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Customer Star Rating
Presidential 25
written by John Adam
February 16, 2015
Top of the line safe made in the USA. If feel safe leaving my home with irreplaceable items inside my Liberty Presidential safe.
Customer Star Rating
Truly an example of American Exceptionalism
written by Gene
February 13, 2015
I researched many safe makers and their products, and they all fell short in the final analysis. Made in America!
Customer Star Rating
A family heirloom for sure.
written by ravi
February 9, 2015
This is like one of those old time things your grandaddy may have bought and kept his entire life and then passed on....I feel the same about this safe. Good safe with excellent finish and quality. There aren't too many things in this world today that you can say will last a lifetime....and still keep going after you are gone.
Customer Star Rating
Oustanding product - Outstanding Company
written by Joe Wilson
February 8, 2015
I researched safes for more than a year before making a purchase and Liberty Safe Company stood out strong among the competition. The warranty is one of the finest in the industry and the construction of their product is outstanding! Thank you Liberty Safes for providing peace of mind!!
Customer Star Rating
written by HAPPY (SO FAR)
February 5, 2015
Customer Star Rating
Best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.
written by The Patriot
January 28, 2015
Just buy the safe. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Customer Star Rating
Peace of mind.
written by Ken S.
January 23, 2015
After studying and research the choice was Liberty. The Presidential is the best fit for us considering our location. The sales persons experience confirmed the internet data and the safe sold itself.
Customer Star Rating
Presidential 50
written by BOBO
January 22, 2015
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
New owner
written by Midwest
January 11, 2015
I feel it is the best quality safe on the market. And I love the made in the USA tag on it.
Customer Star Rating
Excellent and well built USA
written by Michael H.
January 10, 2015
Top pick safes. Would recommend to anyone.
Customer Star Rating
written by BIGFOOT
December 26, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by dsnyder
December 21, 2014
Excellent safe! I would reccomend this safe to anyone!
Customer Star Rating
Very High Quality Safe
written by Jeff R.
December 14, 2014
The safe is everything advertised and much higher quality than most I looked at. Including the lights and dehumidifier is a nice plus. The flexibility of the storage system is the best of any safe I have seen.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Presidential Safe Review
written by Satisfied Customer
December 13, 2014
My safe is glossy black with gold trim and it is solid as can be. Plenty of shelves, drawers and pouches to store anything you could imagine. Highly recommended.
Customer Star Rating
Presidential 40
written by TJ
December 9, 2014
I purchased my first Presidential "40" Liberty safe from NW Safe Company, Inc. while we were living in Post Falls, ID. I believe it was at a gun show display. I still own that safe, and it has been superb over all those years.

I simply wanted a newer version of the same safe. I especially wanted an improved fire rating. My new Presidential "40" Liberty Safe has improved lighting and electrical connections, neither of which, my first safe had. Those options were not available back then.

This new safe is absolutely beautiful inside and outside along with an improved electric lock.

I would highly recommend any Liberty Safe over any of the other brands on the market. Oh, I failed to mention that I also bought this new safe from my "old" friends at NW Safe Company, Inc. in Enumclaw, Wa. GREAT people to work with!
Customer Star Rating
Great safe
written by Mama
December 3, 2014
Great safe; it's a monster! No one could walk away with this one!!! Shelving can be customized and lining is soft.
Customer Star Rating
Presidential 50
written by Kelsey
November 26, 2014
5 star safe
Customer Star Rating
Ultimate Safe
written by Gabby
November 26, 2014
After a two-year exhaustive search for the ultimate home safe, I finally settled on the Liberty Presidential 50 for several reasons. Size, capacity, interior flexibility and accessories were important but the 2.5 hour fire rating, lock mechanism and sheer beefiness of this safe were the ultimate selling points. It also helped that a family member has had a Presidential 50 for years and swears by it. Then I visited a rather wealthy friend and discovered a row of five huge Libertys in his garage. More credibility. I would have loved to know what was inside all those safes but I digress. is a phenomenal resource for engineers and cerebral types like me who need to digest all the numbers before buying anything. The ability to load an online shopping cart at retail gives another great metric for seeing how much one of these babies could set you back. If you can buy through a local dealer it will likely save some big bucks as was my case. The time from placing the order with the dealer to the time the safe was delivered to the dealer was quile lengthy so if you go this route please be patient. I got really lucky with delivery from the dealer as the usual local moving company backed out at the notion of moving this 1500+ pound beast and I was referred to a new safe and vault mover in the Atlanta, GA area (Southside Safe & Vault Movers The delivery process was performed safely, smoothly and very professionally. The interior flexibility of this unit has proved very beneficial. The shelving is very versatile and stout. The LED lighting package is awesome and the overall quality completely justifies the price. My advice: buy the biggest one you can afford and that will fit in your location. You won't regret this purchase.
Customer Star Rating
written by TOMAHAWK USA
November 17, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Love it so far!
written by Mark J.
November 16, 2014
I've only had it for a few weeks but so far it seems to be everything I wanted it to be.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes - Presidential Series - Model 50
written by Jerry
November 13, 2014
I just took delivery of my second Liberty Presidential (50) Safe. New version has LED interior lighting - better lighting than before. Interior adjustments easily made, and capacity of this safe is amazing. Delivery and setup by the Platinum Dealer was fast and professional. If you need a high capacity safe with the industry's best ratings for security and fire protection, this is the only way to go.
Customer Star Rating
Even the Spouse likes it....
written by Lake City Kid
November 6, 2014
My Presidential safe arrived as ordered with not dents or dings to be seen or found. My Wife and I are very particular about 'fit and finish' and we are both impressed with the safe's 'fit and finish' Outside paint is evenly applied with no drips and the decals are straight and properly applied. The interior is also an excellent example of good 'fit and finish' with no loose threads to be seen. The interior lining was nicely applied with no bubbles or lines to be seen. The jewelry box is a nice touch and brought a smile from my Wife.

First impressions are important and our new Presidential has made an excellent first and I believe lasting impression.
Customer Star Rating
written by RJ
November 5, 2014
Excellent quailty, unbeatable warranty and great value. Based upon other peoples experiences, I bought this safe. Hope I never need it, but I feel better owning it.
Customer Star Rating
Family recommendation!
written by Pearl07
November 2, 2014
My Liberty safe provides security and protection for my valuables. The fire rating is the best possible in this price range. The number of bolts and weight provide an added sense of security. If my oldest son bought one and recommended that I purchase a Liberty safe also, there is no better recommendation! He researches every item thoroughly prior to purchase and Liberty Presidential received his highest praise! Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend!!!
Customer Star Rating
written by KRA
October 25, 2014
I checked several competitors safes out. Liberty was hands down the best value for protecting my firearms and valuables. I live 30 miles from any law enforcement and peace of mind is worth the cost. Ken A
Customer Star Rating
Presidential 40
written by Pam
October 21, 2014
We looked at several safes before we purchased ours.
The ease of using it as a consumer is Great. The inside of the safe is far above the other safes that we compared it to.
I would highly recommend this safe to anyone.
Customer Star Rating
written by Jason Crow
October 20, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Our little Liberty
written by uncle popum
October 14, 2014
We are very pleased with our safe and thank you for making a very good product.
Customer Star Rating
written by Thomas M
October 12, 2014
Simply the BEST
Customer Star Rating
Excellent product for Non gun owners
written by Somerset
October 9, 2014
Made in the USA, excellent features, a little pricy, but well worth it. I bought this safe for keeping valuable documents, and this is perfect. I would highly recommend you do extensive comparitive shopping ,once you have done your home work you will come to the same conclusion I did. Buy a Liberty safe!
Customer Star Rating
Three times is a charm.
written by Proud to be an American.
October 7, 2014
This is the third safe we have purchased over the years and by far and away is the best in every way. When you one of these babies in the house and start loading it up, you know you have a first class piece of equipment on your hands. To be an owner of one of these safes make you feel proud to be an American. Good job liberty, good job.
Customer Star Rating
My Safe-est Choice
written by The Presidential of our family!
October 4, 2014
We have been looking for a safe for the home with a reasonable fire protection rating and finally made the plunge with a Presidential PX33. I hope it never has to be put to the test but the quality & craftsmanship is superb and we will be able to pass this down to our children and then their children, via the warranty they offer.
Customer Star Rating
Great safe
written by Dog Crazy
October 4, 2014
This safe is well built and secures your assets from fire/theft. The ability to move the shelving system around gives plenty of flexibility.
Customer Star Rating
written by Proud Owner
September 28, 2014
Customer Star Rating
2nd Liberty Safe
written by Chris
September 26, 2014
This is my 2nd Liberty safe. My first one I bought in 1996 is still going strong so when I needed more space their wasn't much to think about, it would be another Liberty. So far it's been just as good as my old one and I don't see why it wouldn't last a lifetime.
Customer Star Rating
satisfied customer
written by safety 1st
September 19, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Jerry S.
September 15, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Pres 40
written by Brian
September 3, 2014
5 star
Customer Star Rating
Rock solid
written by CP
September 3, 2014
I recently purchased a Presidential PX 40 safe and it is as advertised, rock solid and secure. It's pretty awesome.

Only challenge is the number of rifles that actually fit. I'm getting about half what was advertised ... Of course, YMMV. Wish there was some way to "test load" the safe
Customer Star Rating
My Wife's new jewelry box
written by Wendell Carter
September 1, 2014
My wife and I were victims of a home invasion during a vacation. The call came on a Monday and trip 900 miles away was reined with worry of the impacts. Upon our return we found missing heirloom jewelry that would be irreplaceable, important financial and personal documents missing including passports, bonds and diplomas taken from a small fire box.

The items have never been recovered. We were fortunate in that damage was minimal and the thieves took a smash and grab approach missing more expensive jewelry and guns. My wife and I quickly evaluated that a safe was necessary. We visited Blythe's showroom where we were quickly educated on safes value for fire and theft protection. We bought the Liberty and my wife uses it everyday. The door handle and electronic lock make for easy access. The beveled corners make for a smoother more furniture appearance and the black chrome makes for a blended color scheme that does not scream "safe". The interior makes for a good back drop and interior lighting is superior. We have the peace of mind to know our valuables are now safely stored in our safe forever more.
Customer Star Rating
Fantastic safe, fantastic buying experience
written by Mike
August 29, 2014
Wonderful doing business with Liberty Safe of Richmond. Great selection, price and expertise.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes Should Be Your First Choice
written by Happy In USA
August 22, 2014
I spent several days looking at the safes carried by both a local gun store and a national sportsman's chain store. I researched on the internet the most secure configuration in a gun safe. I found the Liberty website was the best place to build a safe within the parameters I required for my personal choice in a safe. I was pleased with the options afforded by Liberty and the final product exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone interested in protecting their guns, jewelry and other valuables. Liberty, in my option, outshines any other product available.
Customer Star Rating
It is awesome!
written by PJ
August 19, 2014
It is a great product. I am very happy with my purchase.
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Product
written by Albert D J.
July 31, 2014
This is my second Liberty Safe. I wouldn't purchase anything else after everything I had in it, guns, jewelry, important papers were all saved in a house fire we had in February, 2014. The safe looks pretty rough now, but the lock still works. My son wants to clean it up and use it. Very happy with Liberty Safe.

Albert D J.
Customer Star Rating
Les Smith
written by Dubber
July 22, 2014
I like the way it looks. I like that it is easy to work. I like that it make me feel like my valuables are safe & secure. I don't worry about them.
Customer Star Rating
Invaluable for Your Valuables
written by Barak Obama
July 21, 2014
Presidential safes provide quality, protection, convenience and peace of mind.
Customer Star Rating
excellent top quality
written by gladwemadepurchace
July 21, 2014
I looked for a year and Liberty is best of the best. Save yourself time and order one.
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful and great experience
written by Happy Couple
July 18, 2014
We used the web and recommendations from others to make our decision. Our sales person was extremely helpful and the delivery crew was the same. Love the safe and I feel more secure. Thank you Liberty Safes.
Customer Star Rating
Presidential Series Safes
written by Gator Doc
July 18, 2014
The safe is very functional. The size is great It hold a lot guns and valuable personal items. I feel very comfortable with the fire rating. The look and feel of this safe display the quality that when into the manufacturing of this safe. It would be nicer if the door pockets could be rearranged to personal preference.
Customer Star Rating
written by SEMPER FI
July 11, 2014
Great quality, Mike Ward's in Mobile AL. His staff are very helpful and friendly.
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