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Made in the USA

Fatboy Jr Safe


These wide-bodied safes offer storage for up to 48 long guns at nearly half the price of a full-size Fatboy, and include

  • 60 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 8 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Fatboy Jr. models also include these accessories:

  • Economy door panel
  • SecuRam BackLit e-lock

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • Rifle Rod Starter Pack

Looking for even more upgrades? Check out the full collection of Liberty Safe accessories.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,699
Payments starting as low as $38.65 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 4997 customers ratings and reviews

First Gun Safe Purchase
written by Delta Pilot on January 19, 2019
I was disappointed when I put my rifles in the safe and found out that some of them were too long. I had to re-position my shelves to accommodate them. I am also having to dry out my rechargeable dehumidifier every 2-3 weeks because it is full of moisture. I would expect to have to dry it out every other month. I expected the safe to be better insulated from moisture.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, our Fatboy Jr. was not designed for longer guns such as shot guns. The safes are also not air tight but allow for movement of air. 

Electronic lock
written by Tree weaver on August 15, 2017
I would not recommend this safe simply because it doesn't have an emergency key option if the electronic opening device fails. Everything else about the safe is good.

Personal code option would be help with the security part
written by Big Mike on July 18, 2017
Liberty's Response:
Hi Mike, you can change your code by following the instructions on this video:

Nervous about product
written by Questioning purchase now...... on December 7, 2016
Nervous about Fatboy Jr because Ive seen videos on Youtube AFTER I purchased safe where they break into one relatively easy with long crow bars because of the gap around door. Now I feel I can't keep my good valuables because of what I have seen... Kinda have buyers remorse now. Wishing a little now that I should have spent more for what appears to be better quality safes.....
Liberty's Response:
Hi, any safe can be comprimised with enough time, tools and knowledge. A safe is about buying you time. It's always a best practice to make sure your safe is bolted down to the floor. I'm unfamiliar with the video you're refering to as we torture test our safes to ensure their structural integrity. Any safe door that is pryed open with crow bars would have to be on it's back.

Disappointed with shelving
written by Mike on October 15, 2016
The shelving units could be a little sturdier and user friendly.

It's a nice safe but I am concerned about the combo mechanism
written by Kelly on June 3, 2016
Wish I could afford the Fatboy 64.

Great Safe... Some damage to paint on door
written by E Dub on May 6, 2016
I purchased this safe today. After getting it to the house and getting it unpackaged, I noticed that there was a silver or white streak in the black paint above the Fatboy Jr. Logo. I also noticed the same thing at the top of the door inside of the lip. I don't know if was done in haste during the logo being out on or the paint was damaged during the black paint application. There are 3 spots that this is more than evident. If it wasn't a black safe, it wouldn't be as noticeable, but being black it sticks out like a sore thumb. This would have been nice to have been caught at the factory. The shipping container and blue sheeting around the safe was intact and undamaged, which tells me it left the factory this way.
Overall, the safe is what I had envisioned. It should suffice protecting my firearms from would be thieves and keeping them out of the small hands of kids. I would have rated this 5 had there not been paint issues. This seems that it could have been caught in the beginning stages before shipping. I am not going to worry myself to death about it, but may think twice of the accessories I was going to buy. That's too bad, because I was really looking hard at the Safealert.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks E Dub for letting us know. You're right, we should have caught this before completing. We will have our customer service contact you ASAP for resolution. By the way, SAFELERT is a smart move to add to any safe. We've even caught a couple of theives trying to break into a safe, but SAFELERT alerted the owner and the police caught them in the act.
Revised Review...Liberty Takes Care of Their Customers
I originally wrote a review that would have been a 5 star review but there was what appeared to be some sort of streak or paint on the front door above the Fatboy Jr. logo and also on the lip of the door, so I gave it a 3 star.
After submitting my review, Liberty called me the same day, (Friday) stating that someone would be following up with me. The following day, which was Saturday, my dealer called me to inquire if I had heard from Liberty and stated they would take care of any issues and if I had any questions or concerns, I could call my dealer (Mahoney's in Johnson City) as well.

Today (Monday), a representative from Liberty called me to inquire on the issue with the door and has gone above and beyond to rectify the situation. I also submitted pictures to them so that they can track down issues for QC in the future. I will say, that I am more than happy that I decided to go with a Liberty Safe to protect my firearms and important items such as external hard drives and other important documents.

From the great service from Scott at Mahoney's at the platinum dealer level to the timely follow up from Liberty Safe, I am more than happy with my decision to purchase a Liberty. Scott at Mahoney's answered all of my questions, loaded my safe, and gave me some helpful tips on how to unload it when I got home. The timely follow up and professionalism displayed from both the dealer and factory is greatly appreciated and has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Liberty! You have made me a customer for life.

Fatboy Jr
written by Todd V on February 27, 2016
The safe is great but the Chrome Dial is EXTREMELY difficult to see. I have had a Liberty Centurion safe for over 12 years so i'm pretty good at the combination sequence. This safe is very hard to get into, I have to try sometimes up to 6-7 times before getting in. I have actually left the house with out my carry pistol because I was frustrated after trying so many times. I loved my centurion and now am sorry I upgraded and sold it. Wish I had it back.

Liberty's Response:
It sounds like we need to have a locksmith come and take a look at your dial lock. Sometimes the locks do get off a number or two as they bounce around during the shipping process. You may want to try moving up and down 1 number for each of the 3 numbers to try and determine if that is the problem. It may by just that easy.  

Safe is acceptable
written by acceptable on December 25, 2015

FB Jr.
written by Champ on December 7, 2015

written by Safe buyer. on November 30, 2015
It's a Fatboy Jr. safe. What is there to say other than I got the safe. We'll see how it holds up over time, and whether it prevents theft or damage caused by acts of God. Not the most impressive interior, but not bad. The fact that I had to adjust the door closure speaks to the tolerances and precision of the manufacturing process, or lack thereof.

Warranty doesn't cover flood
written by Somewhat happy on October 9, 2015
The safe seems solid and fairly well built for a midline safe. Trim on the interior is somewhat flimsy but overall okay. The warrant does not cover flood like some of the other manufacturers which I was led to believe it did by the dealer. It wasn't until I read the full warranty that I realized it didn't. Living in hurricane country it could be an issue. I guess I'll verify what the dealer says next time instead of believing what they say. I would have gone with another brand had I known that about the warranty. I'll keep it for know but will probably trade up in the future to a higher line safe with a little more extensive warranty.

Buying a Liberty Safe
written by Flyboy II on June 25, 2015
Fatboy Jr safe seemed to be ideal size for me to store several long guns and other valuables and documents, however when I starting loading it, found that the advertised gun capacity is not realistic if you want to put anything else in it.

written by liberty on November 15, 2014

Ask quistions before you buy this safe
written by joehuntin on October 26, 2014
I purchased my fatboy jr from gander mountain around the end of September had it delivered by the middle of October. Okay that's great. But when I open it, it does not have the door panel with all the pockets on it. The display at gander had the door panel but here on the liberty site in fine print it says all fatboy jr safes come with the door panel (except gander mountain). SO WHY HAVE IT ON DISPLAY AT GANDER? I guess it is my fault for not asking the questions before my purchase. I asked gander after and they said that is just additional options I could purchase. Other then that so far its great.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know of this display issue. We will forward to Gander and call you for resolution.
UPDATED REVIEW: November 25, 2014
The best customer service I have ever seen.
Originally I was a little disappointed with this purchase really it was Gander mountains issues but Liberty took it upon them selves to fix the problem. They contacted me right away after my review and everything was set up to resolve my issues and correct them that day. THANK YOU LIBERTY!!! I will purchase from you again, and I will highly recommend to everyone.

so far, so good
written by Jimmy Gimee on October 21, 2014
I found little to no information on door material thickness. And would have preferred the lincoln model but the price point and capacity of the fb jr were the deciding factors
Liberty's Response:
The FATBOY Jr has a 1" composite door, which consists of a 12 ga one piece folder door with 5/8" layer of X-type fireboard sandwiched in with another band of 12 ga. steel on the inside. We then add another layer of fireboard next to the mechanism and a third layer on the door panel as well. We will look at add this information on our website. Thanks for letting us know.

Fatboy Jr
written by Nick on October 6, 2014
Overall I thought this product was fantastic. It is easily storing roughly 3-4k rounds of various caliber ammunition as well as 4 handguns and about 9 scoped rifles with room on one side for 2-3 more scoped rifles or 3-5 non-scoped rifles. The drawers fit together nicely and for the most part the carpeting on the inside is well put together and is of decent quality.
However, i think the carpeting could be of a little higher quality and around the door where you tuck wires for lighting systems it is not uniform. It is either too loose or too tight. Also, with a full safe it is difficult to find a place with relatively easy access to put de-humidifying agent.
Lastly, it is HEAVY. Once i got it into place in the garage i realized that I would need to run a cord through the back for the interior lights that I bought. That is all well and good, I had some friends come over and help me move it out, popped out the plastic cover and ran the wire. About three days later I noticed moisture was getting in through the hole (I live in south Georgia) and so I would have to empty and move the safe again and then drill a hole in the plug and re-seal it with silicone.... its a PITA.

I also just noticed some scratches on the front. Not a huge deal, but we will see how liberty deals with it.
Liberty's Response:

Thanks Nick for your feedback. You're right the safes are heavy and having to move it again proved to be a hassle. We have a new outlet kit that allows for things to be plugged in after it is installed and may be something to look at. We have scheduled Sharee to call you to resolve your scratch issues, etc. We will send you some touchup.

Burgundy Fatboy JR
written by Josh on August 26, 2014
So i decided to buy a new safe and ended up the the Liberty Fatboy Jr. So far my only complaint is that after the delivery was done and i started to inspect the safe i found scratches and flaws in the paint on the door and some other areas. The other thing that caught my attention was how the door panel is secured there is one screw on top and in the middle but nothing on the bottom. Other than these two things i am happy so far. It seems hard to find things that dont have issues with it. Although i would have expected no flaws in the safe for the price they cost and as much as liberty claims to be the best. I hope that Liberty will correct the issues i have had and make it right.
Liberty's Response:
We will be in touch to see how we can help you with your finish. As far as the door panel screws go, there is actually a little lip on the bottom of the door that holds the door no screws required there. Thanks for your input. 

written by DAVE on August 19, 2014
Liberty's Response:
We wil have our customer service contact you so we can get your lock taken care of. Thanks for your patience.

Mr. J Chancey
written by J.C on July 17, 2014
I can't say a lot on this safe at this time. My opinion is probably a little reserved at this time, I wasn't able to purchase the complete package that I really wanted. I'll most likely keep this one for awhile, sell it and buy the complete unit I want at that time. All and all this safe is a very good safe for what it is.

door panels
written by Sean Applegate on July 15, 2014
i love my new fat boy the only thing i would change is to offer different door panels like the one in the tactical safe.
Liberty's Response:
Good point. We will forward to our product development team to look into offering as an option a tactical type door panel.

excellent safe but...
written by Brenboy on May 6, 2014
great size and capacity for a small space, finish is perfect even for black! BUT lock set seems cheap and has very loose and imprecise fit... door has 1/4 inch of play in and out when locked up... Liberty says that's normal but hard to believe given my 2 other safes with the same fire expansion foam strip fit snug and tight and don't bang when closed or rattle... the showroom model of same safe didn't have these issues.
Liberty's Response:
An adjustment can easily be made to tighten that door up the way you would like/expect it. There is and Allen Wrench in your START package that can be used to make the adjustements to tighten and square up you door. The instructions are in the users manual. The dial locks are very high quality, UL listed locks. They are meant to be a little loose to make the dialing process more fluid and smooth.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.  

written by anonymous on May 2, 2014

needs better interior
written by fxdc on March 4, 2014
I found the shelves to tight for the other half to move to make compartment changes and the trim on the edges of the shelfves pulled away just by grazing the trim as I moved my arm across them.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like you may have need some help with your safe. We will be in contact to see what we can do to help get your safe in proper working condition.

Great Value
written by Buy American on February 2, 2014
Best value and capacity for the money.

Please fix the door
written by eddybone on January 31, 2014
good overall
Liberty's Response:
Whats wrong with your door? We will be in contact and see if we can help you get it taken care of. 

Fatboy jr.
written by R on January 30, 2014
I was pleased with the safe itself, however I was very disappointed about the door panel that came with the safe. The dealer wanted me to spend another $200 for the door panel that came with the fatboy. For what I paid for this safe it should have come standard! Other than that good safe.

Disappointed with purchase of Fatboy Jr Safe from Gander Mountai
written by John Beasley on January 23, 2014
My wife purchased a Fatboy Jr. safe for me as a Christmas present. A friend of mine has one, and after looking at his, I wanted to buy one for myself. After getting the safe home and opening the box, I was happy with the overall appearance of the safe. However, I was very disappointed to learn that the accessory door panel was not included. After doing some checking, I was informed that the door panel does not come with the Fatboy Jr when purchased from a Gander Mountain store. I wished that I had know this piece of information prior to the purchase, because I would have gotten the safe from somewhere else. The door panel was one of the major accessories that influenced my decision to get a Fatboy Jr. I'm considering returning the safe to Gander Mountain.---JB

written by Chad on December 18, 2013
Safe is ok needs to have lights in it and a USB port would be nice so you don't have to open it all the time to get USB drive out cover in the door could have more pockets .

written by Jeff on August 28, 2013
The safe is a great safe made in the USA but price a little too steep for the average gun owner. Would have bought an electronic lock one but price way too high. Would surely help if Liberty teamed up with regional moving companies to include in the price to get delivered and installed. This safe took 4 of us to unload and get into the house. Most folks don't have that kind of time. Offer a few incentive discounts on accessories for safes. Online coupons for warranty registration for door panels, lights, etc
Liberty's Response:
Glad you like your safe Jeff. Pricing of gun safes can range from $400 to $7000, depending upon the series and features installed. But in most cases, the cost of the safe is a lot less than the total dollar value of one's valuables. And in your case, the FATBOY Jr. is one of the best value safes on the market for the number of guns it holds and reliable fire protection.

Regarding the lock, many like the traditional manual combination lock, which are standard on most safes. We offer the electronic locks as an option to switch out. The cost to add the electronic lock is a combination of the cost of the lock plus the installation. You can have that changed out at anytime by purchasing the lock on our website.

Delivery is also one of those variables. While some choose to do as you did and save money by self installing, many have it installed by our dealers nationwide because they don't want to hassle with the weight, difficulty and safety.

If you checked the box in your registration to be included in our promotional and update offers, you'll receive them in the future. Thanks again for your business. You'll love the FATBOY JR safe.

Not too impressed
written by G.J.C. on August 27, 2013
I purchased this safe a few months ago but due to home renovations, kept it packaged up in the garage. I had it moved into the house three days ago and did a detailed inspection of it last night; I have to say that I am not overly impressed. First off, there is a spot of paint chipped off on the non-hinge side of the door on the bottom corner. After looking at the threshold, there are paint scuffs where the bad spot on the door lines up with the safe body. It looks as though this was done during assembly. Next, small paint scratches in various places on the safe and the carpet on the bottom of the safe looks like an after-thought. The carpet piece used is larger than the bottom of the safe and the excess was not trimmed off. On the inside of the door jam, above the top hinge and below the bottom hinge, there is no drywall or carpet. I can see the back side of the metal exterior. And lastly, it only came with two anchor bolts. I might be wrong here but I think I should utilize all four anchor holes on the floor. I realize this is not the top of the line safe from Liberty but it's as though it was assembled in a huge hurry. I could overlook one or two minor flaws but this many issues leave me a bit concerned with my purchase.
Liberty's Response:
G.J.C. you are correct. Those items should have been included in your safe. We can send the complete anchoring kit and look at your shelving as well. We'll have our customer service contact your regarding the paint issues and fireboard. We want to make sure your happy. Thanks for letting us know.

CUSTOMER UPDATE: August 28, 2013
I just spoke with Brandon via phone concerning the issues with my safe.  He was extremely helpful and willing to do whatever it took to guarantee my satisfaction.  I now feel confident with my purchase and I am more than satisfied with Liberty's customer service.  Thanks again Brandon. -G.J.C.

written by PA OUTDOORSMAN on August 19, 2013
For the price, good quality product and best of all lifetime warranty and made in the good old USA.

Good quality, Wide body.. NO FRILLS
written by kywg172 on July 6, 2013
This is a NO FRILL safe. Has some options but are extra. I do like the fact that this safe has a hammered paint look. If this is going to be displayed.. might be different. I feel this is about as low level as I would want.

written by larry498 on June 19, 2013
This safe had the potential to live up to it's name. Unfortunately, it did not! The door seal was not installed properly. The finish on the lock was not what I would have expected on a safe in this price range. In fact, I paid half the price for another safe that had the lock that should have been on this safe. There is also a gap between the tumbler and the door that would encourage a criminal to pry on the lock. Inside, it was about what one would expect until you look at the floor of the safe. The floor looks like they took a piece of left over material and laid down without bothering to install it correctly.
Liberty's Response:
You're right, we did not live up to our reputation on this particular safe. We're scheduling Randi to call you ASAP to resolve those issues. Thanks for letting us know.

safe quality
written by Patrick M on June 15, 2013
Good value for the money, happy with the safe-- best out there for the money- alot of nice perks and well put together.

Interior & Combo Lock
written by Perkster on June 2, 2013
I just picked up my Fatboy Jr today that I purchased from Gander Mountain here in IL, It was a display model & was reduced a little so I decided to buy it as I had been looking for a few weeks & the Fatboy Jr seemed to fill the bill of what I needed, Overall I really like the safe & features it has but the interior definitely needs some upgrading. When I finally opened safe after getting it home I went to rearrange shelves & noticed the main gun slotted shelf was cracked completely in half & what really bothered me was even the main side rails are held in with tiny staples that were coming out of walls before I ever put anything in safe. What will happen when I load the shelves with weight of ammo, guns etc, and if the walls are fireboard what good is it to staple to something that won't hold staples. Hopefully there is a remedy to solve this problem. There was a package with lag bolts but only 2 in it for cement ? I now understand also why everyone is going to digital lock also. After watching Gander employee try getting into safe for 15 minutes I finally tried myself & after multiple times I finally was able to get in, I Definitely would go digital if I was ever to buy another safe !!
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know about your issues on your floor model Perkster. We have Harley scheduled to call you first of this week to resolve.

UPDATE: See Review on June 5, 2013  

written by Semper Fi on April 27, 2013
I wanted to clarify my past review, maybe I was a little harsh on my review of the function of my safe. The fire probably exceeded the capabilities of the safe and I should have acknowledged that to be fair, please understand that I just lost everything. I should have clarified that my major issue was with my local dealer, not the safe or the Company itself. With you responding it shows the integrity your company has and I respect that. It is a bad feeling to lose everything and then feel as if like the local company wants the easy way out. I never knew I could have called the Liberty Company instead of my local dealer. So, as a man I will say my earlier review was made more out of anger and disappointment at my local dealer and not at the function of the safe or Liberty itself. Thank you for caring enough to respond. I look forword to talking to customer service and I look forward to a new Liberty safe, this time I may spend extra and upgrade to a higher fire protection rating.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your response. We appreciate it. We'll talk first of the week to get the ball rolling. 

When I needed them the most
written by Semper Fi on April 26, 2013
I was very happy when I bought my safe a few years ago. My house recently burned and was a total loss. I called my dealer to schedule a time when the locksmith could come and open my safe. They said they would call me back but never did. I called them to check in and was informed that they no longer open safes in the dwelling and that I needed to get it out of my house and bring it to them. That was never in the information given to me when I bought it. Seems I was told lies when I bought it and now that they have my money I am a bother to them. I had to open my safe by myself. I thought this would be a major undertaking considering the videos and what I was told by the salesman. I was very disappointed to find that it took me less than 15 minutes to cut the entire side out with a battery operated saws-all and one $10.00 blade. I soon realized why. The only well protected area is the door. The side was 1/8 metal and 2 sheets of drywall-- regular drywall. To further devastate me I found that all 43 firearms were completely destroyed including Garand's, M1 carbines, several WW2 firearms. When I needed them the most they failed in every aspect.
Liberty's Response:

Truly disappointed news with regards to this rating and review. We are sorry to here about your lose. We will send you an email to gather more information regarding your situation and regards to the reports regarding your fire. That will helps us to understand the situation more fully.

Were you able to contact our factory after the fire occured? Did you ever contact or work with our customer service agents. We work with our customers when situations like this arise and help them activate their Lifetime Warranty. 

Yes, the FATBOY Jr has two layers in the wall and three in the ceiling and door. The FATBOY Jr has 45 minutes worth of fire protection at 1200 degrees. 

Certain factors can make a difference in the performance of a fire safe. The bigger the home the longer it burns, the speed at which the fire department reaches the location, if it's a volunteer fire department that can delay service, whether or not you have fire hydrants on your street, accelerrants in the surrounding area, and the total time it takes for the fire to be put out and the area around the safe cooled down. If a safe stays in house fire too long, it continues to bake. If the duration of heat surpassed the certification time on the safe, valuables can be affected. 

We will direct our customer service team to contact you first of the week to help where we can. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Satisfied other than Carpeting
written by David Groce on March 23, 2013
This is a great safe for the money. My only complaint is the carpeting on the inside is not glued to the door so it is loose. Also the combination lock numbers are hard to read but with very good lighting it works well. I am in the market for another safe and will look at Liberty again, but I will pay special attention to the carpeting to make sure it is secured properly.

written by Midnight Rider on March 21, 2013
Overall the Fatboy Jr is a solid safe to protect your firearms & other valuables. If you look around at other safes there quality for the price is on target but could use some fine tuning on the combination lock & preciseness of the bolts. Would look at the other safes again.

I feel unsafe with my new safe
written by D. Petri on March 18, 2013
The safe is beautiful. The bad part is the 3rd party moving company was in possession of my packet which included the combo that cannot be changed except with the added expense of a locksmith. I was assured by the dealer who sold me the safe that the piece of Scotch tape that held the package closed would have prohibited the movers from opening and writing down my combo.

Now I am unsure about putting anything of value in my new safe. All of my valuables will remain in my OLD safe until I can remedy this issue.

This practice of handing a third party your combo packet is a poor one. It implies that I am to have faith that I won't get jacked by some fly by night moving employee who had possession of my info.

I don't have faith that a piece of scotch tape is all that lies between a breach of secure information. It for my is a very anti climactic day, and now I regret purchasing this safe with its built in Achilles Heel and poor information chain of custody.

Fatboy jr
written by matt on March 17, 2013
Good safe, good quality for the money.

Building fatboys... Quality?
written by David on March 11, 2013
My family owns 3 liberty safes. Recently purchased a Fatboyjr. It was very poor inside. You could tell they are just throwing these together not paying attention to the quality that Liberty used to have. Im guessing demand has caught up with them. Shelving was not level or tight to the interior wall. carpet was loose and not glued down.I had trouble leveling my shelves, and positioning my guns. Quality control issues........
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know about the quality of your safe. We'll have someone contact you in customer service and see what we can do to correct the issues.

Fatboy Jr.
written by Mike on February 8, 2013
I'm not going to give a review. Although I am completely satisfied with the safe for its intended purpose. Just a little annoyed regarding the interior finish problem. More attention needs to be given to detail on finishing. Received the safe yesterday. Very happy with the purchase. I was installing light kit into safe today and noticed in the left hand bottom corner that the felt lining is completely not glued in and not fitted correct. If I had noticed this before purchase this would have stopped me from buying this safe. When I see things like this it concerns me about other quality aspects of the product. Again I love the safe-it just pains me that these days every time I purchase a high end product there seems to be something that I have to correct to make it right. Very annoying!
Liberty's Response:
Mike, it's unfortunate that your safe was shipped without a detailed review of the interior quality. We will certainly have someone call you from our customer service department and see how we can help. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We are also forwarding your review to our Senior VP of Operations.

not what they where
written by not yet on January 30, 2013
Need to make sure they are completely 'finished inside'. Better outside all right. But tippy if not bolted down.

Disappointed with the finish
written by Sgrady on January 21, 2013
The fabric was cut not in a straight line. The door gasket in one area was not even on the metal.

Shame nice set up
Liberty's Response:
Scott, we will have someone contact you shortly to see if we can resolve those issues above. Thanks for letting us know.

Fat Boy Jr review.
written by Doug Withrow on January 21, 2013
I found the safe would suit my needs, I wish the interrior was a little better quaility. Some of the carpet didn't fit very well. In order to set up the interrior the way I wanted it I turn the top self around, no carpet on the edge. Hard to tell what the interrior set up will be until you get the safe home and start filling it. Otherwise the safe is a good fit for me and my needs.

FatBoy Jr.
written by Cowboy Action Shooter on January 20, 2013
Not bad for the price compared to the FatBoy. The optional door storage and a LED light strip from Home Depot gets you about the same option content for about $800 less. Watch the quality, mine had an open seam across the lower back and a hole in the upper front corner where the weld had been ground too far.

Fatboy Jr = Decent deal
written by Larson on January 17, 2013
Good size/ price/ protection ratio.
However, the fit and finish could be better.
Overall, it's a pretty good product for the cost.

1st Safe purchased
written by Major Dad on January 14, 2013
Quality wise it is excellent!! Depth of 24" is nice. Fits in space available. Color and finish is very nice. Movers recommended leaving on pallet. However, it doesn't quite hold the number advertised if storing bolt actions and scoped firearms. Narrow firearms maybe. Had some problems adjusting shelves, but workable with a bit of patience.

Intend to make an rack with insert slots that fit bolt actions, scopes, and long firearms. Liberty could add a custom rack feature as a service for customers! We sketch, you build.
Liberty's Response:
Nice idea Major Dad. We will forward to our engineers and product development team

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.