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Fatboy Safe


Capable of holding a whopping 64 long guns, the Fatboy is one of the largest and toughest safes in America. Buy this gun safe and you'll get:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 12 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

Fatboys also include features and accessories like the following: 

  • 3-spoke SURETIGHT handle with SLIP-CLUTCH innovation
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH Over-Center cam mechanism

Additionally, the Fatboy Extreme model also includes these features and accessories:

  • 6-in-1 Flex interior
  • 3 collector gun racks
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
  • 60 long gun capacity
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Fatboy Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 2923 customers ratings and reviews

Fat boy
written by on October 11, 2018
The safe is great for storing documents and to protect against the a snatch and grab. This safe is good if you use it in conjunction with a security system as this will eliminate the access to time to open the safe.

written by bird hunter on November 18, 2017
for a safe @ this price point, I would expect 10ga. or better steel. pretty is not what I was looking for as I own a STURDY safe. 4ga. steel and comparable in price to this liberty fat boy. due to a restricted entry to my property, I am unable to get a 18 wheeler in my gate. Only this restriction kept me from purchasing another product again. I was forced to purchase the liberty instead. tru value delivered the safe on a trailer and I was able to take delivery without problem. this is a nice safe and I would recommend it to others with my same limitations for getting through the gate with a transfer truck. You need to provide heavier guage steel options without resulting in an astronomical price point difference. thank you.

written by King on November 14, 2017
It seems nice but dont think it will hold up to fire with internal hinges and plastic around them.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, we test all our safes and they hold up to the fire specs that we have listed.

LIberty Fatboy interior quality
written by Ryan on July 31, 2017
I decided to purchase a gun safe after my twin boys started running around. I went back and forth between the Fatboy and the Lincoln series 40 (same overall cubic footage). I chose the Fatboy to save some money, but feel I made a bad choice. The shelving brackets were installed wrong and the shelves are crooked. I did not notice it at first, but once I started moving my shelves closer, it became more noticeable. After really looking at the fabric and shelves, it looks like it was quickly put together rather than quality craftsman ship. The Lincoln 40 cost about $1,000 more, but may have been worth it. The fabric was much nicer and the quality appeared to be better. I would recommend the fatboy if your not OCD about crooked items or fabric vs velour. Overall it's a nice safe.
Liberty's Response:
Hi Ryan, thank you for the review. I will have a member of our customer support call you. We stand behind our product and want to make sure you're completly happy with it.

Kinda weak but heavy, and should be secure enough for me
written by on May 26, 2017
The Fatboy is quite heavy, but a bit thin skinned. The metal covering seems a bit weak and easy to cut through. The door gap is a bit large and seems prone to prying. The manual combination lock is a bit sketchy and requires a deft jiggle of the handle at the end to unlock the safe. A bit expensive for what it is. That being said, the safe had plenty of heft to keep from being casually carried-off, and it would take a bit of skill to crack it open. It seems to be secure enough for my purposes, but I kindof wish I would have gotten a higher-end model.
Liberty's Response:
Hi the Fatboy is built from American made 11 gauge steel.  Check out some of the pry videos of Liberty Safes and you'll see how strong and reliable they are.

Good Safe for the Money
written by Bald Eagle on April 24, 2017
Love the size of this safe. Do not like the short interior set up for Long Guns. Great lighting and carpet on the interior. Love the added pocket for guns, and other things of value that is attached to the door.

written by Rockeye118 on September 20, 2016
I like the size. I like the weight and the options that come with the safe. It seems very well built with the exception of the combination dial. Seems cheaply made. In the past I bought a $400 safe from Dick's that had the same feel of quality dial. I expected a SMOOTH dial for and S&G lock on a safe costing $2500. This does not have it.
Liberty's Response:
Thank you for the review. S&G locks are the industry leading locks. S&G gives us a 2 year warranty and Liberty extends this warranty 3 years making it a 5 year warranty which is also industry leading.  If you feel your lock may not function as it should please call our customer support and we will get you taken care of.

Replacement Safe
written by T. Jones on May 19, 2015
Gun safe was replaced after a fire. Much appreciated, but lost everything in it that was of value the first time. MAD AS HELL ! Thought everything would be ok in it after the fire once we opened it. Did not perform as expected. Hope to never have to test the new one!
Liberty's Response:
T. Jones,
Sorry for your loss. After looking at the pictures you submitted, it is clear the garage was a total loss and was burnt to the ground. it looks like it was a very aggressive and hot fire. 

We thoroughly fire test our safes and our claims are accurate, however the protection times are reduced if the fire is hotter than the typical fire. With the air flow a garage gets, it probably got very hot, higher than the 1200 degrees that we base our rating off of. Not sure how long the fire burned, but it is clear that it was very hot. We hope you do not have to go through that again.   

Average Safe
written by Edwards on November 2, 2014
Having door issues and its not even a month old. Frustrated......
Liberty's Response:
We apologize, you should not have to deal with door issues, and will have our customer service team contact you to get the issues worked out.

written by Jason on July 30, 2014

Thicker steel
written by 1776 on March 31, 2014
Good quality over all. Thicker steel 7 gauge would be nice though.

written by T. Fall on February 25, 2014
Fit and finish must be better for the price. Overall a very big and well constructed safe. Made in the USA!

Great Safe. Just work on the upholstery
written by Safe Keeper on January 8, 2014
The Fatboy is a tough looking safe. I enjoy owning one. The outer shell is beautiful and the storage room is bar none. The only issue I have was the craftsmanship that was on the inside of the safe. I had staples sticking out of the pieces that lined the inside of the safe. And a few months after owning the safe a piece had shifted and was damaged. After further discovery this was a piece that was held up by half stapled staples and glue. If we could just put a little more time in this area that would be great. I contacted the 1800 number and spoke to a "Dan" on the subject. He was helpful and knowledgeable. He assured me I would have a new piece in little over a week. I'm very satisfied with the customer service and that Liberty stands behind it's warranty! For that I will recommend Liberty to anyone in the market for a safe.

Safe review
written by Jeffrey Weaver on January 8, 2014
This is my second safe the first one I bought was the Lincoln series and it seems to be a little better than this Fatboy safe. Now I know this is a cheaper version of the Lincoln and I knew that when I bought it, so it still is a good safe for the money.

Fat Boy 64 is just AVERAGE
written by Mr Not So Happy on August 20, 2013
Several quality issues with the exterior paint, interior lining, floor Panels, etc. Would have been impossible to reject the safe and pay double moving fees, so I accepted as-is. These issues were not created by the mover. Kind of dissapointed with the FLEX interior. Huge gap between the door and frame, all the way around the safe: a crowbar would fit in easily. If I were going to do it all over again, I'd buy a used safe or look at a different brand.
Liberty's Response:
It's not right that you should be "Mr Not So Happy," so we're going to have Dan contact you to see if there are some things we can do to make it right. We going to try and contact you today. Thanks for letting us know.

Would love to be writing about how pleased I am with my Fatboy
written by down and out on April 11, 2013
Unfortunately, I cannot find a single unit for sale within three states. Most that carry them say they have an order coming in within the next 3 months but all those have been sold. I should have bought stock in the company and not worried about buying the product. Oh well maybe someday.
Liberty's Response:
Let one of our ISRs contact you to see if there are other alternatives regarding stock and shipments in your region. You're correct, demand is at an all-time high and we are working overtime to ship product. We'll stay in touch with you.

Take A Closer LOOK!
written by Eric the Questioner on March 10, 2013
Good value, but outside panels are not straight and true. The hammer tone finish is a good choice to disguise the warpage when the metal is bent on the brake, or when welded. A four foot level won't sit on the top to try and level it. Many panels if not all are in this condition SURPRISE!!!! In fairness this doesn't effect the operation of the safe. Safes are not a cheap investment. If your attention to details is not in the construction you will be fine but if your a person that once you see it, you will see it every time you look at your fortress. Very nice to see it's made in the USA.

Nice Safe-Bad Paint
written by Chris K on February 27, 2013
Received my safe and inspected it in the driveway. It was a nice sunny day and everything looked good. Once the safe was in the house and we got a good look at it later we noticed stains in the paint between the clear coat and an area the clear coat is completely missing. Looks like a hand print in the paint over the word "FATBOY"

I was contacted by liberty on 22 Feb after I explained this during the registration process. I was asked to provide pictures and did so on the same day. I later followed up asking for advice on 26 Feb and as of now have not received a response.

Liberty's warranty states paint/manufacturer defect in workmanship is covered for 5 years, yet the only warranty claim available on the website is for fire or break-in.

I am happy with the safe but not the finish and if the customer service received thus far is any indication, I am not impressed.
Liberty's Response:
We agree, you've been left hanging. We will review with our customer service department and require a response ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.

inside quality
written by mike ramey on February 18, 2013
I just purchased the safe and could not wait to start filling it up. I went to set my shelves up and while doing so I noticed that the metal strips were not tightly secured to the safe, there was just a couple of small staples holding the metal rails on. I couldnt get the shelves in because the staples were hanging out. I put the shelves in the safe just to figure out what configuration I wanted thats when I noticed that you couldn't get the shelving level. The rails on the exterior walls on the safe were crooked, not by a little but a good amount. I gave my last review of this safe before I installed the shelves in my safe. There was also a few scratches in the material (not a big deal to me). When you pay this much for a safe you shouldn't have to work on the safe before you install any of your valuables in there. Other than this it looks like a very secure and quality safe
Liberty's Response:
In some cases the staples on the rails/brackets may not have seated all the way. You can tap them in with a hammer and seat them. Future models have a new screw and washer system to eliminate this issue.

Patiently waiting for my safe
written by Barron on February 17, 2013
I ordered my safe from the local dealer after Christmas and was told that it would be June before my safe would ship. Are there that many people ordering safes that it takes that long to get one built and shipped? Cant wait to get my Fatboy safe.
Liberty's Response:
Unfortunately yes. Many of our dealers have orders placed throughout the year. To get yours in June is pretty good at this point. Some dealers are pretty good at keeping safes with some stock, so check your local dealer. Thanks Barron for your patience. You'll be glad you waited.

Inside quality
written by Timothy S on January 31, 2013
Inside quality isn't very good. Hopefully this gets fixed on my safe by Liberty
Liberty's Response:
Timothy, we will have Dan contact you from our customer service department to work with you on your interior. Thank you for letting us know.

Fatboy - Quality Issues
written by Randy K on November 25, 2012
I only provided a 3 star rating base on just taking delivery of a new Fatboy safe this weekend and a couple quality concerns. Plan to contact Liberty Safe on the next business day to try and resolve with their customer service department.

One of the interior shelves (with the gun barrel cutouts) was cracked in several places. From the top (fabric side) the shelf looks fine, but the underside showed several cracks in the press-board used. As such, this shelf could not support any load. Also not crazy about the cheap press-board used for the shelves, but once it place they should hold up OK.

This safe was factory equipped with an electronic lock and I have not been able to program a new combination by following the instructions in the manual. Even had someone else attempt to change the combination by following the directions and they were unable to do so either. It appears the lock maybe faulty or I'm missing something in the process.
If the lock needs to be replaced, then I will most likely need to take some extra time off work to have a locksmith come out, which would not be happy about.

Also the interior layout on my safe is different than shown on Liberty's website or the model that was on display in the store. The display model and website showed one full width top shelf and a second full width shelf, that had cutouts for the gun barrels. The Fatboy I received has a taller center support / divider resulting in just one full width shelf at the top and two smaller separate shelves with the gun barrel cutout. I would have preferred the shorter center support / divider with a single full width shelf with the gun barrel cutouts.

I purchased my new Fatboy safe from a Gander Mountain store in Michigan, and they provided great service. I even contacted them after my safe was delivered and informed them about the cracked shelf. They told me to bring in the shelf and they would exchange it and deal with Liberty to replace it for them. However, as I pointed out above, the interior layout of their floor model was different, and after making a trip back to the store to exchange it, found out they did not have a similar shelf.

Gander Mountain also recommended a local moving company to pick-up and deliver this safe. This company was very professional and did a great job, with no damage to our new house or the hardwood floors they needed to move it across to get this monster of a safe into the basement. They were a little pricy compared to a local direct Liberty Safe dealer, but it was worth it to have them move this safe.

I was originally in talks with a local direct Liberty Safe dealer to purchase a smaller safe. However, his selection at this time was greatly limited; and he had an estimated wait time of about 2 months.

I ended up purchasing this Fatboy safe from Gander Mountain during their Thanksgiving Day Sale below list price. In the end, I got a much larger safe with more standard features and a higher fire rating then a smaller model I was originally looking to buy, all for less money. Plus they had these in stock and it was delivered 2 days later.

Now I just need to get the quality issues resolved.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Randy for your very thorough review. We agree with you, we need to get these issues resolved. Call us at 1-800-247-5625. Thanks again.

Fatboy Purchase
written by Fatboy Buyer on November 24, 2012
After deciding that I didn't want one with the dial combination, I looked for the ones that were available with the electronic entry. Found one that was about the size I needed and then saw that the Fatboy was on sale for the same price. Bought the Fatboy only because of the sale since it was a lot bigger than I needed. I say this now, but they always say you don't get them big enough. I think I did just fine.

why do i need to do this?
written by Mike on November 9, 2012
Difficult to put in and remove rifles.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your review Mike. If you are having a difficult time installing your long guns on the Sportsman side (slotted rows configuration) and would like to switch it out for an EZ out rack (horseshoe style), call us here at Liberty (800) 247-5625 and we can put in an order for you.

Nice looking safe, poor quality interior
written by Jim in MN on October 18, 2012
I am currently in the market for a gun safe. I have decided on the Fatboy for several obvious reasons, size, exterior finish, made in the USA, interior lights, etc. I have been to 2 separate retailers to inspect and buy but once the door was opened I noticed the interior craftsmanship to seem subpar at best.
The first place opened the door and the fire seal on the top of the door fell off. Upon further inspection I saw the plastic cap installed for the door hinge on the top was not set in all the way. These caps are stapled in and this one was not in all the way when they stapled it. You could also see the wood for the shelves because the trim was not fit very well.
The second place I went to opened the door and the shelf trim wasn't the same material as the first place (different year?) and seemed to cover the shelf edge better, not perfect but better. As I looked up in the safe I noticed the plastic cap that holds the light was barely in place. I mentioned it to the sales person and they looked at it, hardly touched it and it fell down. The cap was not in place when it was stapled.
After reading the other reviews, it seems that this may be an issue that others have dealt with also.
I really like the looks of this safe and I am wondering if it pays to keep looking at different places for one that doesn't have any problems or start researching different brands.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Jim for your review. We have forwarded the key issues mentioned above to our final inspection and quality control division. We agree, more attention to the finish detail would go a long way to reducing these incidents and increase customer satisfaction. In most cases safes come through without issues, but on occasion we get this feedback. We're glad you brought it to our attention. We are also looking at a new process for installing LED lights to eliminate the falling issue. Thanks again.

Nice safe, but expected better quality.
written by Dan S. on October 12, 2012
This was the size of the safe I was looking for and in the right price range. I wish they had better quality control on inspecting the safes before they leave the factory. One of my door seals was falling off and had to be glued back on to stay in place. The door would not lock initially as the bottom door adjuster would not allow the bolts to extend all the way. Even after adjusting per the specifications in the book, it would not close. I had to manually take that adjuster off and bend it further to make the door close.

Overall, I would have expected better quality from Liberty.
Liberty's Response:
Our engineers are looking into the cause for the tight bottom corner pressure on the door adjuster of your safe. We are also forwarding your information regarding the Palusol door seal inspection to verify adhesion of the seal. This type of feedback is important to maintain our quality control during final assembly. Thanks for your review Dan. We appreciate it.

written by Bill on September 9, 2012
Pretty good safe except lock failed in only 2 months of ownership..locksmith had to drill rather large hole through door to get inside and unlock door for new lock replacement. Could not get into safe for several days until Liberty sent new lock and locksmith shows up.
Liberty's Response:

On occassion, locks may need service and in rare cases replaced. While most locks have a 1 year warranty, Liberty covers its locks for 5 years, which includes in home service to repair or replace the lock. 

Not what I expected...
written by T Boyd on August 1, 2012
The first safe that I purchased had many problems. After speaking with someone at Liberty, I was brought a new safe. I am satisfied with the amount of storage in this safe, but the locking mechanism sometimes grinds and is difficult to lock and unlock. I am happier with this safe, but not 100% happy. I expected much better quality from a Liberty Safe than what I got.
Liberty's Response:

We are currently working with this customer to send out a locksmith to adjust the mechanism and correct the issue.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.