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HDX-150 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 244 customers ratings and reviews

Great safe
written by SAT on November 12, 2019

New Hand gun vault
written by Army Nurse 92 on October 17, 2019
Just received this item, found it on line (Walmart). Very easy to set up. To early to really give it a rating but if it is as good as my gun vault it too will be excellent. Hope I never have to find out how tough it is.

New Hand gun vault
written by Army Nurse 92 on October 17, 2019
Just received this item, found it on line (Walmart). Very easy to set up. To early to really give it a rating but if it is as good as my gun vault it too will be excellent. Hope I never have to find out how tough it is.

written by Beef Dip on October 9, 2019
I just purchased the HDX-150 for convenient inside storage and easy access. I've had a Liberty Gun Safe in my garage for more than a year and I am completely happy with it. I would highly recommend Liberty products.

good vault but ...
written by Harry on October 7, 2019
Heavy duty Made in America car handgun vaults for those times when you can't carry. Biometrics are iffy keep a key handy.

Excellent Safe
written by russwen on October 6, 2019
Easy to program

Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault
written by Tom K on September 14, 2019
Very sturdy and secure and easy to program.

Works Every Time
written by Sanchez on September 12, 2019
I purchased other safes and returned them within 24 hours because the biometrics did not work as expected. Usually a failure rate of 65% and I wasn't going to risk my families life on that statistic. I purchased the HDX-150, tested it and it works every time. I'm SOLD and will be keeping this as a bedside backup.
The only thing I'm not happy about is that a fill size (Beretta 92S does not fit as across the safe. It has to go in the elongated position and is upside-down. Not so terrible but I just though I would mention. Still gets a 5 Star Rating in my book!!! Love it!

Great way to store things
written by Kimberly B on September 11, 2019
It was easy to set up and use. It took no time at all. The fingerprint function literally opens up the safe in one second. The only drawback is that it makes a loud noise when opening. If you are familiar with that sound, you know the safe is being opened. That being said, it could discourage non invited guests or cause them to influx faster into your personal space.

Secure, Solidly Constructed, Reliable Finger Detection, Made in
written by Liberty Vault Customer on September 9, 2019

written by Paul Revere on September 1, 2019
Sometimes have to swipe finger more than once, but safe still opens quickly.

Biometric lock that works
written by Robert D on August 31, 2019
This is a quality product made in USA and it works perfectly.

written by Patrick Leonard on July 10, 2019
The programming was very easy even for those of us who are technologically challenged.

great product and quality product
written by DJ on July 1, 2019

Secures the gun
written by Bart on June 26, 2019
Perfect for home and plane!

HDX-150 Smart vault
written by Westie on May 9, 2019
Easy to use and set up, works great. The nice flat size fits great for night stand. Will work great to keep the little hands out!!

Exactly what I was looking for I bought four
written by Ivan on April 30, 2019

Exactly what I was looking for
written by Ivan on April 30, 2019

Smart Vault
written by None on March 13, 2019
Great product & well built.

written by FishingBuddy on March 7, 2019

Get this one!
written by Leland on February 26, 2019
Works as advertised. Quality construction.

Ronnie's Review of HDX-150
written by RON REVIEW on February 15, 2019
It was somewhat difficult in getting the initial finger print to register.
I think as I use it more and more I will get the utilization down.

10 Stars!!!!!! Best Company and Product
written by Desertracer174 on January 31, 2019
I cannot speak higher of the Liberty Safe Company and the HDX-150. I have bought 2 HDX-150's and the quality, ease of technology and general construction of these safes is mind-blowing and completely reliable in any scenario. My second HDX-150 had some technical problems, I called the customer service department and they were completely professional. Liberty Safe ended up replacing my safe, this is world class customer service. I do not know many companies like this, you need this safe!!

Sergeant Thomas Umporowicz Seattle Police
written by Jfitz on January 25, 2019

Hard to close
written by Jake Z on January 25, 2019
Seems to be well built, the fingerprint unlocking mechanism works well. I do have a problem closing it, most of the time i have to slam it pretty hard to close it. I can't seem to find an adjustment to make the lid close easier.

written by AMY on January 24, 2019

Great handgun safe
written by Happy S&M M&P Owner on January 2, 2019
This handgun safe is very well built. Biometric works great fist time used. Directions were straightforward and easy to follow. Unit is really heavy built for a small handgun safe. I love the idea that I can put up to 15 fingerprints into the vault - so that means I can register both hands and don't have to remember which hand I used in an emergency when thighs are so tense and I need the firearm immediately.

written by Rich on December 30, 2018

written by yuanyuanhe on December 12, 2018

Outstanding safe
written by Sarge on December 9, 2018
I purchased the Liberty HDX_150 biometric safe and I am very pleased with the quality and ease of access once the safe is programmed. Great job Liberty.

Love the security but the operation is lacking
written by Andrew on November 24, 2018
It is secure. But as far as quick access goes, the biometric reader never worked great now doesn't work

excellent product
written by RAC on October 29, 2018
Scanned fingerprint in the first time and worked without a fault.

Just as I expected!
written by Flash on October 29, 2018
This biometric smart vaults is just what I was looking for. It is well made and very easy to set up. It also allows 15 different finger prints to be placed in the memory. Compact and easy to put wherever you need it even in your truck or car.

Satisfied New Customer
written by Deaner on October 27, 2018
First time using a Biometric Smart Vault so I was a little concerned at first about the security and protection with children as well as being able to quickly and easily open the safe in an emergency situation. After programming and operating the vault a few times, I am convinced it will work perfectly. Thank you Liberty for making something so safe but simple to use.

written by J on October 20, 2018

Perfect gun vault for my needs.
written by Gary D. on September 20, 2018
This gun vault is exactly what I was looking for to keep my firearm secure with rapid access on the table next to my recliner. Perfect fit for my Glock 23 or Sig 226 plus one extra magazine.

written by Clyde on July 21, 2018
I gave the HDX-159 an excellent review. However, I have not owned the volt long enough to make a fair evaluation. I hope the safe will fill my needs. I have several grandchildren that are too young and have not been exposed to firearms to understand how to properly handle or act around any firearm.

Excellent gun vault
written by Richard on June 30, 2018
Gun vault is well built, biometric seems to work well, I'm able to open the safe each time. Only issue is the red light flashes that the battery is low, with both the 9V battery that it came with, and another fresh one I bought and installed. Also feel the adapter should be part of the total package.

No knobs or buttons
written by Levi Stands With Bears on June 27, 2018
Nice size safe and glossy grey texture finish is nicely done. The dual key and biometric is ideal for having while traveling. With no knobs or multiple buttons to get gunked up, push or get snagged, this safe fits under car mats, trunk locations and easy to slide under beds or other furnishings. A full piano hinge and anchoring cable make this safe a well-finished piece that has some flexible uses.

written by TC on June 27, 2018

Safe fast access
written by MN Bob on June 20, 2018
The safe functions perfectly with the included 9 volt battery. After following the directions, my wife and I can open it on the first swipe every time. Will look at buying the AC adapter, so I don't have to worry about batteries in the future.

Great products
written by Jim on June 10, 2018
I like the product, it took a couple of tries to figure out the Biometric scan process, read then reread the instructions. I think I am really going to like the gun safe.

Good Product
written by Hand safe on June 3, 2018

written by HJK on June 1, 2018
The videos need to show how to program it.

Love my safe!
written by Steve on May 21, 2018
Purchased for my wife's use. She tells me that access to her protection is much easier than she anticipated. Using this vault gives us both peace of mind in my absence from the house and when the grandchildren are here.

Had to purchase a replacement
written by REK on May 18, 2018

Worked great for about 6 months
written by Brady on May 14, 2018
The safe worked great for the first 6 months. I typically check it every week just to make sure the battery is good and that it opens properly. I checked it last night, and the safe would not open with the biometrics. When I swipe my finger, I get a steady green light, but the safe does not open. The manual says that the steady green light means that the unit is getting power. Dead battery is supposed to result in a red blinking light, so I don't believe it is the battery. I'm waiting to see if the manufacturer can offer assistance.

the finger swipe stoped working
written by Lonnie Hoffa on May 10, 2018
biometric stoped working

Backed up the warranty.
written by Concerned dad. on April 27, 2018
I was having issues with my battery going dead in a few days. I wrote my concerns in a review and was contacted the next day by there customer service department.
I shipped my safe back and after inspecting it the replaced it.
I am very satisfied with my new safe and there service department.

written by BKC808 on April 18, 2018

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