Liberty Gun Safes at Scheels

Scheels, founded in 1902, has earned more than a century’s worth of satisfied, loyal customers because they strive to provide top-quality products, an impeccable purchasing experience, and personalized customer service. Scheels now offers a wide variety of Liberty safes with different price points and features that help you find the perfect safe for your needs. Liberty’s quick vaults and gun safes provide proven security and great value, whether you just need to secure a few small items or handguns from unauthorized access, or you need to protect a large collection from theft and fire.

Since Scheels is 100% employee-owned, every member of the team is personally invested in helping customers have a great experience. And Liberty Safe is the #1 manufacturer of large-capacity home and gun safes since 1988 because we have always been dedicated to providing the best-quality safes for America’s sportsmen and families at a great price. All Liberty safes are backed by our Liberty Safe Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our products 100%! Please visit your nearest Scheels store to learn about the full lineup of American-made Liberty home and gun safes and quick vaults.



30 Minutes
60 Minutes
75 Minutes
90 Minutes
110 Minutes


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5


elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial


black Textured
black Textured
Marble & Gloss
Textured, Marble & Gloss
Textured, Marble & Gloss


12, 18, 24
30, 36, 48
30, 48, 50, 64
27, 50
24, 40, 50


Gun Only (12 & 18), Flex (24)
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves




Scheels is a great example of the American dream. When German immigrant Friedrich A. Scheele founded his first hardware and general merchandise store in Minnesota in 1902, he couldn’t have imagined what a fantastic legacy he was creating. Liberty Safe also believes in building a product--and a business--that supports American families, workers, and industry.

At Liberty Safe we assemble all of our high quality home and gun safes right here in the USA. They're built out of strong American steel for security, strength, and value that other brands just can't match for the price. Scheels offers a useful line of Liberty safes for excellent security at any budget level, including several Scheels exclusive colors and models, such as the 1902 range. Each Liberty safe is packed with the most desirable features, including available UL-listed fire/security ratings and electronic locks.

With Scheels and Liberty, you always get your money’s worth. Even the entry-level Centurion line of Liberty safes at Scheels has upgraded levels of fire-board and compared to lesser budget safes, and features Liberty’s industry-leading 2-piece body construction for unparalleled strength. You also get Liberty’s patent-pending 4" wide military style locking bars (6 times stronger in pry tests!), and the Centurion is the only entry level safe with an external re-locker for additional punch protection.

If you need even higher levels of security and fire-resistance, you can select from the 1902, Eagle, or American line, which can withstand an incredible 110 minutes of fire in the UL testing protocol. Liberty safes have been tested back-to-back with the competition in extreme conditions and have proven to be the toughest out there.

If you’re not ready for a full-size safe, but you need a handy, yet secure place to keep a handgun or other similarly sized object secure, be sure to check Scheels for their selection of Liberty’s key and gun vaults with a variety of sizes, prices, and even biometric locking options.

Visit your closest Scheels location to learn more about the Liberty safes and vaults they offer, and get more details on pricing, options, and available configurations and colors to help you select the safe that's absolutely perfect for you and your family.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.