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Liberty's imported PREMIUM LX FIRE HOME SAFES are the top selling home safes with higher security and fire protection along with contemporary styling to fit in any home or office environment. Engineered by Liberty, all Premium Home safes are built to Liberty's specifications--including 90 minutes of fire protection, thicker steel body, bigger bolts, UL Listing and other valuable amenities make these safes a great investment. SecuRam's UL Listed electronic lock allows for easy and quick access. These home security safes have a 180° door opening, making access to valuables easy.;

Lifetime Warranty

PRICE: Starting at $899
Payments starting as low as $20.45 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Premium Home Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 627 customers ratings and reviews

Replaced my old safe!
written by EZED on August 31, 2018
It will take time to get a more accurate rating, just got it, hope I never have to see if the test the fire rating is accurate. I wish it came with an over-ride for the electronic entry, like the more expensive ones do. This particular models requires me to install the shelves, but I can live with that.

Excellent Safe, Make in USA!!!
written by MoreSafeNow on August 15, 2018
Premium home safe was made in China, should be made in USA, they're already making the larger safes here. Would help reputation. Otherwise excellent safe, a little high $$ considering it's a smaller home safe, not a gun safe. Website was marketed as S&G lock, but the safe arrived with a SecureRam lock. Kudos to Customer Service, they offered to send a locksmith to switch out considering the incorrect advertising.

Satisfied so far
written by Little Jay on August 7, 2018
Hadn't had it long enough for a honest review

written by rick on August 7, 2018
way too many questions for a warranty,, and I was told this safe was made in the USA but theres two made in china stickers on it

Good so far
written by Safe Monster on July 3, 2018
I like the safe a lot so far. Only design flaw is buttons are too difficult to push.

It meets my needs
written by eelstrebor on June 8, 2018
It meets my needs but I'm disappointed that it was made in China and for having to wait so long (14 weeks) to have it delivered.

written by JEE on May 8, 2018

Premium Home 08 Series Safes
written by SM on March 25, 2018
We purchased the Premium Home 08 series as a night stand. When purchasing the safe we were nervous because this series is manufactured outside of the USA. The only issue was a small paint chip on the front that appeared to be caused by someone closing the door while the bolts were extended. Although this was disappointing, we were excited to see the quality and styling compared to my Lincoln safe. I am hoping Liberty safe supplies me touch paint to correct this issue.

written by BMR on March 14, 2018
So far, we are very happy with the safe. But, the warranty questionnaire is irritating.

Just Got It!
written by Rambling on February 16, 2018
Very pleased with the experience of shopping for my safe, suggestions, helpful ideas, answers to my questions, etc.

Ask me again in a year and i can tell you from experience.

One thing you might consider is offering a Veteran or Active duty discount to military and Vets. Many own guns because they are comfortable around them.

written by Larry on January 1, 2018

Premium Home 17
written by Stephen on December 18, 2017
Nice safe, easy to use key pad and adjustable shelves. Wish this line of safe came in white and was just a little bit wider. Biggest HOME safe they sell.

New Safe Owner
written by Bob R on December 18, 2017
Product look good, finish is great, size is perfect for our needs. Easy to order, have installed, and also easy to operate.

Second Liberty Safe
written by William Penn on November 9, 2017
Safe is fine, though I was surprised to see the "Made in China" label on the door. You ought to be building them in the USA.

written by SSW on September 19, 2017

Liberty 12 Premium Safe
written by Ace Gearhardt on September 19, 2017
Very well made and high temperature threshold. Safe tracking system and a warning mechanism (like call your cell phone) if the safe is tipped, or if the temperature elevates above a certain level would be a nice improvement. The Dungarees store in St. Charles, MO does a nice job with your safes.

written by Rojas Family safe on September 18, 2017
I cant open the safe after one month there is something wrong with the battery system

LX12 Home Safe
written by Scott on September 3, 2017
Definitely recommend this product for first time safe buyers. Safe was easy to setup and space was more than I anticipated from the smaller showroom model. Retailer talked me up a size and was a great suggestion as we will have more room to grow into this safe over time. Only issue during installation was shelves were not fully trimmed out along the front edge but is a detail I can overlook given the great condition of the interior/exterior. I evaluated several safe brands and glad I landed with a liberty safe based on family suggestion. Great safe for the price and highly recommend.

Good safe
written by safePal on August 15, 2017
The safe is very nicely built and looks great. Would have given 5 stars if it is made in USA.

First time safe owner.
written by CPT Jack on August 1, 2017
Too early to make an informed review.

Great Home Safe
written by Bob and Sal on July 31, 2017
With this Liberty Premium Home Safe, we feel our documents and firearms are protected.

Good Safe
written by Ms. Wilson on July 25, 2017
Liberty Safe has good reputation and is affordable. Wanted a safe made in the USA but this was made In China. That's my only disappointment.

Very Good Safe for the price
written by None on June 18, 2017
The safe seems to very well made, and is a good value for the price.

Premium 17 Safe
written by M25-LibertySafe on May 18, 2017
I just purchased and installed the premium 17 safe from Liberty Safes. From the initial look on construction, it seems well made and things fit well together. The only reason I have not given it 5 stars is because I haven't gotten any use on the safe (keypad, handle, etc) over time. A long time of use will determine how well the safe holds up.

Good quality
written by Lively Sam on May 10, 2017
Adequate safe for fire protection. Simple to use. No obtrusive center permanent divider. Irritating door squeak. Will await arrival of Houdini lubricant to solve issue.

Great product
written by Ron K on May 9, 2017
I would certainly recommend this product to others for business and home.

Liberty home safe 12
written by New Premium Home Safe 12 owner on May 4, 2017
Just bought this safe so far so good. I like that it has a false bottom and adjustable shelves. Dealer also gave me 2 of the LED lights for free and it really does well in the safe it seems. No issues with the safe so far like the 90 minute fire rating wish it was made in America but I knew before I bought it the safe was not so I will not complain about it. If you are looking for a nice safe this one is worth considering.

written by Mr Whitman on April 24, 2017

Not American
written by American on April 5, 2017
So far I like the safe. Heavy. seams very strong. Would have been much happier if it was made in America.

written by Bunnara on March 8, 2017

written by M on February 14, 2017

written by jw on November 5, 2016

written by OO on October 19, 2016

Liberty Home Safe
written by H. Smith on October 1, 2016
The Liberty Home Safe has met my expectations. It will provide excellent security and safety for my handguns, ammo, important documents, etc. My wife and I are very satisfied with our purchase.

Nice safe for home use
written by John M on September 12, 2016
Very nice safe and good size. I wish this one was made in the USA, but the price was good for this safe and other shortcomings would just raise the price into another level. Would buy this again and feel much better with my valuables. Buy bigger than you think you need. This is full, but the place I needed to have it had size limitations.
Liberty's Response:
Our home safes are imports but all our gun safes are made in the USA.

written by Ken on September 2, 2016

written by CINDY on August 10, 2016

written by Alishchao on July 30, 2016

Great home safe, still needs lighting.
written by Chuck J on May 31, 2016
Love the new Home Premium 12 safe. Love the pockets in the door as well. I have a Liberty Lincoln safe also, and i miss the lighting that came with it in the new safe.

Good safe
written by Gary L on May 21, 2016
Good safe however the battery is loose and requires me to hold the battery compartment while the code is being put in on the electronic safe.

written by RLC on May 10, 2016

My Talton's Safe Review
written by Luis on April 19, 2016
Liked the flexibility of the safe with the door pocket organizers. I wished there were more color options available.

Brand New Safe
written by Mike on April 4, 2016
Just took delivery of out new RX-05 this morning and so far so good. I would need more time with the product to give it a 5 star rating - check back in a year.

Excellent small safe
written by Grouseman on February 25, 2016
This safe is perfect for keeping small handguns,jewelry,important papers,cameras,coins,and any other small items.Accessory door panel is really nice feature on this safe.It gives you a nice place to keep important papers.Small guns,paper money,etc. fit nicely on door.Fire protection rating is excellent. Would buy again.

Premium Home Safe 12
written by DK on February 16, 2016

Good safe
written by Bluedawg on January 9, 2016
I've only had the safe for a few days, but so far, I'm liking it,

Premium Home Safe
written by None on November 17, 2015

written by Ryan U on September 25, 2015

Premium Home 12 Safe
written by Mark on June 14, 2015

Premium Home Safe
written by MariAnn on June 1, 2015
I like the appearance and the fire rating for this safe. I would recommend this safe to anyone wanting a small personal safe.

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