Handgun Hangers

Utilize all of the storage space your gun safe has to offer with handgun hangers from Liberty Safe. They allow safe storage and convenient access.

πŸ”« Fits 22 Caliber and Larger
πŸ”« Fits Handguns up to 10" in Overall Length
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Made in the USA

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Full Description

Handgun Hangers are an innovative gun storage solution for your handguns to utilize the least used space in your Liberty gun safe under the shelves. Vinyl-coated finish protects barrels. Best of all, now you will have quick access to your handguns and efficiently save space.

  • Fits .22 Caliber and Larger
  • For Use on 5/8" - 1" Thick and at least 10" Deep Shelves
  • Fits Handguns up to 10" in Overall Length
  • These gun safe pistol hangers have a vinyl-coated finish for barrel protection.
  • Made in the USA

Part Numbers:

Hangers for Carry-Optics Back Over Pistol Hangers Back Under Pistol Hangers Under Shelf Pistol Hangers Over/Under Pistol Hangers






Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sturdy holding items under the shelf

Just received these, fast shipping even at the end of the year. They are a bit too long for the Liberty Centurion 12. However, I have an older half-shelf model (lesson learned, always buy one size larger than you think you need). So they sit a bit canted to one side but that's fine, the door still shuts. The extra brackets work fine for new in pkg items so they are not loose piled up on the floor. The rubbery plasticky coating seems very durable and sturdy holding items from under the shelf.

John K.
Works Great

Bought 2 sets for handgun storage in my Liberty Safe and they work very well. It is a good way to maximize the available space.

Back Under Pistol Hangers (2pack)

For reference, I have a Centurion 18.

Pros: These hangars have 2 "sides". If you look closely, one side has more space. The larger size fits over the plastic guard on my shelves, while the smaller size fits over the shelf with the leather piping on the front. They are nicely coated to protect your firearms.

Cons: They move around on the shelf very easily, even using the smaller gap over the shelf. I'd like something a little more secure. Also, for the short-barreled guns like s Sig P 365, they bottom out at the rear of the barrel.

At least they were relatively cheap.

Over/Under hangers are not for shelves with a plastic guard.

I have the Colonial 23, the shelves have a plastic guard in the front, 1 inch thick and I bought the over/under pack.

With effort the hangers slide on all the way, but they are not secure(move side to side with no effort).

If I take off the plastic guard they fit well, but it's not carpeted under the guard and I don't want an unfinished look.

So if you're like me and have the plastic guard in the front of your shelves I'd look at the back over/back under hangers instead, unless you're fine with an unfinished looking safe or plan to re-carpet the shelves.

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