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Protect your valuables with The Centurion Series by Liberty Safe! Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is built in America and the quality shows! Compared to other entry-level safes, the Liberty Centurion is heads and tails above the rest. For those on a budget or just getting started, the Centurion is the safe for you! Engineered to be tough, durable, and capable; these fire rated safes will get the job done!

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $549

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 6171 customers ratings and reviews

written by Ron on August 12, 2018

Just what we needed.
written by TMP, MD on August 12, 2018
My son-in-law recommended this safe after he purchased one for himself. It took getting a grandson to finally get us motivated to become a safe owner.
As a physician I'm always telling patients to lock their firearms up if they have kids around. Now I can say I "practice what I preach".

Nice Safe
written by M. T. Glass on August 11, 2018

written by Kevin S on August 11, 2018

Quality safe
written by Snoman on August 11, 2018
Its a nice safe, and good construction, and easy to use. Lots of storage and good setup.

written by Bill t on August 10, 2018
Great price at gander outdoors. Better than anything else I touched and saw.

Liberty rocks!!
written by Keith Steck on August 1, 2018
The Centurion safe fit my needs had the right price and the right storage amount. The price and the lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong!
The quality is awesome as well. So happy that i went with liberty you guys rock !!!

Just purchased new Liberty safe
written by Donald Bartolet on August 1, 2018
Very happy with this safe. Picked it up in the afternoon, unloaded from my truck and taken into the house within an hour, then had it loaded with guns and gear. I was able to get a floor model and saved a few bucks, but it is just as good as one still in the carton. I was able to quickly change the code and get the dehumidifier rod up and running. Absolutely love that it is American made!!! Thanks Liberty!!!

best safe ever
written by JP Boca Raton Florida on July 31, 2018
I love my liberty safe and would recomend it anyone looking to purchase a safe

written by ng on July 31, 2018

Centurion 24
written by Chris on July 30, 2018
First Safe.
Heard about Liberty Safe for a long time.
Great quality, great reputation, and American made.

Peace of mind
written by Beloitpork on July 30, 2018
I finally purchased a Liberty Safe after mulling it over for almost two years. I am pleased that the quality and craftsmanship of my safe gives me peace of mind knowing my firearms and valuables are... safe. Thank you for a great product.

Our safe
written by Anthony on July 29, 2018
Smaller safe on the outside, plenty of room on the inside. Shelves are easily adjusted, and with the door sleeve, there is more than enough room for our guns and valuables.

My second Liberty Safe.
written by Brett on July 27, 2018
The safe fits into the tight space i had for it, it is very durable and will protect the valuables i am entrusting to it. Good looking Safe and easy to use.

written by SAFE & SOUND on July 27, 2018

Above expectations
written by Tony McCarthy on July 26, 2018
Liberty (and Talton's who delivered the safe) really went above and beyond my expectations in every way. I would love a little more information about what can be added after a safe purchase and what has to be purchased up front, but other than that there is not a single thing I would change.

written by Mr. Baird on July 26, 2018

Great safe for the price.
written by Old Carl on July 25, 2018
I wanted a safe made in the U.S.A. with a reputation I could trust. The Liberty Centurion 24 was the best choice for me. No regrets. Stored the guns on the left side and used the adjustable shelving on the right side for other valuables. I highly recommend this safe.

written by Kendall on July 25, 2018

Great safes
written by JCJ 419 on July 25, 2018
Everybody should have one in their home

Sound Quality
written by Steve S on July 24, 2018
Just picked my new safe up today. I ordered it from the website and within a few days my local dealer called and said they had my safe in stock. I picked it up myself and had a friend help me bring it into the house. Very sturdy construction. I purchased the 24 gun safe. Interior is a little small and my AR15s are too short for the barrel holders, but overall it suites my needs. Even though I don't have 24 firearms, I do wish I would have purchased a bigger safe. I was a little disappointed that the shelves are made of particle board, I would have thought that a company with this reputation would have made the shelves with real wood. I'll see how it holds up.

written by T Cook on July 24, 2018
I shopped around and for the price of my safe I got a very good quality safe that I will have for the rest of my life. The lifetime warranty is what sold me to buy this safe and also that it is made in USA. Also, when call the help line you get someone in Utah not some foreign country.

Picket Weaponry was amazing!
written by Josh S on July 23, 2018
Cannot thank the guys Keith and Clayton who delivered the safe enough!

Great safe
written by Joe on July 23, 2018
Purchased the 24-gun flex interior on sale for $629.99 (USD). I was in the market for a 24-gun safe trying to balance price with quality. Came down to a decision between a Field & Stream for $599.99 or this one. For the extra $30 you get a far superior product in craftsmanship and security. Flat bolts are nice and the carpeting inside is very high quality, with good options for you to decide how to adjust your shelving.

I am fortunate because I own an F-150 with a 6.5' box, so it fit right in and under my tonneau cover. If you do not have your own transport lined up you can expect to shell out another $200 minimum for shipping. The employees helped me get the safe in the bed of my truck, and then I had some nice neighbours to help unload (one of which had a dolly!). If you can arrange transport you will save cash, and it is easily managed with three people. The safe is about 340lbs I believe so two could get by, but having the third there made it so much easier (mine did not go up or down and stairs either).

I have tried the lock a couple times (never having used a mechanical lock), and it works great. I prefer this over the electronic locks as these are starter/mid-range safes, and I have heard a lot of bad things about E-locks failing and leaving the poor owner's items locked inside. The safe is crisp, clean, and new with no superficial damage, and the interior not only looks good, it is incredibly functional.

Just remember, this is a 24 gun probably can hold 24 but they never take scopes and other accessories into account. I only own five rifles and a pistol and that plugs up my left side fairly well, with enough room left to probably jam another 2-3 in, but I have hardware hanging on my boomsticks, so it is to be expected. The right side is dedicated to ammo and accessory storage, and it works great for me. I specifically bought a 24 gun safe for this purpose and I am very happy with the decision to go this big. Everything just fits nice, it looks great, and it is very functional.

Overall, very satisfied with the purchase!

written by john shurtz on July 22, 2018

written by GSJR on July 22, 2018

Love my new Centurion
written by dlorriii on July 22, 2018
My safe is fantastic. And yes, it's not big enough. But I'm constrained by the allowable space, so I'll make do. The construction and quality are great. I don't live near a dealer so I had to drive about 2 hours to the closest one. I purchased this and we loaded it in the back of my truck and I took it home. It sat on the pallet in my garage until I could get it installed in the house. But it was worth the wait. 2 guys can easily move this into place with a flat furniture dolly. I highly recommend that you anchor it to the floor. If my space allowance changes, I'll definitely return for another Liberty safe.

Made In The USA!!
written by Stephanie on July 21, 2018
Love my safe! Very heavy, took 3 men and an appliance dolly to get it off the truck and down into the basement. Excited to start filling it up!

written by Jefe on July 21, 2018

#1 Craftsmanship and Quality
written by Pineridge on July 20, 2018
I was looking for a 2nd safe for my overflow from my 1st Liberty Safe. I had already decided that my second safe would be a Liberty. Although I would have like a better outside finish or color, I knew that the build and quality of my fist safe had already sold me on my second.

Beautiful piece
written by T.Rogers on July 20, 2018
The safe is perfect! It has a flexible interior, is incredibly well made, and is an attractive addition to the room. I'm very happy with the purchase!

Needs fulfilled
written by Heyu Gitwood on July 20, 2018
Due to great grandchildren visiting and purchase of more firearms and ammo I decided to get a safe that would handle my guns and one that would keep other valuables safe from theft and fire. Mahoneys in Johnson City, TN had and excellent selection of most brands and size and after looking at several chosse the Liberty Centurion 24. Discovered I still have more room.............wonder what i will do?

written by Hoop on July 19, 2018

written by kath on July 18, 2018

Locked up !
written by Dale Hoggs on July 18, 2018
Now I can sleep at Night, go on vacation and know some idiot will not end up my property !

Great 12 gun safe
written by JoeLaFoc on July 18, 2018
A perfect choice to store up to 12 long guns. The electronic lock & quality is the best on the market. Can never go wrong with a Liberty Safe!

My Mike Ward's Liberty Safe
written by Big Al on July 18, 2018
Mike Wards Liberty Safe's was excellent in providing a service like no one else. The young salesman CJ was kind, polite, very courteous, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He another young man delivered our safe with excellent service. Thanks and we love our Liberty Safe and would buy another from Mike Ward's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by CRob on July 17, 2018

Very Nice
written by CaptKangaroo on July 17, 2018
Just bought it but impressed

centurion 24
written by tdog on July 16, 2018
excellent safe. american made for little more than the chinese. I like the flat locking bars. I trust the keypad being from liberty better than if I went with a chinese. The safe looks more expensive with better paint than its competitors, cannon and field and stream. The cheaper door handle might be the only thing that looks cheap about it, but in the end its less obtrussive and functions just as well as a 3 spoke handle. for the extra money you pay for an american made safe you get alot better construction, paint, a taller safe, and the liberty name.

Great quality and value
written by Duke on July 15, 2018
Purchased 12 gun safe. Perfect size for my guns and ammo. Great price and quality

Gary Wheelock
written by Gary Wheelock on July 14, 2018
Top quality. Great sales and customer service at Liberty Safe of North Hampton NH. Just looks great for any home setting.

Just what we needed
written by Old Ump on July 14, 2018
This safe filled the bill for our needs to store our firearms safely where our grandchildren cannot access them. It's a handsome safe, and we're glad to know we have a rugged product, made in the USA.

Happy costumer
written by Mark on July 14, 2018

True piece of mind.
written by William Egilulf on July 13, 2018
Moving this thing with a couple friends, I can say that I have no worry of a couple burglars making off with it. And after seeing all the tests put out, I'm also comfortable knowing they won't be getting into it before authorities arrive. Fully reccomend the Centurion 24, as it seems like the best value for what you get.

Made in America !
written by Eric L. WY on July 13, 2018
My centurion safe works flawlessly, looks amazing and is very solid. Installation / mounting to the floor was simple and easy. Can't find a single problem with the unit. It arrived without any dents, scrapes or scratches. Thank you Liberty safe for my amazing product ! And thank you cabellas for a great buying experience !

Fourth Liberty Safe purchased.
written by TBear on July 13, 2018
Although I haven't been a victim of a crime or fire, I feel safe with my FOUR (4) Liberty safes.

Highly recommend
written by Phantom Interventionist on July 11, 2018
Product is well built, the interior is perfect. Like the ease of the electronic lock as opposed to the combination I used to have on old one.

Top-Quality Safe Made in the USA
written by Papa Bear on July 11, 2018
The Centurion 24-gun safe is the perfect size for my needs. The quality is top-notch, and it's made in the USA. The online video showing a 1000-lb block being dropped on a competitor's safe and then the Liberty safe said it all. The 30-minute fire rating is perfect for my area. The inside of the safe is variable with adjustable shelves that can be used, or not, depending on an individual's storage needs for rifles. We ordered the door-panel organizer with our safe, and that gives lots of extra storage for handguns, clips, boxes of bullets, etc. We have a precious granddaughter who is at a very curious age and loves opening drawers to see what's inside, so the most important reason we purchased this safe was for her protection when she's visiting Nana and Papa.

written by The Duke on July 11, 2018
If you're looking for a safe, Liberty is the brand to buy. Quality product made in the USA. Flexible interior that allows personal configuration. Professional looks and simple operation. Overall a great product at a reasonable price- with a lifetime warranty to boot!

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