Made in the USA


Economy Pricing, Trusted Protection

Our most affordable full-size safes, the Centurion line offers solid Liberty-brand protection at a lower price, including:

  • 30 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 14-gauge steel safe body
  • 10 - 3/16” thick locking bars
  • Gun Only or Dual Flex interior
For another entry level heavy duty gun safe, take a look at our USA series.

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $549

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 6621 customers ratings and reviews

written by Joesph on January 22, 2019

Good safe at a fair price, especially when it's on sale. Made i
written by Northwest backpacker on January 22, 2019
Initial impression: a good product. Everything seems to work as advertised. Appears very solid.

written by CJ on January 22, 2019

written by J B on January 21, 2019

Excellent Safe
written by Proud Amercian on January 20, 2019
This is a great safe with lots of room and options. Being fire proof is one thing that makes this safe a good buy, the other thing is price, I have not found a safe this good for such a low price, that last thing I would have to say is, made in USA, not much now a days made in us.

written by Jason Rafferty on January 20, 2019

written by Communication Technician on January 19, 2019
This safe looks and feels like a real safe!

Sturdy construction provides peace of mind when we are away.

While not waterproof, we can put documents and other items in a waterproof container to be placed inside the safe.

The safe keeps items away from children.

Top Quality Entry Level Safe for First Time Home Owner and Non-P
written by Crumbs McGee on January 19, 2019
I'm very impressed with the fit and finish of this product, which is no surprise because I was given a very thorough tour of the product line by a distributor in Puyallup, WA. For a base model product, the construction is very high quality. The alignment of the door is excellent. The function of the lock mechanism and door latch are consistent, smooth, and comfortable. The door liner is equipped with thoughtful, ergonomic and useful pockets, and the interior of the safe feels solid, yet luxurious. This product is handsome, inside and out, as a piece of furniture in my living room (for lack of other placement options). Its finish demonstrates great attention to detail, and is attractive. I'm happy to have this Liberty Centurion gun safe as an addition to my home.

Great overall
written by John on January 19, 2019
Great safe, put together really well. Not a lot of movement in part which was a huge selling point for me. A little expensive compared to other safes this size but you really do get what you pay for.

Excellent safe.
written by AAA on January 19, 2019
Liberty safe's are the standard to go by. I researched several other safe's during the previous year to my purchase and all could not come close to a Liberty safe. For instance Liberty is the only one I found that has a electrical panel for a plug in dehumidifier. The research showed me that a Liberty is made to hold up to any amount of destruction to keep your valuables secured. I was impressed with the video's of torture test between a Liberty and others and Liberty held every time. If any one would ask me what I recommend it will be with out a doubt be LIBERTY!

Love my Liberty gun safe, Just what I was looking for and needed
written by Ken on January 18, 2019
Great safe and great company, very happy with my purchase.......But cust service is very poor.

Great value for the money
written by Tata on January 18, 2019

Great Buy
written by J.S. (Go White River!) on January 18, 2019
Quality product, with a wonderful sales group at Northwest Safe in Enumclaw,WA.

Great Safe
written by King Edward on January 17, 2019
My Wife and I have been talking about needing a gun safe for years a friend had purchased this safe but was too small for him, was a perfect fit for us. Very impressed with the quality

Gun Safe
written by Mike on January 17, 2019
So far, so good. It serves it's purpose well.

4 is all I can give
written by Taximan 1957 on January 17, 2019
I think the quality is very good on this safe but I am having an issue with the lock.I followed the directions the dealer gave me, which by the way conflicted with the instruction manual to no avail in resetting the code, trying over and over.I waited between tries the 20 sec.wait before trying again.I am somewhat frustrated.

Door is not tight . Very drafty when closed. I don't believe i
written by Shura on January 17, 2019

High Quality Safe
written by Sandman on January 17, 2019
Well built, American made, ample room interior, accesories

Great quality safe for the price and made in the USA
written by J Tgill on January 16, 2019

written by James Cassidy on January 15, 2019

written by Robert on January 13, 2019

written by benjamin klingeman on January 13, 2019

written by Stephen on January 13, 2019

written by tommyboy on January 12, 2019

Liberty 12 Gun Centurian best quality for a small safe.
written by Yotedog on January 12, 2019
Compared many smaller gun safes of this size and found liberty's 12 gun Centurion to be of much higher quality. Also the available accessories make the safe more flexible and usable. My only recommendation would be to add a key and a little better quality mechanical dial as on their lager safes and then come and install mine for free. :)

NC Aggie Review
written by Great Product & Avg Delivery Service on January 11, 2019
I received the product & the delivery guys did a good job of moving it to the spot in my office. The only recommendation I'd have is for the delivery service that they used.
I'd have the guys put the hard wood floor sliders on before the put the safe in the designated spot. They had to move it back out when they realized their mistake. Also, take the trash & wood pallet with you when you leave! I paid $150 for delivery & this should include this. Most folks don't have an easy way to get rid of this stuff. The safe is excellent & I can't wait to get it organized & customized for my rifles & pistols. The door works smoothly and the shelving is very sturdy. I am very happy with this purchase!

Great design and storage options
written by Utahgundude on January 11, 2019
Bought my Liberty Centurion safe to protect my recently growing gun collection. This is a great staff for storing both handguns, rifles, and shotguns with room for ammo and other accessories. Installed the Liberty power kit with ease. Save some money and get 3 or for guys to pick up and take home if purchasing from retailer. We used a heavy duty hand truck and it worked fine. Just go slow and make sure two guys are on the heavy side when tilting the safe. Great buy!

montana hunter
written by Griz Hunter on January 10, 2019
the safe is just what I wanted and the great array of choices was excellent

written by AJ on January 10, 2019

Very happy
written by Blaine on January 10, 2019
Does everything I need to keep household safe. Very versatile with door panel storage. Better interior quality than other brands I considered before my purchase.

Secure your firearms at economical cost
written by Gander on January 9, 2019
The Liberty Centurion 18 is a just right safe for the average gun owner. Unit is compact but has the height for several waterfowl long guns, plus room for more average length pieces. Plenty of room to store ammo and other accessories with the adjustable shelves. Solid top shelve for storing handguns. Of course, other accessories are available to customize the safe to your liking. Also has a 30 minute fire protection and life time warranty. For the dollar spent, this unit is a great buy. Great to keep all those guns tucked away from children and other prying eyes. Let Moma put some of her items in there and you will be a happy man! Good hunting.

written by D on January 9, 2019
Best safe I've ever bought (3).

written by Dwight on January 9, 2019

Liberty is the BEST!
written by Katie on January 9, 2019
Great size! Great price! Smooth delivery! Easy to use!

written by Mugsy on January 8, 2019

Great product for the money
written by Dr.J.Johnson on January 8, 2019
We love our new Centurion Safe! It is quality made and stores our firearms and some valuables. We highly recommend the Liberty brand

Just Right
written by Mark B on January 8, 2019
I have given away many weapons to children and grand children. I kept only those I use on a regular basis. The 18 gun Centurion perfectly fit my needs. Bigger is
always better, but at this stage of my life, it is about right. Six long guns and 4 handguns plus ammo.

Great starter safe
written by Peter S on January 7, 2019
This is a great size safe for the money. Super solid, we like the electronic lock. We received great service from Moore Security in Houston, TX.

Best Damn Safe for the Money
written by Peace of Mind on January 7, 2019
No other Safe made here or any other country even comes close to the quality and protection you get with Liberty Safes. Believe me I wasn't paid to say that.
The fact you get so much safe for the money and it is still made right here in America. Well that is just icing on the cake! It's more than that really, with so many companies
leaving this country for greed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Liberty was still all MADE IN USA by American craftsman. So thank you Liberty !!
I guess I was paid in a way. I got a great deal on a safe that I have always wanted. Nothing I have bought this year has given me more peace of mind.

Great quality and easy shopping experience
written by Matt on January 7, 2019
Shopped around for a safe for a month or so. Saw a few cannon units at the local TSC and the delivery rates were outrageous. Stopped into my local Fin Feather and Fur in Middleburgh Heights. Bill walked me through all of the feature and possible accessory addons that are available through liberty. Delivery was free and my safe was delivered within 2 weeks of purchase. Very satisfied.

Mr Graham M Love
written by Southern gentlemen on January 6, 2019
ease of us, fit the location we have for it well, user friendly, lock works very well and easy to learn and us

Excellent Quality - Made in the USA!
written by Michael P. on January 6, 2019
For the past 3 months I've been reading and watching YouTube reviews of many different brands and styles of gun safes for about 10-12 rifles. All of the reviews show Liberty makes the best safe in this size. From the quality of my new smaller safe, I am confident all of their safes are top notch! Made in the USA and lifetime warranty! I am very happy with my new purchase!

Very Nice Safe
written by 50 Cal. Plank on January 6, 2019
Have only owned this safe for a few days but seems like a good entry level safe. I'm impressed with the finish and interior quality for the price that I paid. God bless The United States of America and it's craftsmen.

awesome introductory safe for a great price
written by Yeti on January 5, 2019
This is a great introductory safe. It will hold enough firearms for many people and is affordable. The quality is exceptional.

written by KAL on January 5, 2019

Proud Owner of a Liberty Centurion Safe
written by Jonesy on January 5, 2019
After a lot of shopping and comparisons of other competitors Liberty was by far the best of quality and workmanship along with price value , i could not ask for a better quality product hands down .

Liberty makes the best safe.
written by Joe on January 5, 2019
I am very pleased with the Centurion 24 Flex model offered by Liberty. Handles my guns & ammo with ease and gives us plenty of additional space for office storage and other items of value. This is quality built in the USA with trusted UL rating and a Lifetime Warranty. The suggested retail price is good compared to others on the market but I was fortunate to buy it on a promotion. Great deal - A No-Brainer. I recommend this product.

Looks Great and Very Functional for My Needs
written by Walter on January 4, 2019
I wanted to get a safe for a long time. I live in a smaller house, but I wanted something that was functional to hold most of my arms and be able to fit in a closet and be safe. I have been researching these safes for years and the one thing I learned was that the safe is for guns, not money or other expensive things. That is exactly what I needed and why I bought this safe. The price point is great and doesn't seem cheap at all. Now I can buy more guns. Just don't tell the wife.

written by David Carr on January 4, 2019

Another review
written by trashcankitty on January 4, 2019
Nice product. Purchased the Centurion 12.