Dry Rod Dehumidifier

Prevent moisture and mold from entering your Liberty Safe with a gun safe dehumidifier rod. We carry 12 and 18 inch dehumidifiers for your home or gun safe.

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Full Description

Dehumidifiers heat to a surface temperature of around 100-120 degrees F. The heat creates a natural convection that slowly circulates warm, dry air throughout an enclosure on a 24-hour basis. This increases the temperature of the air inside to several degrees above the ambient outside temperature. Expansion of the heated air forces the moist air outside through the small cracks on safe doors leaving the dry air inside. It is best utilized when mounting horizontally at the bottom of the safe to work effectively. The Liberty gun safe dehumidifier rod can be mounted against a wall as well. Lowering the humidity is a slow process. If you do not see a reduction of humidity after a couple of weeks then you may want to consider a longer unit or our PEET dehumidifier.

In order to plug in this electrical gun cabinet dehumidifier inside your safe, we recommend purchasing the electrical outlet kit. The electrical outlet kit comes standard on all Franklin gun safes and higher.

Customer Reviews

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Easy installation and no maintenance

I bought this with the Liberty's Centurion 12, along with the electrical outlet kit for the safe. installation was simple, easy to follow instructions. I bought this for ease of use and no worries. It works as advertised, I have a simple wireless humidity/temp thermometer and for over a year now it has done just fine. All items are kept at an adequate temperature and humidity. The rod does get slightly warm to touch, but nothing to be concerned. I keep steel, wood, brass, and electronics in the safe, and everything is good as new.

Dry Rod runs hot?

Is this supposed to run Hot? I can still touch it and pick it up without burning myself but was wondering if this is normal?

Yes, it should maintain a constant temp of around 75°

Screws to short

The screws for the 2 mounting plastic brackets are to short they barely go through the fuzz on the liberty fat boy. It seems to work so far have had it 2 days. I used pipe hanging brackets and longer screws to double secure it. It will not fall off now.

model 9913

Note: if your dehumidfier quits working, take a pair of pliers and pull plug apart. The wires just plug on to two needles. Picking them up by the cord, it pulls out a little, simply cut the wire off a little and plug it back in. Paul W. P. ps. I threw one away, could be warmer.


I bought this thinking I would be safe with the humidity, I have a cordless readout on my safe and there is more humidity in my safe than outside of it. I have my safe in my unheated garage and I just don`t think this rod will protect my guns from the humidity.

Rick C.
followed instructions and not working

I followed instructions on assembly and when I touch the bar it is totally cold dont think it works thinking about buying new plug from home depot and trying that

Hi Rick, we're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your dehumidifier. Can you please reach out to our support at customerservice@libertysafe.com?


Save your money and try something else. Cool idea to let you cut the electrical wire to your needed length and then install the plug end which should in theory puncture the insulation and make continuity with each pole, how ever there are no light on the unit to verify it’s installed correctly. So you break out the multimeter only verify you how power but the rod never warms up always cold to the touch and the humidity meter stays the same even after two full days of not opening the safe.

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your dehumidifier. Please call or email our customer support at 800-247-5625 or customerservice@libertysafe.com.

Doesn't work

1st one I brought home didn't work. Nothing. Tried another one thinking the 1st was defective. Didn't work. Nothing. I'm hoping the Liberty safe I just bought isn't as poor of quality as these useless dehumidifiers. Don't waste your money

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