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Fireproof Safes for Your Home*

If you are looking for the best reviews of home biometric fire protection safe boxes you have found them. Home gun and document fire safes are our specialty and we have the best customer reviews to prove it. We believe fire home safes, both big and small, should be: TOUGH enough to be resistant to fire and other natural disasters, SECURE enough to give you peace of mind from intrusion, and VERSATILE enough fit everyone's needs.


Our UL gun safes are so tough we guarantee them for life! From our small wall box safe to our largest home biometric fireproof safe we have made each one rough, tough and resistant to damage of all kinds. See our many reviews for testimonials on how our damage resistant and fire safe boxes are top of the line in home wall and free standing boxes. Also see specifications for fire resistant features on large and small models.


Along with being more resistant to damages, we believe that the security of your home wall safe box or larger safe is just as important. Have peace knowing your biometric safe is top of the line in preventing intrusion. This gives our clients peace of mind that their guns, ammo and other secure items are safely stored at home. Our biometric UL gun safes are the best safes you can own. Our biometric locks are convenient to the owner as they let you enter without remembering a combination, but secures your box enough to keep unwanted people out. Our biometric locks has a built in fingerprint reader on the box to allow admittance only to those whom it was meant to. We also install a keyboard backup for a secondary measure on security.


We carry many types of the best fire resistant and fire safe boxes for your needs. With 22 safe models to choose from in more than 2 dozen colors we are sure to carry the right gun and document fire safes for you.

  • Liberty Safes: perfect for the home who needs a decent amount of storage
  • Fatboy: wider for larger storage
  • Compact: smaller for those who don't need to hold a lot of items
  • Specialty: vault doors and depository safes
  • Accessories: lights, storage organizing and more

Still not convinced we're the best? Check out our reviews from our home safe owners.

*NOTE: Though no safe can technically be termed "FIREPROOF", buying more fire protection increases the safes ability to protect valuables. Electronics are even more sensitive to heat. Securing those items in a fire box and placing it on the bottom of the Liberty Safe fire safe can help.