How to open a combination lock

Learn how to dial your 3-combination mechanical lock by watching this video. Includes rotation directions and stop points. For demonstration purposes only, the combination used will be 20-60-40.

Mechanical Locks

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Mechanical Lock w/o Key

Centered Handle w/ Keyed Lock

Offset Handle w/ Keyed Lock

When you order a Liberty gun safe, you have your choice of electronic or mechanical lock. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages - a mechanical safe lock has a longer lifespan but can be slower to open, while an electronic lock relies on battery power but offers instant access when necessary. If you've chosen the reliability and sturdiness of mechanical lock use, but are wondering how to dial your combination, look no further! Our helpful dialing combination video is only one minute long and contains all the information you need to open up your safe and access its contents.

If you want to learn more about the differences between electronic and mechanical locks, view our Electronic Safe Locks vs. Mechanical Safe Locks page. If you'd like to make the switch from mechanical to electronic, you can view our collection of electronic keypad locks for gun safes. Whatever you choose, know that your lock - like every piece of your Liberty Safe - is built to protect what you value most.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation or change out of an electronic or mechanical lock is required by an authorized Liberty Safe dealer/certified locksmith or safe and lock warranty is voided.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.