HOLDS UP TO 64 (2 collector racks with 32 guns each) GUNS
Fatboy Extreme
HOLDS UP TO 60 (3 collector racks with 20 guns each) GUNS

Order a FATBOY from Liberty Safe to add some high-class security to your home. Our gun storage vaults are packed with features, all packaged in a classic and elegant exterior featuring the Liberty Safe logo and beautiful scrolls in the corners. Inside and out, a Liberty Safe FATBOY is crafted with care in the USA to serve as a proud addition to your home. A FATBOY is sure to become a cherished heirloom.

These extra-large safes can hold up to either 60 or 64 guns, depending on which model you pick - FATBOY or FATBOY EXTREME. They're built large and tough, so they can go head-to-head with fires, burglars, or natural disasters. With 75 minutes of fire protection and UL Residential Security Container burglary classification, these are gun storage vaults you can trust with your firearms.

Choose your size of FATBOY here and find the perfect fit for your home and for your tools.