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Made in the USA

Colonial Series

Great Features - Better Value

Our Colonial line offers 50% more fire protection than competitor safes at the same price, and are packed with additional features, including:

  • 60 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 10 - ¼” thick locking bars

The Colonial models also include these features and accessories:

  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Economy-style interior door panel

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,399
Payments starting as low as $31.82 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 5871 customers ratings and reviews

Limited Edition Safe
written by TcScott on August 1, 2020
I love the look of this safe. I love the quality of the product. It is definitely a top notch product. I love the door organizer that came with it. I ended up getting some after market lighting. I think all safes should come standard with lighting. Who wants to get into a safe and not be able to see inside? I wish this was just a standard feature. I wish I would have done a bit more research though. I found out after the door is composite. Not ideal in my opinion and the body is 11 gauge they say the body should be half the thickness of the door but unless I read wrong the door is only composite. I guess for an almost $2000 safe the door would be more than composite. I should have done some more deep research instead of falling in love with the look.

Awesome safe, shipping/communication needs improvement
written by Mike on July 18, 2020
The safe is awesome. Delivery was 4 months after the original date (7 months total). This was during COVID shutdowns so giving them some slack on this. Ordered Dec 28 2019, and arrived at dealer mid-July. Would have been nice to get some communication that it's left the factory, or notification that the factory was shut down for COVID, something. Lastly, none of the accessories ordered came with shipment. Hopefully they arrive sometime soon.

Should be better
written by Dustin Thompson on July 14, 2020
For the increased price point the fit and finish should be much better quality. I'm questioning my decision to not just buy a safe from a box store for half the price.

Just Purchased to early for a thorough review
written by Ron S on July 7, 2020
Just Purchased to early for a thorough review, if your company is really serious about quality and customer satisfaction ask me to review in 6 years when the lock warranty has been expired for a year. I would also be able to provide an upgrade in how many stars I applied based on having owned the safe for an extended period.

to soon
written by new owner on June 29, 2020
Just got it. So far it is convenient. Haven't had it long enough to give a good review

Quality Control
written by Jesse Depriest on July 11, 2018
I had high hopes for this product when it was delivered. After it arrived I noticed one of the handles would not screw into the hub. There are three handles. I did check the other two handles, they would not fit into this one sprocket. And the original handle fit into the other two sprockets. The only bright side was customer service was helpful. The downside to customer service was there was a lengthy phone tree system. We will see if the new hub works when it arrives. The human customer service factor is a big deal. The phone tree, not so much.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry you had trouble with hubs but glad we were able to get you taken care of.

Change in liberty safes. From bolts to bars on doors.
written by BW on June 28, 2018
Ordered my first liberty safe. Purchased it manly to store guys that I am slowly accumulating. After several trips to store I decided to purchase the Colonial 30. Wanted a larger safe but that's the biggest I could fit. After approximately 2 months safe arrived at store for pick up. When I went to inspect safe I noticed that safe had bars in door instead of bolts. I talked to person at store and they said that all liberty safes are switching to this style. They stated heard that was going to happen but didn't know when. I was surprised because the catalog is used to get specs was dated in January 2018 and the demo in store both had bolts instead of bars in doors. I also called liberty and they stated that testing showed bars tested better on pry test than bolts. I cant say if this is true or not. Just letting people know when you buy a new liberty safe it will have bars in doors not bolts. Just had safe delivered today. Also found on shelf bracket missing. Everything else seems fine.

written by harvey weitlemeyer on June 24, 2018
just wanted to register my safe

written by Monroe Borntreger on June 13, 2018

written by on April 4, 2018

Good Safe/Bad Lock
written by Mike on March 25, 2018
I've had the safe for 1 week. The overall build quality seems to be great. However, on the 6th night of ownership, I went to open it and the electronic lock is not working. This is an option that I paid extra for. Any confidence I had in that type of lock is now gone. Quite frankly, feeling really disappointed.

written by Ssim12 on January 19, 2018

written by Scott on November 4, 2017

Liberty Safe Use
written by George Washington Clinton Cleaver Jefferson on September 12, 2017
Have not used this safe long enough to establish a qualified comment.

written by Bill on July 23, 2017
Good safe, clip system for adjusting shelves is poor. While interior looks nice the unfinished, unnncarpetd sides of the movable wood shelves scrap the interior.

written by PETER D FREDRICKSON on March 1, 2017

Beware of Delivery Service
written by ButchW on November 14, 2016
Seller was very knowledgeable and friendly. Delivery service was very friendly and efficient. However, I (seller?) made at least one mistake. I let the delivery guys show me the inside of the safe. They handed me the envelope containing the instructions. Said "read this" then shut the safe and spun the tumbler and left. I spent the remainder of the weekend attempting unsuccessfully to open a very expensive hunk of useless metal. The delivery folks should not have done this. Surely the seller does not want this to happen? I was too stupid to say stop show me how to open this safe. Please don't make the same mistake!

Liberty Colonial 50
written by Derek on September 12, 2016
This a very nice safe for the price. The safe has a lot of room and the door pockets give you more room to store handguns and ammo, as well as a slot for documents. When the door is shut and locked I can pull on the handle and the door moves about a 1/4 inch. I expected the seal to be tighter than that. The leather glued around the wood shelves inside seems a little cheap and I could see it falling off in the future. I think it would have been better if the shelves and dividers were just all wrapped in carpet instead of leather on the edges. Overall a great safe for the price and size.

written by LAMONT on April 8, 2016

Colonial 30 Gun Safe
written by Josh on February 23, 2016
I have yet to install the safe in my home. Its still sitting in the garage from where the delivery driver placed it. The delivery was included in the purchase price and the driver and helper were nice. I like the overall look of the safe. It seems to function as it should. The sales person, Jose out of the Tampa office that I ordered the safe from over the phone was professional and did what he could to earn my business. He applied several discounts to motivate me in purchasing this safe instead of a Browning model that I was currently looking at.

I'm not happy that the door will not open 180 degrees. It stops just over 90 degrees. I'm not sure if I was told this at the time of purchase or if I assumed this because it was very similar to the Browning safe I was looking at during that time. This was definitely a feature I was looking for and I am disappointed that it will not open all of the way.

To early to give it a raing
written by gregor on February 8, 2016
Just had it delivered to day. Good service.

Colonial 30 Safe
written by SwampfoxNM on July 29, 2015
I love the safe it looks very high quality and I know by the reputation it is. My safe is very spacious and better than I expected. However I give it an average rating because my combination dial and handle are not working now. after owning the safe a week and opening it 2 times on my own and of course after i put all of my firearms in it. I cannot open it. The dial is very loose and jiggles a lot, the handle turns freely and appears to be loose or broken. I think it is defective i have spent 2 hrs trying to open it and it is not working. I believe this is only a defect of my safe alone and a rare one. but only time will tell. I also noticed the envelope which states a QC verification and should have a stamp next to it is not stamped on mine. I am a QC inspector and to me that means it was never checked since no stamp is in the box.
Liberty's Response:
It definitely sounds like your safe is not working like it should. We will be in contact today to arrange a locksmith to come out and get it fixed up and working right. One of the great parts of buying a Liberty...we will take great care of you if there is an issue.

Nice safe but supplied combination was wrong.
written by Nathan on May 15, 2015
I like the safe but the supplied combination was off by three digits for the middle number and one for the third number.. It took me hours of playing with it to figure out the correct combination.

Feel like I'm Settling for Next Best
written by Barbara Becker on April 20, 2015
Overall I'm satisfied with my new Colonial 23; the exception being with the action of the manual dial combination and bolts. When turning the dial you can feel when your combination number is coming up. It tightens up and drags just a little. That's handy to give you a hint you are getting close but also lets that burglar know he's not far off. The locking bolts don't feel as tight as I had expected, either. I do not mean to run my new safe in the ground. It's very nice but my late husband had a safe (different brand) which was bigger than I need now so I sold it. It was as smooth as silk in every way. I should have gone to a dealer and tried safes in person. I would likely have purchased a higher end model if the dial and locking bolts were smoother. I relied heavily on the reviews and description of the safe online. I am contacting Liberty to see if I can purchase a better combination lock. If I didn't have a "Cadillac" safe previously I might not have ever noticed the feel of this lock. Persnickety? Perhaps.
UPDATED REVIEW: April 23, 2015
Update from Settling for Next Best
I called Liberty about the dial on my new safe. They were very friendly and sent a locksmith out to adjust the lock. It is much better than it was and I am pleased. I should have called them before my initial review.
With that said, everything works fine and I give this product five stars. For the money, this safe a good value and the customer service is outstanding.

Colonial 30
written by JJ on April 10, 2015
For the money its a decent safe. Its only 11 ga. steel and the interior is somewhat lacking, but it gets the job done and should deter most amateur thieves.

I would recommend bolting the safe to the floor after watching how easy it was for 2 people to deliver the safe.

In this day and age a digital lock and some interior lighting should come standard on all safes; in my opinion.

There are definitely better safes on the market; but its much better than the imported safes sold at the big box stores and only costs slightly more.

written by BYRON NORMAN on January 14, 2015

Good safe, no issues
written by Jerry on January 7, 2015
Overall satisfied with my purchase. Price a little more than what I wanted to pay for but hopefully the quality is reflected in the price. Liked it was made in the USA which greatly influenced my purchase. I guess only time will tell.

Could be better
written by BigTruckin on December 13, 2014
Overall I am happy with the safe. The size and price point are very good. My safe arrived in cosmetically good conditional but has a couple flaws in workmanship. The first is on the hinge side of the door one of the locking bolts sticks out about .375" further than the rest. Second, the door bolts are harder to close and open than I would like to see. I've tried adjusting the plates on the door opening put it still doesn't help much. When you turn the handle you can feel the bolts dragging pretty heavily on something and it doesn't feel right. I guess we'll be putting Liberty's customer service to the test once again.
Liberty's Response:
We will contact you and see what we can do to get those bolts cyling a little better.  

Review of Colonial Safe I Purchased
written by Ted Cruz on July 24, 2014
I am pleased with my safe but would have been interested in a 2014 model if the store had one. Unfortunately, I had to purchase a 2013 model because the store I dealt with had no Colonial 2014 available. Also, the other couple of merchants handling Liberty Safes in my area do not deliver. Thus, this limited my ability to find a dealer near me that could satisfy all my needs.

Franklin vs Colonial
written by Ebbie on June 16, 2014
I still like my Franklin better.

Poor inside quality
written by George on June 12, 2014
I purchased a Colonial safe from a dealer. After a month or so I noticed that the door accessory panel began to sag and was not affixed to the fire board underneath. The same problem is occurring with the interior top panel.
Have been in contact with Robert in customer service. Instead of addressing some type of repair, he offered to send some type of accessory in lieu of fixing the issue.
Overall quality of the safe is good. There needs to be better quality control over these types of issues. Sending an accessory instead of fixing the problem is not an acceptable alternative.
Liberty's Response:
George, thanks for letting us know. We'll get with our customer service manager to handle this and get your issues resolved.

Colonial 23 - Paint Issue
written by C. Lewis on March 30, 2014
I would rate the overall build quality as excellent. Very solidly constructed with good looks, BUT now that I have owned it for about six years the paint is failing in spots. I have never used anything to clean it except water and a soft cloth - never any solvents or chemicals of any kind, and now the paint (gloss black) on the door is forming several patches of raised blisters/bubbles. The only direct sunlight it has ever received has been transporting it from one location to another for about one hour on a perfect 70 degree day. I have not found any other similar complaints so it's possible I just ended up with a bad batch of paint. So far it is only on the door and not the body of the safe.
Liberty's Response:
That doesn't sound good. We need to see what we can do to get this taken care of for you. We will be in touch. 

Good product
written by Angel on March 8, 2014
ORIGINAL REVIEW: March 4, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Brand new safe but it will not open
Something must be wrong with the slip clutch/handle. The store is supposed to be sending a replacement safe. Will write a new review after the new safe is here and in working condition.
Liberty's Response:
I'm forwarding your comment to our customer service manager, Brandon Davis. He will have someone in our customer service department contact you first of this next week.
We obviously need to get your safe working in proper condition. Thanks for letting us know.
Someone from the store came out and worked on the door and it is now in working condition.

Nice Safe! Too Bad it's Banged Up!
written by Could Have Gone Better on January 13, 2014
First off let me say that I shopped for just the right safe for over a year and finally decided to go with the Liberty Colonial 30. I ordered it in September 2013 and received it January of 2014. Not unhappy with the wait, it is what it is. What I am unhappy with is the fact that it was not packaged well and put on a very small pallet. Result - Damaged safe! I can deal with the light scratches that can be buffed out, but there was an 8" scuff and an 8" x 2" gouge as well (down to bare metal.) I went with Liberty because of their reputation and am a bit disappointed. Not to mention the carpet is loose in places and the 30 pocket door accessory was missing a clip. I know that's a lot of negativity so I will say "it is a beautiful safe" and in the end I am content with my purchase. Just wish it had been packaged better to prevent damage.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like you had a rough delivery and a few other imperfections...not good. We don't want you to have a scratched up safe. A member of our customer service team will contact you shortly to go over some options for you. The Colonial 30 is a great safe, you should be very pleased after we get it right for you. 

Gander Mountain Timber Ridge 64 Gun safe in the Granite Color
written by Travis on November 30, 2013
Nice safe, though the interior is cheaply made. There quality control is lacking, even though the Q/C card in the safe said they checked everything on the safe. I had several scratches, a few gouges, and some paint spots that were lighter then the rest of the paint job. The hard plastic liner around the inside safe door jamb is cracked in half and will not stay adhered in the correct location. So I can only assume it was glued wrong at the factory.

This safe is Very large (72.5"Hx42"Wx30"DZ @ 985lbs. Liberty says this is the weight with the box and pallet installed). But that is what I wanted. As this is something I will be able to grown into with my new wife and future children. It does come with 12 locking bolts, though only 8 are active (moving). 1 on the top, 1 on the bottom, 6 on each side. The 6 bolts on the hinge side do not move. It also has inside hinges, so it only opens to 90 degrees.

I am going to call Liberty Safe this coming Monday, as they were closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday (2013) and see what they can do about the things that messed up on my safe. If it wasn't for the factory defects, I would this safe more stars. All in all, its a very nice safe, I think I just happened to get one that passed through the cracks. Mind you I have only had this safe since the morning. If they will let me, I will update this review in a year.

PS - It does come with the option to install electricity if you so choose. Granted it is kit, but seems like it should work out. I am going to install the dehumidifier rod and lights in the next few days.
Liberty's Response:
Travis, you definately deserve a safe that has the quality we expect in a Liberty. A member of customer support will be contacting you shortly to assist you in making it right. You may want to check the bolts again. All Timber Ridge safe include all-active bolts. Have someone turn the handle while you're looking at the hinge side bolts (Partially behind the door panel). They should go in and out when doing so.

TimberRidge is one of our top sellers. It is a great safe and once we get it right, you will be very pleased.

The purchasing experience was terrible
written by Robert C on November 22, 2013
The Safe is good, but the purchasing experience was terrible.

I purchased the product on 7/11/13 and they told me it will arrive between 8 or 10 weeks max 12. I was patiently waiting but after the 13 week I visited the store and called several times and nobody knew anything about the status of the safe. On 11/15/13 I decided to visit them again and cancel my order but a guy told me that the safe arrived about 6 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!! I was furious no one called me to tell me about the safe. I went there many times and the safe was already there. I almost cancel my order but I didn't want to wait again in another place.

I like the safe but I will never recommend the experience to anybody. Gander has no customer service?
If I buy another safe it will be directly from Costco or another retailer.

Considering the overall experience the product is average. Unfortunately the lack of customer service makes you dislike the brand.
Liberty's Response:
You're right Robert. No excuse for not calling you. We're having our rep contact that store to do some training and let management know. Thanks for buying Liberty. The TR25 is a nice safe.
UPDATED REVIEW: November 29, 2013
Great Brand but buy it from a trusted retailer
Make sure you buy it from a trusted retailer and read their reviews prior your final purchase of a Liberty Safe.

3 star
written by Charles on November 10, 2013
Should be an adequate home security container.

Small Quality control issues
written by Finnaly Secure on July 22, 2013
Without getting into a whole lot of details, i was a little disappointing in the craftsmanship/ quality control of this safe. I'm not heartbroken, as the price level for the size, rating and functionality of this safe is quite good. BUT, there were a couple small issues that I think should not have left the factory floor. Once I spent a couple hours, crawling around in and around the interior while setting up and loading the safe I noticed them. I am sure Liberty will make good on them as I understand their customer service is second to none. None the less, it would be better to not have to worry about it at all. Overall I would recommend this safe to anyone looking at a safe at this price point. I would have been severely disappointed had i spent an extra grand for the next level safe and had these same quality concerns.
Liberty's Response:
We'll have Dan contact you shortly regarding your issues. Thanks for letting us know.

Unhappy so far
written by Gerald M on July 19, 2013
The safe itself is nice. It would be nice to have gotten one delivered that wasn't damaged. It would be even nicer if Liberty Customer Service actually made an attempt to satisfy their customers... Not a very good business practice. I should not pay 1800 dollars for a safe and receive a damaged unit....THEN wait two months and still not receive the parts to fix it....THEN have to fix it myself. I paid good money, got a damaged safe, and even worse customer assistance. Hoping liberty contacts me to make this right because I am seriously considering returning this safe!
Liberty's Response:
Gerald, agreed. Let's have Randi call you ASAP to see what's going on.

written by Mike B on July 11, 2013
Additional freight is almost hidden in the ads
Liberty's Response:
In home delivery or stair carry is always extra with all our dealers. We offer curbside delivery when purchasing on the internet.

good safe needs improvement
written by Not Happy on June 29, 2013
Good safe but it needs to have some improvements. Poor quality-Poor craftsmanship!!! I feel like my safe was made on a Friday afternoon!!!
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know that you found your safe less than satisfactory. Wehn Robert calls you first of the week, let him know what the specifics are and we'll hopefully get you taken care of. 

Well priced safe for the type of safe
written by Robert P. on June 28, 2013
The Liberty safe I bought was priced well for what you are actually getting. It has an electronic lock system which is easy to use. The door is very well built and smooth to open. The one thing about this safe is its HEAVY, which is great for security !

written by Greg on June 25, 2013
okay safe
Liberty's Response:
Hey Greg, we'll have Dan call you to go over your concerns. From the warranty registration, it appears we can help.

written by schliker on June 18, 2013

25 gun safe
written by D. Mason on June 17, 2013
Good safe. Nice size and capacity. Good quality.

Having some minor issues getting the combo lock to work every time but looking forward to getting that worked out and then I know it will last a long time.

Beautiful but so far unusable
written by Kevin in San Antonio on June 14, 2013
I received my Colonial 50 and it is beautiful. The fit and finish are flawless and it would be a great safe if I could only use it. I ran home during my lunch hour to receive the safe and the delivery guy was great, he was very friendly and professional and explained how to verify the combination. After they installed the safe I had to get back to work so I did not verify the combination and now I am waiting days for a Technician to come see what is wrong.
After work I came home and started verifying the lock combination. After a couple of tries I did get the safe combination to work (verified). Before I closed the door and lock it I closed the lock and tried it again just to make sure I got the combination right. I have not been able to get the lock to work at all since that one time. It's a good thing the delivery guy told me not to close the door in case there was a problem and a technician had to get to the lock from the inside of the door.
After an hour of trying and retrying the combination I called Customer Service and again I was met (on the phone) by a great professional who was very friendly and helpful. She tried and could not talk me through getting the lock to work. We tried the combination several times and variations of the combination a couple of times but no luck. A work ticket was placed for me and I was to hear from them soon when the technician could get out to me. I got a call the next day from Liberty and they said the tech could be at my house at 10:00 am the following day. Not to fault them but I could not get out of work so they are going to call me the following week to reschedule.
So, as far as everything up to now goes I am very happy with Liberty Safe's delivery and customer service. They have been top notch when it comes to customer care. But, after paying $X,300.00 for a safe and delivery I would expect it to work "out of the box" and that's what gets under my skin. Maybe I got a lemon? Maybe I did something wrong? But whatever YOU do please make sure the safe is fully operational BEFORE they bring it into your home and install it.
Liberty's Response:
Kevin, we will make sure your dosage functions properly and if necessary switch out the lock for you, which by the way has a Five Year warranty! Let us know how everything goes. 

Good value but few quality issues and Gander swapped door pannel
written by Red Devils 70 on June 5, 2013
Purchased from Gander Mountain and salesperson showed me the floor model. Solid construction, flex interior, 45 minute fire rating and good price. Problems were once we got it home Gander had different door panel inside (showed me luxury on floor model and gave me economy with much less functionality), found carpet up in top corner, left over weld stick from door welding construction, missing electrical plug and metal shaving from drill location.

Almost there.
written by Mark Twain on May 20, 2013
While my new Liberty Timber Ridge 25-gun safe is beautiful and hopefully effective, it arrived with a few surprising defects.
1) The face of the lock has a gash in it on the chrome trim. The body/shoulder of the lock has some finishing marks (scratches) on it.
2) The upholstery surrounding the electrical outlet cutout was not fully/properly tucked, blocking the plastic cover ring from being inserted. I had to take a screwdriver and tuck the upholstery myself before being able to put the cover ring in place.
3) There is a staple protruding out of an interior corner of the safe by about one-half inch. I am not sure if it belongs there or not. I will need to call Liberty to find out how to proceed (i.e., pull it out or pound it in).
4) My safe was advertised to come pre-packed with several additional items--one of which was a humidifier. The humidifier was missing.

Not necessarily an individual issue with mine, but an overall observation with this model, in general--the safe (as advertised and delivered to me) comes with a light. The light is great--it even has a motion-sensor on it so that it turns on when the safe is opened. That's wonderful. However, there really isn't a great location within the safe to mount light. The light is small--it's not an issue of it being too big or cumbersome. The problem is that the light mounts via velcro. Attaching the light via velcro directly to the upholstery of the safe is an option, but it seems to pull on the upholstery and compromise it a bit. I would rather see a built-in cutout with plastic insert or some sort of magnetic mount or some solution other than velcro directly to the upholstery/lining.

In the absence of the above issues, I would wholeheartedly say that this safe represents an outstanding value and a good quality safe. The looks, color, weight, and sturdiness of the safe are all satisfactory to me.

Furthermore, to be completely fair--I have NOT contacted Liberty yet to resolve any of this. I was prompted to write this review as a part of my warranty registration process. As far as I know, their customer service team will fix all of this. But I don't like the fact that I will need to even waste my time with such a phone call.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your feedback. We will have Randi from our customer service department contact you so that we can get these problems fixed for you.

UPDATE: JUNE 6, 2013 by Mark Twain
This is an updated review. My original review, titled "Almost there" (May 20, 2013) was somewhat critical of the quality control and/or assurance measures apparently in place at Liberty. Missing and slightly damaged finish parts gave me the impression that my safe had perhaps been rushed out the door too quickly.

I write this review approximately two weeks later, here to say that I am extremely pleased with Liberty's response to my concerns. I didn't even need to call them. Based on my review alone (which was part of my registration process), they reached out to me very promptly.

Randi Watson (their representative) was courteous, professional, and empathetic. Most importantly, she offered action--not just words. She acted swiftly and decisively to correct all of my problems--and then some.

At the present time, all issues are fixed with the exception of the keypad. Liberty sent me a brand new keypad; I just need to get it installed now. Liberty arranged the locksmith and is paying them. All I need to do is tell the locksmith when to come. I expect that to occur within the next week or two, and I have no reason to worry that it will be done to my satisfaction.

Randi's actions told me that Liberty is a company that I can feel comfortable with for the long run. I can rest assured knowing that Liberty stands by their safes. When I bought my safe, it was important to me that it was made in the United States. This is a reminder to me why that is important. This is also validation to me why Liberty has the stellar reputation that they do.

I couldn't be happier with my safe. I believe it represents the best value in its size category. I would recommend this safe to my family and friends, and I would confidently buy another one today for myself if I needed another. I look forward to handing this safe and all of its contents down to my children fifty years from now.


Good Safe
written by rizzle on May 19, 2013
I really like the safe and couldn't be happier, but the interior was missing fire protection in the front upper and lower, right hand corner, and there was white dust and fire protection chunks all over. Otherwise the outer finish was perfect. I would of given it five stars if the interior was finished and clean.
Liberty's Response:
We received your rating and review and wanted to thank you for your feedback. I am copying your review to Brandon, our customer service rep, so that we can contact you to see if we can't help you out with your fire package. Thanks.

Decent Protection, Great Capacity
written by Humphrey Plowjogger on May 15, 2013
Decent protection and great capacity on this model. I have the 64 gun model and its roughly the size of a closet. Customizable interior, and ability to add on accessories are a plus as well.

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.