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Closet Safes

If you are looking for a closet gun safe, Liberty has several safes that are specifically designed to fit in a closet-sized space. With depths and widths that work in standard sized closets combined with thoughtful interiors, Liberty Closet Safes are just the ticket!

Looking for a way to discreetly store your firearms in a pre-existing closet space? Our collection of closet gun safes is here to help. Each of these home gun safes for sale has the fire protection and security features of our top safes - in a slim package that will fit in the back of your closet. Keeping your home safe concealed adds another layer of protection to an already-formidable security option. Whether it's everyday concerns you're worried about (like curious children) or rarer catastrophes (like curious burglars), Liberty's collection of closet gun safes will keep everything locked up tight and out of reach of prying eyes and hands.

Not only that: placing your home or gun safe in a bedroom closet gives you quick access to the safe's contents in case of emergency. Reach your firearms immediately by installing our Premium 20 safe in your spare closet space. In the case of a raging home fire or a devastating earthquake, you may not have time to get to your important belongings. Keep them in reach with our collection of narrow gun safes - each designed to be the perfect balance of heavy duty security and easy accessibility. You'll be able to get inside whenever you need access, but anyone else won't stand a chance.

Order these slim and discreet home and gun safes for sale to keep your valuables and firearms hidden, protected, and close at hand. Think all these descriptors sound contradictory? You just haven't tried out one of our safes yet. Begin building your own Liberty Safe and see for yourself how they're constructed from the ground up to protect you and the belongings that matter most.

Premium 20

The ultimate closet Safe, 75 minutes of fire protection and fully adjustable interior.

Home Safes

A great value on a quality home safe. 60 minutes of fire protection.

Premium Home Safes

Our finest home safes. 90 minutes of fire protection and supreme security.