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HDX-250 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 512 customers ratings and reviews

Excellent gun safe.
written by Luke G on February 28, 2019
I am very happy with this gun safe. For a comparatively small gun safe, it has a lot of internal space and all while being very low profile. An excellent balance between compact and capacious.

written by Paz ochoa on February 13, 2019

written by Saun on February 12, 2019

Great review
written by Leonard Cooper on February 11, 2019
Hands down great safe

written by Colo B on January 29, 2019

My smart safe
written by Pops on January 29, 2019
I love how easy it is to setup the biometrics on the safe, and the power and battery backup are a definite lifesaver. Liberty is the only safe I will own.

HDX 250 Smart Vault Review
written by Brandon on January 20, 2019
Nice safe with no issues after first coming out of the box. Good size and lighting. Only complaint is that it is a little loud upon opening but after opening a few times you get used to catching the door which is no big deal at all. Great safe.

Safer guns
written by Uncle Butch on January 11, 2019
Quality product at a reasonable price

heavy hauler
written by heavy hauler on January 11, 2019
simplicity works

written by rick w on January 9, 2019

HDX -250 Smart Vault
written by George on January 9, 2019
Seems to be made with good quality. Easy to program security code. Made in USA . Provides quick access to handguns with safety being most important.

Awesome product! USA Made!!
written by Whitney M. on January 7, 2019
Love love love this product to feel safe while my husband is away and keep my kids safe. Quick and easy access to a loaded and ready gun!

HDX-250 is Amazing
written by Corey M. on January 7, 2019
This is my first Liberty product that I own. This was a Christmas gift to myself and so far it's amazing. A few friends and family members have Liberty Safes, so it was a no-brainer on which company to go with. I will definitely be buying more Liberty products in the future. The best part is it's MADE IN THE USA!

Easy to use
written by Chris M. on January 7, 2019
Really nice safe for quick access. Holds up to 10 prints so multiple people can have access, such as a spouse, or register different fingers in case of injury. I would recommend you also purchase the mounting plate.

Great little safe
written by Eric J. on January 4, 2019
For me this is still considered a small safe. Fits in my nightstand or dresser. With ease. The biometric release is almost on first try highly recommended

Excellent and easy to open safes
written by Mark on January 3, 2019
My wife was having trouble remembering the digital numbers to open our other safe so this biometric finger touch model is easier and quicker.
Worth the money. What good is a gun safe if you can't open it?

Bedside safe
written by wildfire on January 3, 2019
good looks great operation. fills my needs for saftey and easy operation

Good safe
written by Seth on January 3, 2019

written by Gunnar on December 31, 2018
Excellent handgun safe that provides very fast access. The biometric scanner has been flawless, and the overall construction of this safe is great!

written by bubba on December 27, 2018

Outstanding Handgun Vault
written by Jesse on December 26, 2018
Great design, easily mountable, and quick access to your firearm via
biometric design. It even has a light inside and battery backup in case of
power outage. I love this vault and have been recommending it to all
my friends. Thank you very much.

Arlington, Texas USA

First time buyer review
written by War Eagle Hunter on December 25, 2018
The product set up instructions were clear and easy to understand, and it worked the first time after following the directions.

Excellent Product
written by Michael Ringe on December 19, 2018
This is a great vault for hand guns and very quick access . I would recommend this product .

Quality and performance
written by Doug on December 18, 2018

written by Jeff on December 16, 2018

Honest Opinion
written by Handgun Safety on December 16, 2018
Safe is quality made. Love interior light. Dimensions good for our bedside table. Biometric setup was terrible. Finding register button was awful. Anyway, Cud only register two fingers. No additional fingers able to be registered on my safe. Same situation with my wife's safe, only two fingers. Only I can open this safe so any visitor (welcome or not) cannot get to my handgun. Liberty, you must revisit your biometric setup. Please understand, if the biometric locks on doors are selling well, it is because these locks are working. Your biometrics are not reliable based upon our experience. Additionally, my wife's safe made a sound when accepting her two fingerprints. My safe made NO sound when accepting my two fingerprints?

Great bedside addition
written by A mill on December 14, 2018
Great bedside addition - only change I would make is a bit brighter light otherwise awesome safe.

Great Safe
written by Jerry on December 11, 2018
The safe itself is awesome but having issues registering my fingerprint.

just got it !
written by DUMMY on December 3, 2018
it works

HDX 250
written by Bruce A Covey on December 1, 2018
Great safe, takes a little work to get finger prints registered but once there stored opens on first swipe, when installing backup battery it goes in sideways I tried for a while to put it in flat.

Great safe!
written by Memo Rice on November 29, 2018
Great safe that is easy to use!

Night Stand
written by Tumbleweed on November 25, 2018
Like the ease of operation and strong build.

written by Brad D on November 21, 2018

written by Ready 24/7 on November 20, 2018

HDX-250 Smart Vault
written by Troy Nailer on November 19, 2018
Just purchased this smart vault and I am really going to love it. It has a lot of features that I love from the sturdy construction, to the biometrics and kind of keys that are made for this smart vault, to the thick padding on all sides of the interior and the warranty.

Kids are safe
written by "TJ" Johnson on November 18, 2018
Should have done this years ago???? no more worries about curious little minds and hands

Locking system stopped work after 1 year
written by Frank on November 17, 2018
I love the reputation of liberty. It worked flawlessly until recently (approx 1 year of usage). Now the locking mechanism motor attempts to unlock the door but is unable to. I lightly oiled the latch on the front door but it still will no open without manual assistance. I love everything else about the safe aside from the above issue.

written by JOHNDEERE TRACTORS on November 15, 2018

Sweet, super secure vault!
written by MrOlsonJr on November 10, 2018
This is my 1st small, safe, but I'm extremely happy so far. Quick, reliable, secure access to my firearm & my wife is also able to use biometric option!

written by Scott on November 2, 2018

written by Jennie on November 2, 2018

HDX 250
written by tbolt on October 22, 2018
Sturdy, Quick Access, Key Back-Up

written by K.H. on October 14, 2018
Great safe I really like it so far. The finger print scanner could be a little faster though. It opens a little load too, some might not like that but you can slow the door down with your hand and quiet it down. Overall I think it's a great American Made product.

Quality Product With Exellent Reliability
written by Rob from Riverside County, CA on October 9, 2018
This is a quality product that is built extremely well. The reliability of this product is outstanding. I recommend this product, without question, to anyone who looking to buy a handgun vault for security and for child safety reasons.

HDX 250
written by tbolt on October 4, 2018
Sturdy, mountable, quick access

first time gun vault user
written by scotty on October 2, 2018
have not used enough to right a review just unboxed and filling out registration

written by BG on September 27, 2018

Great safe for bedside table
written by Jackie G on September 24, 2018
I purchased this safe at a convention. It appealed to me for quicker access to gun if needed.

written by Lynda Holmes on September 10, 2018
Difficulty in getting the safe open, good quality materials though.

Well built
written by Motorhead on September 9, 2018
This safe was easy to set up, appears to be well built and very sturdy. Made in America quality.

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