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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With it's 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 18 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4370 customers ratings and reviews

Quality Safes at Affordable Prices
written by Lover of Liberty on December 12, 2017
This is the second Liberty Lincoln Series safe that I've purchased over the last many years. The first one was pretty basic other than having a new-fangled electronic lock (that's how long ago it was). It performed as intended and held far more guns than its design capacity. After my wife opened the safe and one of my old military rifles fell out and the front sight bruised her foot, she said that I needed another safe. I looked at various other manufacturers' offerings, but decided to stay with what had worked for me for years. At the next local gun show, I spoke with the same folks from whom I'd purchased my first one and secured a second one. They delivered it right to the spot in the house that I'd decided on, set it up, went over all of the instructions, and carried away all of the packaging. No heavy lifting or hassle for me. Great folks! And great safes!

Great product, great experience!
written by Jerry and Deneen Martin on December 12, 2017
We had a little previous looking and browsing, but when we went to Liberty Safes in Hubbard, we met Lane, who led us through all of our question and provided answers to all of our questions. It was also helpful to go to the outlet store because all of the models are there to see in one place. Elsewhere, there were only a few to choose from. This was painless ans easy, and would recommend it to anyone wanting more protection of their valuables.
Also, the delivery was great, and Kirk did a great job handling any questions and walking through the lock/unlock procedures.

Thank youi SO much for an excellent and painless experience!

Outstanding fit/finish, reputation for quality, and a solid prod
written by JS on December 11, 2017
After careful consideration, ultimately decided to purchase the Lincoln 25. This safe fit our needs nicely and from the moment we saw it on the showroom floor, knew that this color combination and finish would be a beautiful addition to our home.

My father owned a Washington-40 (1100 pounds!) many years ago, in the same color scheme. Of course, as we get older we tend to become our parents in many I ended up choosing a safe that looked very similar. Essentially becoming a piece of furniture when placed as a center piece in the room, it has to be beautiful....and Liberty Lincoln delivers. Not only truly functional, it is spectacular to look at! Guests and family all comment about the depth and richness of the finish (burgundy gloss), I have to say it really is a great finish!

Interior is sizable, you can cram a lot into this safe. The built in LED lighting provides ample light, and I appreciate the flexibility to move the control box to its final location after loading it (it comes unattached upon shipment so you can put it wherever you need to!). Bolt-down holes are hidden beneath the floor, and the pull tabs are a nice addition to get those floor boards up easily. Internal hinges make the exterior cleaner and less obtrusive, and the five spoke handle is really well balanced to the size of the container. Only thing I would improve upon is the flexibility in the interior--but this can absolutely be personally modified later on. Adding a few extra shelf support tracks to go a little more vertical would allow more shelving to be utilized, especially if you have a larger long-gun collection. The premium door organizer is a very nice touch as well--it is plenty big enough to hold whatever small arms, magazines, cutlery, cash, documents, checkbooks, etc, that you might need to have quick access to.

I very much liked the Military rebate that is also available for other public servants--this kind of generosity does not go un-noticed, and is truly appreciated! Thank you, Liberty, for providing this nice touch!

Our only hiccup (pending resolution) at this point has been the S&G lock--sometimes it has a mind of its own. I haven't had a chance to contact the company directly yet due to a demanding work schedule, but hope to do that in the near future. Will update this review if possible after we get it squared away--If I've learned anything about Liberty over the last twenty five years we've had one in our home, it's that they back their product. No doubt this will be an easy fix.

If you're on the fence--do it! We looked at several other brands, online and in-store in multiple venues, and Liberty out-shined every single competitor--every single time. Beautiful, functional, highly rated, best fire protection, and a good price point for a solid product. Get the Lincoln--you'll be glad you did!

Lincoln Series
written by Big Daddy TKD on December 11, 2017
Excellent quality and appearance. Functionality is superb.

Nice Firesafe
written by KP on December 11, 2017
Perfect firesafe to store documents and other items. I bought this safe mainly for the 90 min. fire rating.

written by MJW on December 10, 2017
Liberty it speaks for its self. Thank you.

Former Employee of Liberty Safe Company
written by Former Employee on December 9, 2017
Having worked as a Liberty Safe Employee while in college, I have know for years the quality and engineering that goes into Liberty Safes. Over the years, they have continued to improve on features now offered in their safes. When my Lincoln 35 arrived, it did not disappoint. Arrived with the quality I would expect from Liberty. I just wish I had room in the house to display such a beautiful piece of furniture. I almost feel bad that it had to be put in an out of the way place. It should be on display. Thank you Liberty Safe.

Lifetime Liberty Owner
written by EB Redfish on December 9, 2017
I've only owned Liberty safes, and with my most recent purchase of a Lincoln 50 I suspect I will own it until the day I die. Give me Liberty or give me death!
Love you guys!

written by ShanaB on December 8, 2017

written by big sexy on December 7, 2017

After 55 years I finally bought a safe and it was a Liberty
written by Viet Vet on December 7, 2017
Great solid construction, the inside is designed in such a manner that is completely versatile and will fit any configuration you need. Oh yeah, did I mention that to the human eye this safe is beautiful, even my wife likes it.

Another proud reason to buy made in AMERICA

Untoppable Birthday Gift
written by Wifed on December 6, 2017
I bought this safe for my husband as a birthday gift. It totally surprised him and he told me I got the ultimate gift, that he would never have bought it for himself and it's the only thing he truly needed. The interior light system, dehumidifying rod, and cool pockets mounted into the door were all things he was impressed with. Overall, I will never top this gift.

Lincoln 35, One Excellent Safe!
written by PePe Le NonPew on December 6, 2017
Been looking at Liberty Safes for a few years now. From the Youtube videos and their general excellent reputations I knew a Liberty safe was to be in my future. Finally after having a few too many guns laying around the house the wife finally agreed to pull the trigger on one. I called and had a Lincoln 35 installed in the garage the next day! I got the safe cover because with the garage door open the safe just screams, "Here I am!". For what it's worth, it is a good looking beast but more importantly I know my valuables are secure. Until I got the safe I was renting two 10 x 10 safety deposit boxes -- what with bankers hours they were sometimes a pain to get to. I figure that after owning the safe for ten years that it will have paid for itself. Yes Liberty safes are not cheap but once you are standing in front of your very own with your valuables fully protected, you will forget the cost and know that you have made a great once in a lifetime purchase. Highly Recommended.

Terrific Safe
written by TLM on December 5, 2017
My buying experience and safe installation was superb.
This is the most quality safe I could find with a warranty that is out of this world.

Peace of Mind and a Great Investment!
written by TG RabidBeaver on December 5, 2017
This is the 3rd safe I've purchased, and I must say I've learned a lot since my first purchase. My first safe purchase (not a Liberty Safe) could simply be described as, "Hey look at this great deal on a fire rated safe!" Little did I know & understand, that more often than not, you get what you pay for. That safe had handle issues, which caused the bolts to not throw properly every time the safe was locked. The manufacturer also used particle board (not cabinet grade plywood), with a cheap fabric, over all of their shelves. Which ultimately collapsed under the weight of about 2,000 rounds of 9mm.

My second safe purchase was slightly more informed, in that I bought one from my local firearms shop....again, when it was on sale. The shop I purchased from is notorious in our area for providing poor customer service and being snobs about who buys from them. In other words, if you're not in their shop, spending several thousands of dollars, the service you get is very poor. So I had to do my own research and found what I thought was the right safe for us. And to the credit of that manufacturer, the fit and finish inside that particular safe was pretty good. That safe survived a flood and 3 moves, with very little damage or cause for concern. In short it did it's job. However, had I been directed by a sales person at that time, I probably would have bought a larger safe.

Which brings me to our Liberty Safe. For a few years now, I've seen these safes advertised on my favorite radio & TV shows. I've also seen them on display at several gun shows in the area and always admired the features and appearance of the safes. You can tell that each safe is handcrafted in the USA and that the attention to detail is a primary concern for Liberty. Perhaps the best part of this purchase, was the information and attention I received from the local distributor. Their knowledge of their product line and their ability to point out details that I had often overlooked, made me feel confident in my purchase this time. The primary lesson I had learned was, "figure out how much you can afford, and then buy the biggest safe you can get." Second to that, "find the safe that has all the features you want, and buy the biggest version of that safe." I will simply say this, I wish I had had this conversation prior to buying my 2nd would have saved me from spending money needlessly. To be blunt about it, you simply can not buy a big enough safe. You will FIND things to put into your safe. In fact, right now, I'm eye balling my safe and thinking, "Well, I've got two more pistol slots.....hmmmmmm." My wife has already yelled at me twice for suggesting that we need to fill all the vacant space in the safe!

Pros of the Liberty Safes:

1) Made in the USA. Probably the most important feature in my mind.
2) Lifetime Warranty (always great to have someone stand beside their product)
3) Fit & Finish of the safe itself. From the fabrics used to the substrate materials that the fabric is on, you can feel & see the difference in quality between Liberty and their competitors.
4) All the freebies that came along with the safe. From the door sleeves (which has a TON of pockets, mag pouches, pistol pouches, etc), to the jewelry drawer to the light kit and dehumidifier.....the extras on this purchase were AMAZINGLY AWESOME!
5) Ease of registering my product
6) Delivery and install of the product from my local distributor
7) EM shielded electronic lock (not to sound paranoid, but an EMP blast or UV burst from the sun could wipe out electronics with little to no having this peace of mind is a great plus).

Cons of the Liberty Safes:

1) Price is probably going to be the biggest obstacle for most people. It's very hard to justify spending as much as we did on a safe, when there are other products on the market that will do about 95-99% of what a Liberty safe will do, but for a fraction of the cost. (Refer back to Pros though, not all safe companies are made equally)
2) All the "freebies" that are included, are probably part of the reason these safes are as expensive as they are. A lot of other safe companies don't include a dehumidifier, a light kit, a door sleeve, a jewelry drawer and so on, with their products. Often times these "freebies," if purchased separately, could add up to between $400-600 in additional costs. I would have preferred to select my own freebies, but I'm very happy with the ones I received.
3) As with any safe, the size and weight is always a challenge....I only list this here, because when people buy a safe, they don't really take into account the logistics of installing and/or moving the safe down the road. I will simply say this, before you purchase, make sure you measure the space you want to install your safe twice. Make sure all door openings to that space are wide enough (typical clearances are 29.5"). Make sure there are no obstacles in your way and PLAN the move.


If you're looking to support a company that believes in "Made in the USA" and provides and long lasting, quality product.....look no further than Liberty Safes. You will not be disappointed with your purchase (at least until you outgrow that safe and have to buy another!).

Excellent High Quanlity Company
written by Ninerbod on December 5, 2017

No better safe than liberty!
written by Nathan Montgomery on December 5, 2017
I absolutely love my Lincoln liberty 25. Wish I could of had the 35 but wouldn't be able to have it upstairs where I wanted it. Lincoln series come with everything you would ever need. Outlet installed into the safe, amazing lighting and tons of room for storage and love the door panel that is included. The Lincoln series is the best bang for your buck and would recommend it to anyone.

written by Monty on December 5, 2017
I am very happy with the model I purchased and the staff that assists me in the purchase, as well as the team that delivered and installed it

Best safe
written by ROBERT E LEE Jr. on December 4, 2017
My Liberty Safe is very well built very compact but full of space an additional pockets and pouches on the door and the flexibility I have to adjust the configuration of the interior is an asset to this type of product.
I have recommended this type of safe two friends and family also I'm very happy with this purchase for the price I paid and now I feel secure that my belongings are never going to be stolen or damaged from fire and where I come from hurricanes.
If I had the space I would have purchased a larger safe but I would definitely consider buying another Liberty Safe.
I want to thank everyone who is an employee of Liberty Safe for building such a great product and keep up the good work cuz I know all of you are proud to be an American Building American Products.
God Bless America and keep your powder dry!

written by Happy Guy on December 3, 2017
I love my safe.

High quality American made product!
written by TxAggie06 on December 2, 2017
Very high quality safe. I feel that my belongings are protected.

Quality Product Quality Service!
written by Reid on December 2, 2017

Awesome Safe
written by BiggWill8 on December 2, 2017
Beautiful Safe with all options you will ever need. This is a lifetime purchase that I will enjoy and my daughter will be able to have forever.

written by HOLLOW CRITTER on December 1, 2017

written by 58saint on December 1, 2017

You get what you pay for
written by Kurt on December 1, 2017
This is a very high quality safe with a lot of features and can be configured to your needs. Highly recommended. Use their selection tool on their website to figure out what you need.

Peace of Mind
written by Jim C on November 30, 2017
Our Lincoln 25 safe is superb and exceeded our expectations. this safe is extremely well built and we feel that our valuables are well protected against fire and theft. Thanks you to each Liberty employee who had a hand in building it!

A quality very well made safe.
written by Pedro Orrego on November 30, 2017
Lincoln series from Liberty Safe is what I call a high end quality product. An extremely robust and strong safe with the good looks that makes you proud as owner. Real peace of mind when away from home knowing my valuables are well protected in my Lincoln safe , a real gem of engineering.

written by HIEU on November 29, 2017

A pleasant consumer experience
written by Mike From Cobb on November 29, 2017
After a devastating wildland fire in Northern California in which many homeowners lost everything including their safes and contents, I was appalled to find that my safe manufacturer Sportsman Steel Safe Co. would not honor my replacement warranty because all my records had been lost, in their safe. After extensive research through my credit card company,I was able to determine the date purchased and price as the safe co. could not do so. I was told their records only went back two years. My neighbor had lost his Liberty safe in the massive fire but had no problem receiving a replacement. Upon his decision to move out of country, I was offered an opportunity to purchase his new safe which I jumped on partly because I was in the market but also because of his excellent dealings with Liberty. I love the safe's layout and quality ease of operation. I have and will continue to recommend Liberty safes to all my friends. It is beautiful and my wife is pleased to have it in our new home.

written by Walter Walker, Jr on November 29, 2017
The safe is a welcome addition to my home as it provides a secure location to store valuable items my family has and wants to ensure are kept out of harms way.

Walter Walker, Jr

Feel safe and secure with our guns and valuables
written by John Coulter on November 29, 2017
We are extremely happy with the purchase of our Liberty Lincoln safe. Not only do we sleep easier at night, but we're less stressed when we're traveling as well. The safe looks great in the office too. We have several firearms we wanted to protect but we also have a lot of expensive camera gear and priceless family heirlooms that we always worried about. Having the peace of mind that we have them protected is very nice. The buying experience was great as well. I'm glad we took the time to drive to Enumclaw and see the NW Safe showroom with everything on display. We actually bought one of the floor models and the team was very professional in explaining what level of protection each model offered . They asked what we were going to store in the safe before suggesting which model they thought would be the best fit. We highly recommend buying a Liberty safe from NW Safe. The icing on the cake was the delivery and setup. Danny and Chad did an amazing job with bringing the safe into the house and placing it exactly where we wanted it, even measured the distance to make sure the safe was centered exactly. Rock star quality all around!

Thank You NW Safe in Enumclaw!

Money well spent on a high quality safe
written by Jon M. on November 28, 2017
I purchased the Liberty Lincoln to replace a cheaper entry level safe from one of those big box stores. What a difference!! Inside and out you can just feel the quality in all aspects of the safe. The number/variety of shelves that come with it allow for great customization to fit any need. The lights come pre-installed and are more necessary than I thought they would be now that it is in the darker corner of the room instead of the well lit beautiful showroom. It carried a higher price tag than the box store brand, but even my wife agrees it was a great purchase!

written by Jeff on November 27, 2017

liberty safe
written by andy on November 27, 2017
the safe is awesome . not only beautiful but its really built well . I love it

Amazing Safe and full of safety features
written by Worm on November 27, 2017
super impressed with the highest quality safe I have researched. I was drawn to the high safety ratings and the functionality of this safe. Cannot wait to utilize the safe for many years to come and to have the piece of mind that my valuables are secure.

Great unit
written by Russ on November 25, 2017
Made in USA, this is our second liberty safe they have been great. Love the new features added to the Lincoln series.

Almost Perfect
written by Richard Jacquot on November 24, 2017
The safe is well built and good looking. Nice finish and plenty of room for what I need. The only complaint is the cheap pressboard plywood used on the interior. I would give it a 5 star rating if it had a real wood interior.

Best available safe.
written by Dick Williams on November 24, 2017
I researched safes endlessly including several different retailers. Liberty Safes of West Sacramento was perhaps the best shopping experience I have ever experienced. I talked with different sales staff and their answers were consistently precise, straight forward and understandable. I am very happy with my purchase and would do it again exactly the same if need be. Dick Williams, Sacramento

Very nice safe!
written by JLT on November 24, 2017
This is my second safe from Liberty. Excellent safes. Needed a larger one and the Lincoln 50 was the one for me. I use mind more for coins and a few guns. It's also a nice looking safe which we get a lot of comments on. We would highly recommend Liberty safe for those looking for a nice, reliable safe.

written by Alex on November 24, 2017

Liberty the best
written by Wayne D on November 23, 2017
The best knowledge sales people at the store, I looked all kinds of safes and did my homework which I think everyone should do before buying like space to fit thru doors and closets, I was looking for a safe to store high end watches and jewelry not guns, the liberty had lights nice shelving, and high end paint work like a classic car finish so you can show off your safe when shown, I had the best installer which had to help me move a clothes dry cleaner to the garage before moving the safe in the laundry room, he had no problem with helping me and it took a extra 30 minutes of his time to help not much movers would have helped with moving it or installing it to the garage wall. There was not a scratch on the safe and he helped me with the setting my code and showing me all the qualities this safe has, I'm very pleased, if you live in Tennessee or Georgia go to Randy's Pawn Shop in Trenton Georgia

New Owner
written by Noname on November 23, 2017
Recently purchased, no issues at this time, time will tell, everything I expected so far, as recommended to me, purchase one size larger than the one you think you need.

awesome safe
written by Tim in Ohio on November 23, 2017
exactly as I expected, love the versatility of the 4 in 1 flex interior, and that it came with the dehumidifier and electrical outlets included, and the door storage system with the cool pockets, I had the lock changed to a combination and was surprised that they ask me what combination I wanted it set to.

written by Paul Revere on November 22, 2017

Reilly review
written by New Nevada resident on November 22, 2017
Very good product. All guns fit inside the safe. Very functional and provides safety and security for my weapons and important financial and legal documents.

Very pleased with my Liberty Safe
written by Lewis Smith on November 22, 2017
My Lincoln is like a nice piece of furniture. It fits in very well in my living room with my other furniture. The safe was in perfect condition when delivered, set-up was easy, and operation of the lock and door has been exceptional. All the accessories worked as expected. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

written by MSP on November 22, 2017
I took delivery of my Liberty Lincoln today, and though it may be the first day everything about this safe is awesome. Not a scratch on it, beautiful finish, heavy duty, super secure, looks like a piece of furniture and has plenty of room in it. If I needed another one I would buy this safe again today.

written by Guns and lake on November 22, 2017

written by LIKETORIDE on November 22, 2017

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