Orange Rifle Rods

Increase the long-gun capacity of your gun safe by up to 50% with these innovative rods that keep all your rifles and shotguns stable, separated, and organized, allowing you to utilize space that would otherwise be wasted.

➡️ Utilize Wasted Space
➡️ Great for Guns with Scopes
🇺🇸 Made in the USA

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Full Description

With Rifle Rods you can easily customize and maximize the storage of all your long guns, and fit up to 50% more in your safe or storage space. These innovative, 16” coated rods insert into the bore of your rifles or shotguns and then extend to the “roof” of whatever space you’re using, where velcro tabs on the rod ends lock into the corresponding velcro material under the shelf or ceiling and secure the gun from moving. Great for short-barreled rifles and carbines, youth-sized shotguns and rifles, and any long gun that doesn’t fit well into traditional rifle racks (including scoped rifles, which are always a pain).

The gun safe storage kit comes complete with an appropriately sized velcro sheet that you install under a shelf or to the ceiling of your safe. Add-on kits are also available to allow you to expand your storage as your long gun collection grows.

  • For use under any shelf (gun safes, cabinets, closets, etc.)
  • Utilize wasted space
  • Great for guns with scopes
  • Fits .22 caliber and larger
  • .17 caliber available in 2 pack
  • Made in the USA

NOTE: The dimensions of the VELCRO material enclosed in the 10 or 20-pack starter kit come in the following sizes. The 6-pack or 17-cal pack does not come with the fabric:

  • 20 Pack Starter Kit: 30" X 19"
  • 10 Pack Starter Kit: 15" X 19"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Kelly F.
    . Great

    They are the best I’ve seen yet Orange for the 22 cal Black for the larger cal
    No more guessing

    Stephen C.
    Good, but not great.

    The rods are too flexible to be secure at any appreciable extension from the barrel, and are pretty problematic for shotguns and larger bore rifles. If I had my shop up and going, I would fabricate some appropriate bushings and / or stiffeners.

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