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Made in the USA


Economy Pricing, Trusted Protection

Our most affordable full-size safes, the Centurion line offers solid Liberty-brand protection at a lower price, including:

  • 30 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 14-gauge steel safe body
  • 10 - 3/16” thick locking bars
  • Gun Only or Dual Flex interior
For another entry level heavy duty gun safe, take a look at our USA series.

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $549

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 8077 customers ratings and reviews

Combination does not work.
written by Alexander on November 7, 2016

written by Austin on October 20, 2016

To much work for the price. Not happy
written by Tum brinegar on October 19, 2016
The safe is good,bit for the price should be delivered and set up. Also should include a manuel. Not very happy.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry that your safe did not include a manual.  They all come with manuals.  Since yours did not, can you please contact our customer support and they will get one out to you ASAP?

written by ridge hunter on September 27, 2016

Good, entry-level gun safe
written by RascalnVA on September 23, 2016
The Centurion 24 is large enough to hold a few long guns and a few hand guns. Apparently, the interior can be reconfigured, but I didn't really want to spend the time when my safe first arrived. I also collect "sharps' and melee weapons. I'm not sure how I can properly store these items in the safe. Also, I recommend that you consider some type of secondary, secure storage for ammunition. I consider this to be a "best practice" in firearm safe storage. As I add to my collections, I'll probably buy another Liberty Safe.

Good safe for the price, just make sure you inspect for level sh
written by DBot on September 21, 2016
I believe this safe is great for functionality, however the safe I purchased has quality control issues that were missed at the factory. The shelf brackets are not lined up correctly so I had to shim up the right side of the adjustable shelves to make them level. Also the decals on the front of the safe were crooked in the same manner, higher on the left side than on the right. These are issues that I didn't notice at the store but only after I had it in my house and set my safe up. It is a great safe but I would recommend inspecting the safe thoroughly inside and out before purchasing because once it is at your home, its a huge hassle to swap it out. I've decided to live with these flaws since I delivered it myself and don't have the time to deal with it.
Liberty's Response:
We are sorry to hear of the flaws. This is very unusual but can still happen. We have tight quality control measures in place but it looks as in your case something was missed. We don't want you to just "deal with it". We want you to enjoy your safe. A member of our customer support team will be contacting you.

Liberty Centurion 18 gun mechanical lock
written by Tactical Tom on September 17, 2016
Great entry level safe great quality, I like the flex shelf system. Only thing I think could improve on at this price point is bolts around entire door and integral hinges. Otherwise very satisfied with my purchase .

written by Liberty on September 12, 2016
Would be nice if it had the 1 inch locking bolts vs the locking plates.
Liberty's Response:
Customers do prefer the round bolts. However, locking bars are more secure as they have a larger cover area.

Not as great as I expected.
written by AZ Man on September 12, 2016
Upon opening my safe. I found one of the carpeted panels on the inside of the safe, had come unglued from the wall of the safe, and it was lying on the top shelf. I found several other loose carpeted panels, and white colored debris (panel material) throughout the safe.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry for your experience. This is very unusual. I have forwarded your information to our customer service department who will take care of you and your concerns. 

centurion 18
written by jay on September 11, 2016
Large size for the price.
Fire protection.
Door fits snug.
The Centurion 18 is not too top heavy.
I wanted the mechanical lock, but the dial is light and noisy compared to other brands.
Shelves are not adjustable.

Revolution 24 gun safe
written by Terry on August 20, 2016
The safe looks good inside and out but even when bolted down to the floor it is a little bit wobbly and it needs shelving to accommodate smaller guns like my rossi 38/357 rifle . Paid a good price for it at retailer though was on sale plus they were having an extra 10% off when you did their credit card application of course upon approval.

written by Levi on August 15, 2016

Jury is out on the mechanical combo lock
written by Mountain man on August 6, 2016
The safe looks sturdy but I can only open the safe every two or three times. I'm investigating if there is an electronic lock option.

American made
written by Psychoccu1 on June 25, 2016
Can't say much at this point just got it today & haven't even been able to get the combination to work yet otherwise I would probably give a higher rating. Can't go wrong with Made in America though. Oh, & Lifetime warranty.

written by Really on June 4, 2016
This safe is not a high end quality, however, to keep ammo and firearms locked away from children, is adequate.

Average Posting, Safe Security OK
written by kevin on May 16, 2016
I was not made aware that the bolting mechanism was flat panels and not round steel bolts bolting from the door to the frame of the safe. If it wasnt for the fact that it was an hours drive each way to the store and that the safe was extremely heavy, I would have returned the safe. the flat panels instead of the round bolts turned me off in a very extreme way. Quality is excellent, but this is not what expected from a safe

written by Camshaft on April 10, 2016

Made in USA
written by Jeff on April 6, 2016

Quality Issues
written by Majormike on April 6, 2016
Purchased on April 5, 2016 at Gander Mountain. Still in the box and only live 3 miles from the store. Uncrated and at first it seemed all looked great, until I started looking at the detail. A few places in the inside door where the covering material was either not trimmed or has come out, which I think is the later. It does have a good price point. Have not made up my mind to recommend it to friends of which I have many and teach LTC (License to Carry) Too late and not enough energy to unbolt and take it back.
Liberty's Response:
We will be in touch to see what is going on. If we need to, we will replace that piece for you. We appreciate your business. 

written by JHH on March 31, 2016
Appearance, packaging and combination lock feature are to my satisfaction. Security of locked door is not since door moves in and out, rattling against the door jamb in the locked condition. Fireproofing panels on inside of safe front are not secured to the inner wall. Protective banding on the interior supports is loose from the edges and I've had the safe less than two weeks. I will not brag about this safe to my friends.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like this safe may have had a rough ride once it left the factory? We will be in contact to see how we can help. 

Size of safe
written by Jess on March 31, 2016
I really like the size of this safe and price was good. Just would like it more if it was a little thicker walls.

The dial fell off.
written by John on March 24, 2016
I owned this safe for more than ten years and it operated well. At ten years, It started getting difficult to open, requiring several attempts at the combination, then a change (one number) of the first combination number. The final attempt to open it resulted in the dial coming loose and falling off.

Because the warranty had expired, the manufacturer directed me to contact an authorized lock smith. He gave me an estimate of $650 to open and repair my safe. I opted to purchase a new one for $499.

This required that I break into my own safe. Two noisy hours later, I was successful. It wasn't easy, to the credit of the maker.

Warranty or not, I expect a combination safe to last a lifetime and I am disappointed that mine broke. My new safe has a much better guarantee.

written by CM on March 17, 2016
Decent safe for the money. You get what you pay for will work very good for my needs. People need to realize just because the door seems thin there is very little steel in them. Security comes from steel composite will never protect like steel

3 stars due to bottom of safe
written by j lo on March 14, 2016
Price is right and appearance has obvious u.s. made workmanship. However, after unpacking the safe I am concerned with what appears to be no reinforcement to the bottom of the safe. appears to be just 12 gauge steel that the anchor bolts and washers secure.

Good company and secure
written by niftynick08 on March 13, 2016
The safe feels very secure when opening and closing. The safe is a good size for the guns that i need it for as well. The combination is a little loose on my safe which results in multiple attempts to open in most times. I wish there was more than 1 shelf in the safe. There is not much room to store pistols and ammo. Overall the safe is very well built and feels very safe.

written by DUANE on February 23, 2016

12 gun review
written by H Crocket on January 2, 2016
I chose a 12 gun safe because it was the only one that would fit into the space available, and it is well suited for storing long guns and a few handguns. I would have preferred at least one size larger in order in order to get the shelving on one side to make it easier to store additional items such a jewelry or documents. With a little thought I may be able to craft up some home made shelving to utilize some of the extra space.

written by Too Early on January 1, 2016
I just bought the safe. Give it some time before i write a review or grade it with stars

combinatioin didn't work
written by vw on December 15, 2015
Could not get the combination to work
Liberty's Response:
We'll be in touch to make sure you are completing the correct sequences. Should be a simple solution and you can start enjoying your safe. 

written by Robin R. on November 9, 2015
I like the safe , except I`m disappointed that no one seem`s to be able to help with the setting of the new combination.
Liberty's Response:
Not sure if you have an electronic lock or a dial? There are instructions in the manual to help you make the combo change on your lock. If it is a dial, the only way to get that changed is by a licenced locksmith. Let us know if you need additional assistance.  

Average safe
written by Anonymous on October 29, 2015
Good price but didn't sit level on floor. Also lower left part of door doesn't seem to be perfectly aligned
Liberty's Response:
Not sure what exactly you mean? Please contact us and we will get you taken care of.  

Revolution 18
written by chase irish on October 24, 2015

combination lock does not function, never has!
written by B+ on October 23, 2015
Good safe, really.. but it will not open. It does me no good to have it, if it won't open.
I've only seen the inside when it was delivered long long ago.
It's Still on the pallet, still in my family room, still not opened.
Liberty's Response:
Not sure why your safe isn't opening? It is likely a combo issue. Regardless, we will be in contact and get you taken care of and your safe open again. We appreciate your business.

Small for price
written by Flight Risk on October 15, 2015
Pretty plain safe, get what you pay for. Overall function is good. listed as a 12 gun but there needs to be no scopes or really long barrels. With 8 I am full. The NORTHWEST SAFE COMPANY is where I purchased this and they were awesome.

Revolution 18
written by dude on September 29, 2015

Nice safe and good price point.
written by Lisa J. on September 25, 2015
It's a great entry level safe. Gypsum board is so cheap that the extra layers would have been nice makeing it a better fire safe. Also the Electronic lock that came standard with this safe is plastic for God's sake. I truly would have liked a dial lock better. The plastic lock control moves around and is kind of cheap feeling. But in reality that is my only real complaint about this safe. It met my price point and I realize that but the cheap exterior feeling lock control just made a perfect safe feel of less quality. I'm sure the interior is a quality locking mechinism but this kind of lock is really the cheapest thing about this nicely built and fitting safe. Paint, fit and finish could not have been better. Just a cheap lock on the outside. It would invite a thief to try and defeat it. But yes I would recommend it for a good safe.

written by Lynn on September 24, 2015

Overall good safe
written by ewo on August 19, 2015
Need to work out the barrel cradles for use with tactical rifles.

price vs quality
written by U.S. Vet on July 25, 2015
For the price you probably can't beat this safe. Though a few issues in its construction could be resolved it is a fine product for a common house hold. Also is made in the USA..... America!!!

Door not sealed at bottom left hand corner when fully closed and
written by Bwl on July 6, 2015
I noticed that when the door if fully closed and locked that the bottom left hand corner of the door is not flush with the safe housing like it is at the top of the door , the bottom sticks out about a 1/4 " from the safes outer housing . You can push it in by hand but when you let go it comes right back out .is there away to adj. the door on the Revolution 12 safe like there is on your other products or is this door just warped Thank you Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Bruce. By the way If this can be fixed I would change my rating to 5 stars
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like we need to help you adjust your door. We can likely walk you through the steps to get that door fixed up, but if that doesn't work...we will send a locksmith out to get it fixed. We will get you taken care of. 

Good for the price point.
written by JR on June 22, 2015
Decent size and functionality for the price. Interior is nicely done with adjustable shelving.

written by N/A on May 24, 2015

written by Wizard on February 23, 2015

American made
written by The fonz on February 16, 2015
Removable shelfs would be great!

Revolution 18
written by Todd Harris on January 25, 2015
The mechanical lock on this safe is of poor quality. I think all safes should have a good quality lock regardless of whether you spend $600 or $2000!

Kenny Weis
written by Charley on December 27, 2014
This safe was a Christmas present from my wife. I'm impressed right now with the safe. It is the right size for what I am needing. Very impressed with it being made in the USA!!

Nice and economical
written by Stoneflyguy on December 26, 2014
This safe is easy to use and very economical. I feel my documents and firearms are safe and out of harms way. I would recommend the digital version though.

written by Jimbo on December 13, 2014

written by Oliver S. on December 3, 2014
Good value for the product---very affordable for the average home owner---good neat workman ship and quality.

Does the Job
written by Unarmed Chicago Citizen on December 3, 2014
I bought this safe online. I have a Revere that was getting full so I needed another. The Revolution is a great safe, great quality, and the interior is nice as in any other safe. Since I bought it online however, I did not see the dial. To me, the dial seems cheap unlike the s&g on my revere. The safe for the price is a bargain, quality at a low price. I would have spent a little more money on the model up for a better dial.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.