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Liberty's Colonial 50 Extreme combines fire protection features with top-notch security to make a safe that can protect all of your firearms, documents, and other valuables. This large, heavy duty gun safe can hold up to 60 guns - that's 3 collector racks of 20 firearms each! - and with its upholstered 3-in-1 Flex interior and tough steel body, the Colonial 50 Extreme is sure to keep each one of those guns tucked away safely. We've designed this safe to be a valuable member of your household, providing you peace of that will last through anything from wildfires to burglary attempts. Buy this gun safe online and see why the Colonial 50 Extreme gives you great value and even better security for your money.

At Liberty Safe, we believe in protecting what you value most. Choose the gun safe here that fits your style and your home, and work with us to create your perfect fit.