How to Troubleshoot SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock

We're now going to take a look at some troubleshooting techniques in case you run into any issues with your SafeLogic BackLit.

So the first thing is entering a correct code: 6-5-4-3-2-1. You hear two beeps, which means it's the correct code and you can open the safe. So we enter the code, it goes “beep beep,” and allows you to open the door.

Now let's take a look what happens when you enter an incorrect code. So let's go ahead and enter a code that we know is incorrect. You'll see that each number I press gives you a beep and then it goes “beep beep beep,” which means that it is an incorrect code. So three beeps is an indication that you've got the incorrect code.

So now what happens if you enter multiple incorrect codes? I'll show you.

So let's enter another incorrect code again. You get the three beeps, three beeps, and on this final one, the fourth incorrect code, it's going to go beep again so a “beep beep beep beep” and then "beep." And now it's going to beep every five seconds for five minutes, and this is what we call penalty time.

Penalty time is a deterrent to prevent someone from guessing your code. So, essentially, every time they enter a code, they have four chances. If they enter four incorrect codes, it's going to go into the penalty time for a five-minute period. It locks them out.

Now, after penalty time expires, I can go ahead and enter my correct code and I can get in. However, if I enter two more incorrect codes after penalty time has expired it's going to go back into a five-minute penalty timer. So, it will continue to be like this for five minutes. Leave the battery in. If you take the battery out it will just stop its penalty time at this point in time, and then when you put the battery in, it'll continue its five-minute penalty time until five minutes expires. And then it'll stop beeping.

Now that the beeping stopped, penalty time has expired and we can enter a known code to open the safe: 6-5-4-3-2-1. “Beep beep.” and now we can open that safe.

It's important to note that if I enter two incorrect codes at this point and not the correct code, because it's already been through penalty time once, it would go into penalty time a second time with only two incorrect code entries. So the first time it requires four incorrect code entries, the second time and subsequent times it only requires two incorrect code entries, until such time as it sees a valid code.

So penalty time has been cleared from this by allowing it to continue to beep for the five minutes, entering a valid code, and now your lock is open and you're back to normal again.

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