Jewelry Drawer

Add a velvet lined jewelry drawer to your safe for a secure place to store coins, jewelry, and other valuables. Find the drawer that fits your safe here!
Every new Lincoln, Presidential and National Security safe includes one factory installed jewelry drawer.

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Full Description

Elevate the luxury and organization of your safe with Liberty Safe's exquisite velvet-lined jewelry drawers. Designed to enhance the functionality of your safe, these drawers can be seamlessly installed as under-shelf drawers for the top or side adjustable shelves, providing convenient access to your precious jewelry and valuables.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these jewelry drawers feature sumptuous velvet lining that protects your jewelry from scratches and damage while adding a touch of elegance to your safe interior. Whether you prefer to store your jewelry on the top or side shelf, Liberty Safe offers versatile installation options to accommodate your preferences and safe configuration.

Each jewelry drawer is available in various sizes for added convenience to ensure a perfect fit for your safe model. Whether you opt for a compact model or a larger safe, Liberty Safe's jewelry drawers provide ample storage space while maintaining a sleek and organized appearance.

Upgrade your home or gun safe with Liberty Safe's velvet-lined jewelry drawers and experience the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Transform your safe into a sophisticated storage solution for your most treasured possessions, ensuring they remain secure and protected for years to come.

NOTE: Lincoln, Presidential, Classic Plus, Magnum, and the Premium Home Safe 17 includes one jewelry drawer installed in each safe.

SIDE SHELF INSTALLATION: (all drawers are 3.75" high)

6.5" wide x 10.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 20 model safes or larger and safes that are 28" or wider

8.5" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 23 model safes or larger, safes that are 30" or wider, and "Extreme Safes" model 48 or larger

11.5" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 30 model safes or larger and safes that are 36" or wider

15" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 48 model safes or larger and safes that are 42" or wider

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
S W.
Nice addition to the safe

Like the jewelry box for the safe. Would be nice to have had more spaces for necklaces and earrings instead of so many ring holders.

John M.

Classy addition to the nice looking white safe.

Richard W.
A gun safe is good for securing more than guns!

It turns out that one of the side benefits of owning a quality gun safe goes well beyond the secure storage of the guns themselves. At the risk of being Captain Obvious, it extends to cash, jewelry, military challenge coins and a variety of other small items that you would prefer to keep out of reach of youngsters and people with more nefarious intentions. Liberty has done an excellent job of providing just such an organizer for their safes and I've been very pleased to have the additional options for safe storage. It's well worth the investment to compliment your safe purchase.

Rick C.
Great accessory

The jewelry drawer is very nice and lets my wife feel comfortable with knowing her valuables are well protected!
Rick C.
Pigeon Forge TN

Ashley E.
Great product

Easy to install. And built as you would expect for the price point. Might buy another for my Kodiak safe

Denny R.

Excellent drawer for jewelry

Perfect size!

Perfect size for what we were looking for!

Timothy W.
Jewelry Safe

The jewelry drawer is a great addition to any Liberty safe, i can now reclaim the top shelf of my safe and place my watches and wife's jewelry in the jewelry drawer. I highly recommend the jewelry drawer!

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