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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With it's 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4621 customers ratings and reviews

written by Jude Gerstner on April 19, 2018

I love it
written by Ernie on April 17, 2018
Great safe. Almost perfect. Would highly recommend. Made in the USA . Great quality. Fits all my needs

written by Richard on April 16, 2018

Liberty gun safe
written by Juls on April 14, 2018
Great safe great sevives excellent services and delivery

The whole package
written by George Anders on April 11, 2018
The purchase experience was exceptional. It was a one-stop, seamless activity. All the bases were covered very well..... promotion, product quality, performance, pricing/funding, packaging and delivery. This is a company that says what it will do and does what it says. Liberty leads by example!

written by Paul Anderson on April 11, 2018

Our Lincoln 25 Black Gloss
written by Princess Di on April 10, 2018
We have not had our Safe for very Long. But are satisfied so far. We put it in a Spare Bedroom and left it out instead of putting it in a closet! It was just too Pretty not to Display!!!! Diana

The Best Safe
written by S DeMarco on April 9, 2018
I recently relocated to Texas, and wanted to purchase a safe. My family owns a Liberty Safe, but I still did some research. After visiting Liberty Safe in Austin, the choice was easy. Christian was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and helped with the perfect safe for my needs. The safe is beautiful, made extremely well. The delivery men were awesome.. they maneuvered the safe through a small space, never touched a wall, and placed my safe exactly where I wanted it.

From purchase to delivery, I am completely satisfied. I would highly recommend Liberty Safe.. and if you reside in Central Texas, Liberty Safe of Austin.

written by Pat on April 8, 2018
The quality of liberty Lincoln safes are the finest in the industry and have the best warranty around. The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

Good safe
written by Southeastern gun owner on April 7, 2018
The interior quality is fantastic along with the adjustability inside. The plug is great so I can connect an electric dehumidifier which is necessary here in the southeast. Protection/burn time fire rating were the best on the market.
Worth the extra money.

written by Pitts321 on April 7, 2018

Frankfort Liberty Rating
written by Putnam 64 on April 5, 2018
Overall, we're happy with the quality. We were disappointed in the customer service at Mega Sports, very busy there and they are not accommodating to the customer. I called Blythe's in Indiana, and they did not have the color I wanted (Metallic Black) and said it would take 5-6 weeks to get it. I felt almost forced to go through Mega Sports, although I think their price was competitive based on the online research I did, so I was willing to look past the lack of customer service.
You might be well served to find an additional dealer in the south Chicago suburbs, that is assuming the local governments don't forcibly confiscate our guns in the meantime.

Delivery in Virginia.
written by Jim S. on April 5, 2018
I consider this safe to be an extension of who I am.
Strong and dependable.

A product that I'm positive will remain in my family for generations.

Great Safe
written by John ferns on April 5, 2018
Will recommend to my friends.

Excellent Experience
written by Tim on April 3, 2018
We found the dealer showroom and sales process to be very helpful and informative.
The installation team was punctual and professional.
Overall an excellent experience.

A sight for sore eyes....
written by Guy B on April 3, 2018
got the lincoln in antique glossy white...

i cant stop staring at it.

craftsmanship is clean, one self was broken at a weak point but thats getting taken care of...


was an easy decision

Liberty and NorthWest Safes is the absoutle best in the business
written by Travis Childers, Enumclaw WA. on April 2, 2018
I am so pleased that I bought a Liberty safe. I looked at several different brands for quite some time and finally chose the Liberty Lincoln. My first choice was the Liberty 40, however I soon realized it wasn't big enough. Yes, I am that guy and did the walk of shame back to the shop the very next day. They were so kind and understanding and didn't make me feel like a moron. I chose the 50 and the price didn't matter. I was looking for a safe to protect my investment against theft and fire. The Liberty provided that and much much more. It is absolutely beautiful and the interior is so functional. Better than I could have ever imagined. It is a piece of artwork in my living room. I would recommend a Liberty safe to everyone. The investment and piece of mind is well worth the dollars spent as well as this has become an instant family heirloom. Thumbs up, 5 big stars, high five and a Booyah to Liberty and NW Safes.

Liberty - It's Worth the Investment
written by Craig on April 1, 2018
As a responsible owner of several guns, I realized that I was not adequately preventing my long guns from possibly ending up in the hands of someone intending harm to others. While I had a small safe where I kept the pistols, documents and other small valuables, my long gun protection relied on hiding them away and using the little cable locks they came with. This didn't live up to my definition of responsibility so, it was time to fix that.

I'm careful with how I spend my hard earned money and try to become well informed about what I buy so I end up with a product that fits my needs and provides the best value for the cost. After spending a number of hours on the internet, I came away with several basic conclusions: all gun safes may look similar but, are not anywhere near equal in the level of protection they provide; the most critical features related to a safe's security and fire protection are not easily visible or well explained by many manufactures; with most gun safes you really will "get what you pay for"; and nothing can take the place of investing the time to visit an established gun safe retailer who sells several competing brands and who will provide the education needed to make a wise decision.

Although I live in a large metro area, the safe dealer with the best reviews required a 3 hour round trip drive. I ended up making two trips. The first was for the education and selection of the manufacturer and product line. The second was to ensure I choose the right size safe to protect my current and future firearms, important documents, valuables and computer hard drive backups.

At Northwest Safe Company in Enumclaw, WA, the salesperson started by asking me how I would be using the safe, he then took about a hour to educate me on all the important aspects of selecting a safe (e.g. steel gauge thickness, fire resistance ratings, differences in construction methods, number of bolts and the mechanics of properly reinforcing the bolt system, dial vs electronic locks, break-in protection, pry resistance, ball bearing drill plates). After that, I clearly felt like an informed buyer. They even had a safe that had survived a fire and one that had remained secured after a very aggressive break-in attempt (plus a box box store brand that didn't) so you could see for yourself.

Based on the value for the money, Liberty Safe was clearly the best choice. Considering my reasons for needing a safe and my price range, the Liberty Lincoln product line offered the perfect solution. The challenging part came down to selecting the model of the Lincoln based on the safe's internal capacity and external size. A careful assessment of what would go into the safe (both now and in the future) and evaluating the options for locating the safe in my home made the Lincoln LX-25 the perfect choice.

I'm completely pleased with my Liberty safe. It's a real win when the best product is American made and comes with a lifetime warranty that covers both fire and break-in damage.

Excellent Safe
written by HookEm83 on March 31, 2018
We love our Lincoln series safe. With the color choices it blended right in with room. Ample room for what we needed and adjustability of shelves makes Liberty the only choice. Hands down the best of the safes we looked at.

excellent product ./ the Lincoln
written by jhenley on March 31, 2018
very pleased with the product, It seems to hold the number of guns that are stated .. it is very beautiful .

written by Phil on March 31, 2018
I would really recommend this safe I love the color, the interior lights and everything else about the safe.

Love my Liberty Safe!!
written by Mike on March 31, 2018
So far I couldn't be happier with my new Lincoln Liberty Safe. So glad I made the choice to buy a Liberty!!

Liberty Lincoln 25 Safe
written by Jim J MOGAIT Custom's Redgate MD on March 28, 2018
Safe delivered today by Carl from Carolina Safes, Waldorf MD. Couldn't have asked for a better experience with the purchase, delivery, setup and quality of the safe. Exactly what I was looking for!

Beautiful piece of furniture
written by Patches on March 26, 2018
I smile when I walk by my new Lincoln safe. It represents a well made piece of very practical furniture, and makes me feel much safer about the location of our valuables. My only wish is that I had purchased a larger model- this one is full already!

I purchased a Liberty Safe and dam glad
written by David Brown DeShay Delray Beach, FL on March 26, 2018
I was no expert on guns or safes to secure them. Looked around at a few and listened to those that appear better versed. I may have called a local dealer and subsequently they received the safe I bought. They carried other brands; however, this one stood out by far. It is a Lincoln and finished beautifully in a maroon/burgundy high gloss. Complete with lighting, dehumidifier, beautiful shelving and it would stick out in any home. That's why I tucked it away and keep it covered from the public. I am newer to the sport of guns; however, I have high quality items and believe me, I have them in a very high quality safe with adequate fire protection. Frankly, I have my safe pretty full and if I purchase another safe, I will get a Liberty. By the way, I called about two issues and the support could not have been friendlier and more helpful.

Lastly, I swear I am not a relative! In these days of deminished quality for goods and services, I remain impressed and you will be too.

The best customer service
written by Ed on March 24, 2018
Liberty Safes of West Sacramento have some of the best customer service I have encounter in a long time. They answered every questions I asked and when I had more I stopped by the store and asked more. Just Awesome people.

High Quality Safe Inside and Out
written by Mike on March 23, 2018
I purchased a Lincoln 25 safe and the quality inside and out is perfect. The fit and finish of the body of the safe, as well as the interior and shelving is very nice. The door panel storage, jewelry drawer and the interior lighting are functional and add to the utility of the safe. I expect the I paid a little more than I would have for some of the other brands that are sold at Costco and the big box retailers, but after examining both, I think any extra cost was worth it. I particularly liked the fact that it was made in the USA. Knowing that the company provides jobs for Americans, and it was made by Americans, makes any extra cost worth it to me. I feel more confident that the materials and workmanship meet the stated standards than if it was manufactured outside the USA.

Love New Safe
written by NewLibertyOwner on March 19, 2018
I haven't had a chance to fully explore all options available on my safe, but my husband and I love It! I like the fact that it is lit upon opening. Lot of space so should not outgrow it once it is fully loaded with personal items.

Liberty Safe
written by Queenreggie on March 19, 2018
Quality product at a great price. Great service from the retail store and the installation.

Love it
written by 3pete on March 19, 2018
Can leave my house knowing my stuff is secure.

written by krijarex on March 18, 2018

Great looking safe
written by Chris on March 17, 2018
This safe is awesome! I put all my firearms, ammo, and accessories in it and still have plenty of room. This includes the factory pistol cases. Now I just have to but more stuff to fill it up.

Review 2018
written by Oakie on March 17, 2018
Noticed no insulation at hinge points, how will that affect fire rating?

written by Customer on March 16, 2018

Nothing Safer!
written by RamseyRifleman on March 15, 2018
Would buy a hundred more of these safes. Quality top notch. Fuctionality superb. Beautiful exterior. Top of the line interior. Couldn't ask for anything safer!!!!

the best safe made in the USA.
written by KP on March 13, 2018
the best of all safe.

Happy New Liberty Safe Owner
written by Safe Reviews on March 12, 2018
The delivery and quality of my new Lincoln 35 Liberty safe is excellent. I would highly recommend a Liberty for a new safe purchase.

Serious security
written by Gary on March 12, 2018
I'll be using this safe for storage of firearms, cameras, and backup computer drives, so both security and fire protection are important. The Lincoln offered (to me) the best balance between protection and cost. Safes of similar size can be purchased at Costco or Academy at 1/3 the price or less, but don't offer the security I wanted (fewer locking bolts, thinner steel, less insulation). If you can afford to do so, pay the money and get a quality USA-made product.

Word of advice: Buy your safe from a local dealer, NEVER off the internet. I'm still out $3,300 after being ripped off by an internet dealer. This time, I bought local and could not be happier.

Awesome safe!
written by Zozo on March 10, 2018
Great safe. High quality. Buying a Liberty Safe is a no-brainer.

Best Safe on the Market
written by Gary on March 10, 2018
Love this safe! I have two of them and they make me feel assured that what I have in them is safe and secure.

written by Gregory Brick on March 10, 2018

Great safe
written by Corey D on March 10, 2018
As advertised. This safe is beautiful inside and out. Best safe of all my friends, highly recommended

Pleased and secure
written by Dan on March 9, 2018
I looked at Liberty Safes on a recommendation of several of my friends. Talking to all I know that own a Liberty Safe none had a negative comment. Looking at them myself I quickly could see why everyone was so satisfied. I don't own a large gun collection but I wanted to be sure the guns that I had would be secure and out of reach of my grandson. My new Lincoln series safe offers not only security for all of my firearms but with plenty of room left over to secure other valuables like jewelry and coins. The appearance of the safe allows it to be placed in virtually any room where it fits and only enhance the decor. The operation of the safe is very simple and smooth, even with the weight of the door anyone could operate it easily. The included interior lighting of the Lincoln safe is an excellent addition that adds another touch of elegance and functionality. The deluxe door panel adds more storage and document protection. The overall quality and appearance backed by a lifetime warranty and made here in the United States would definitely lead me to recommend Liberty to anyone looking for a good looking, fully functional, fire rated, secure safe at a reasonable price.

I can rest now that I have the best
written by the jury is still out on March 9, 2018
too early for review

The Lincoln continues to provide WoW results
written by Brandon on March 9, 2018
Lincoln 40: The safe arrived and looks amazing, but ultimately will provide the safety and security needed to protect against future risk of building/home fires. The shelving has already been organized and we were able to stock every possible space. Our assets are well protected and we are glad to go with American Made. Thank you Liberty for providing great customer service and products to our family.

Exceptional Build Quality
written by Lincoln 40 Owner on March 9, 2018
Immeasurably above and beyond other competitors! The build quality is superb. The welds on the rear of the safe are tremendous. The sales staff was helpful and knowledgeable and helped me find every deal on every safe while comparing the use I would get from them. I highly recommend shopping at Liberty for your safe!

Lincoln LX50
written by Bart R on March 7, 2018
Started out looking at the Lincoln LX35. Researched all the models for a couple months. When we were ready to buy, turned out the LX50 was on sale, only a couple hundred more that the 35. Definitely glad I got the 50 instead. Shouldn't have to worry about out growing it. I'm very impressed with the build quality. Lots of options for adjusting the shelving. The clearview lights work well. Lots of options with the door panel. Nice that it came with a dehumidifier so I didn't have to buy it separate. Money well spent. Would definitely recommend this safe to anyone. Now to fill it up

best safe on the market!
written by Griff on March 7, 2018
From buying at the Fin feather Fur to the delivery and set up was great. Liberty safe looked and operated as expected

This is the first for us
written by CK on March 6, 2018
We love our safe and the service that was provided by Smart Safes of Noth Augusta SC. The sales staff was very knowledgeable and the delivery team was very helpful in the setup. Both sales and delivery answered any questions my wife and I had. We look forward to doing business with them in the future!

written by jv on March 5, 2018

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