How to Operate Securam Xtreme

Troubleshooting & Penalty Time

In this video, we're going to take a look at the SafeLogic Xtreme and troubleshooting techniques.

What Happens When an Incorrect Code is Entered on a SafeLogic Xtreme Lock?

If we enter a valid code, we get two beeps as confirmation.

Now, if we were to enter an incorrect code let's take a look at what would happen. So I'll enter four incorrect codes. The “beep beep beep” means that it is an incorrect code.

Let's do that again. Incorrect code the second time. The third time. Now for the fourth time, it's going to go into something called penalty time.

Now that additional beep; you'll hear this additional beep for the next five minutes. Every 5 seconds it will beep once. And that's an indication that you've entered penalty time; you've entered four incorrect codes and now it's going into a five-minute penalty time.

What is Penalty Time?

Penalty time is used as a method to slow someone down from trying to guess your code. They can only enter four codes and they'll go into a five-minute penalty time. It will continue to beep like this for five minutes.

If they were to then continue guessing codes, they could guess two more incorrect codes, and it'll put them back into a five-minute penalty time.

So the intent here is to slow someone down from trying to guess your code. After the penalty time has expired, the beeping will stop and you will then be able to enter a valid code in order to gain access.

During penalty time, if I remove the battery, the beeping will stop of course, but the penalty time will continue once you put the battery back in. So you put the battery back in, if it's already beeped through two minutes, it'll continue beeping through the remaining three minutes for a total of five minutes of penalty time.

So just leave the battery in place and it’ll continue to beep. Once it stops beeping you can go ahead and enter a valid code to open your safe.

Now the beeping is stopped, penalty time has expired and we can go ahead and enter the correct code. And the lock opens.

So that's penalty time. Just allow it to clear; let it beat through its five minutes with a battery in and then go ahead and enter your correct code once the penalty time has expired.

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