How to Troubleshoot SecuRam TopLit Electronic Lock

We're now going to take a look at troubleshooting techniques in case you run into any issues with your SafeLogic TopLit.

So, the first thing is entering a correct code will give me the two beeps indicating it's correct code. So, you enter the code, it goes “beep beep,” and it allows you to open the door.

Now let's take a look at what happens if you enter an incorrect code. So, we'll let this set lock cycle closed, and now we can enter 1, “beep beep beep,” and that means that is the incorrect code and it won't open the safe.

Now the next thing that can happen is if I enter four incorrect codes again, you'll hear beeps three times, indicating that's the wrong code. If I do that four or more times, it will go into something called penalty time or a lockout time. And this means that you can't access the safe because you've entered the code too many times incorrectly.

And now it'll go into something called penalty time, where it continues to beep every five seconds for five minutes. Once that beeping has stopped, then you can go ahead and enter a valid code and it will operate as normal.

But this is a security mechanism in order to ensure that someone can't stand at your safe and try to guess your combination. So we can slow them down by putting them into penalty time. Every four times they enter incorrect codes, it'll go into a five-minute penalty time.

Now continue to let this beep, it'll beep through five minutes, and then we'll be able to enter the code. And I'll show you how that opens with a valid code. This deters anyone trying to guess your code and trying to gain access to your safe.

Now the penalty time has subsided, we can enter a known code in order to gain access to the safe. And the safe opens.

It's important to note that if I'd entered two incorrect codes at this point because it's already been through penalty time once, it would only take two incorrect codes in order to go back into penalty time again. So, allow penalty time to clear, enter a known code, a valid code, and the safe will open.

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