is safe and sound.

written by Gary on October 26, 2018

Liberty HD-100
written by Lucas Miles on October 18, 2018
The vaults electronic lock completely failed.

Good product
written by Cole Hertz on October 17, 2018

Wonderful product
written by Henry42 on October 11, 2018

Well Made
written by Paul on October 11, 2018
I just received the safe. It functions as expected. It is more heavy-duty than I even anticipated. Very please so far.

Excellent product
written by Carolina95DB on October 5, 2018
Easy to use, quality product, good price.

written by Clem Diddle Hopper on September 27, 2018
It appears to be a very good, quality product. I've been on the fence for awhile about which handgun safe would be best for me. Low and behold... I found one that was just right for me.

written by baron on September 26, 2018
new user but looks ok

written by Deerslayer on September 24, 2018
Size, accessibility, safe to have in my house. Only problem is it is made in China. Not in USA.

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