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Presidential Series

Best of the Best!

There's nothing like a Liberty Safe Presidential. Packed with fire and security features like never before, it's the best of the best! If you are looking for ultimate peace of mind and the pinnacle of fire protection and security...It doesn't get any better than this - The Presidential by Liberty Safe! 

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $4,249
Payments starting as low as $96.66 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 18 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Presidential Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 430 customers ratings and reviews

Presidential 40 in One Word...
written by J Portofino on November 2, 2017
The Quality and Customer Service of Liberty are UNMATCHED!

Peace of Mind
written by D&D on October 29, 2017
Beautiful as well as Functional

A Work of Art and Functional Too
written by Bob on October 27, 2017
I bought this safe because it had the highest fire rating, was the most secure, and had all the features/room I was looking for in a safe. What I didn't expect was it being a work of art. It is the most beautiful item in the room.

written by WGraham on October 20, 2017

written by Miss Nell on October 16, 2017

It's Big,,
written by Bone on October 16, 2017
It's Big, and it's Beautiful, Glad I bought the larger safe!! Once in a life time buy for me!!!

Best Safe Ever!
written by Gatorscooper on October 13, 2017

written by SATISFIED CUSTOMER on October 12, 2017
This will be my second liberty safe ,my first safe I have had for 7 years no problems, very happy with LIBERTY SAFES.

Presidential - Beautiful and functional
written by Chris C. on October 9, 2017
Bought the black cherry presidential with the intent of having it in a central area of the home. It's beautiful, doesn't stick out as an eyesore like my wife was concerned about. The interior is slightly lower quality than I expected for the price and the "top of the line," but it's still very modular and capable.
Overall, very happy with the purchase, and would highly recommend the presidential for anyone who is planning on keeping their safe on display in the open.

Robert Thayer Liberty Safe Presential
written by Robert on October 1, 2017
The product itself is very quality product and the delivery and retail location was very professional when they delivered it. My only comment is the rebate process was a little unclear and created lead time in the delivery of the rebate.

Great Safe
written by David on September 28, 2017
The size is great! It holds all we need. Also like that the door only swings 90 degrees so it does not bump the wall. Has options to varying shelf heights.

Peace of Mind
written by Matt Strader on September 19, 2017
My wife and I just purchased our third Liberty safe. We gave the first two to our children as we kept upgrading. We now have a Presidential in our home, and we love it. It's a great feeling knowing that our valuables are 100% safe from fire and theft. We're extremely pleased with our purchase, and highly recommend Liberty Safes.

Liberty Safe
written by Andrew G on September 15, 2017
The presidential series safe represents a great value for the price. The quality is outstanding and it is made in the USA.

It's not just for guns
written by Artist in Texas on August 30, 2017
Very flexible interior. As graphic artist, bought to protect cameras, digital media, artwork. and personally family items (in case of disaster). Feeling confident stuff will be safer in case of disaster. Easy to access, interior lighting convenient. I had worried a bit about it being an obnoxious "elephant" in the room but with wide selection of colors it stands more elegant than obtrusive in the guest room. VERY satisfied so far.

Finally got one
written by Happy Home Owner!! on August 28, 2017
My wife and I struggled over getting a Liberty safe primarily due to the retail cost but we also knew that we would eventually get the safe because we were convinced that Liberty safes are the best for home owners. We are extremely relieved now that we have one and it is a handsome addition to our family room. Thank you Liberty for being an incredible quality product that can still be manufactured and bought in America.

Happy Home Owner!!

Best Of The Best
written by Kenneth C. Ivins on August 19, 2017
There is no better safe than Liberty. They're simply the best of the best. The fact that they are made here in AMERICA BY AMERICANS tells the whole story. Thank You Liberty from a US Army Veteran.

written by silver bear on August 16, 2017

Liberty Safes Presidential 50
written by New Liberty Owner in Georgia on August 12, 2017
Drove 150 miles to the largest volume dealer in the state thinking they would have the best choices in color to see and touch. I ended up getting the Gloss Bronze but all they had in the showroom for that color was a marble finish. The dealer checked their inventory and it said they had a Bronze Gloss in stock so I ordered it without seeing what it actually looked like. The delivery day came and I got a call from the dealer saying they went to verified the color inside the box but it did not match what was listed on the outside of the box. Gloss Bronze was the color listed on the outside but a Gray color safe was actually inside. Oops! The Dealer did call Liberty Safes before calling me to see if they could expedite a Presidential 50 in Gloss Bronze and the company said they could. The safe is beautiful!!! I am confused on the MONSTER MECH assembly though (reason for 4 Stars). Liberty Safes website clearly says under SECURITY that the Presidential series safe comes with the New GX-480 MONSTER MECH but the badging on the handle of the Presidential 50 I received says DX-80???? Very confused on that and I look forward to talking to Liberty Safes Customer Service on that issue. The interior is beautiful and looks well crafted. The interior lights are nice and bright and all shelves are well lit except the lower right corner. I guess I will have to wait to see if Liberty improves the lights in the future. Love the 2.5 hour fire rating and hope I never have the need to test it out.

written by Gary on August 8, 2017

Presidential Model 50
written by Joe Cantu on August 3, 2017
Hands down the best looking and best made safe very satisfied.

Beautiful Built - Made like a Tank
written by CWNova on July 28, 2017
I Love my Presidential Series Safe ! I Love the way my Safe looks - Burgundy Metallic with the Gray interior. Super looking Safe that Liberty did for me ! It's a very very heavy Safe and it has a 2.5 hour fire protection rating !!!! The ultimate in a gun Safe for my home ! I have a great piece of mind knowing that I have a Liberty Presidential Series Safe protecting my Valuables !!!

Great Quality
written by Rocco on July 27, 2017
This being my first safe, I did try to do some research. The Presidential seemed to meet my needs the best. I was able to actually see the safe at Fin, Feather, Fur. This is what sealed the deal. On top of that the group at FFF really knew the product. The crew that delivered my safe was Top Notch. seeing how this safe weight is 1300#.
Like others, My only wish was there was some type of Tracking status.

This safe is beautiful!!
written by Shelley on July 25, 2017

Best safe!
written by Marshall on July 19, 2017

Awesome Safe!
written by Mike on July 19, 2017

Happy to have bought the biggest Presidential size
written by Latina Girl on July 12, 2017
If you need a large safe for valuables, you might as well buy a bigger size than what you need. The likelihood of acquiring more valuables are pretty high so might as well buy a bigger safe. Love the made in USA. Love that I can speak to a human that speaks english!

Presidential 50
written by Mr. H on July 1, 2017
Well build Safes ... the only reason I gave 4 star was for the money I pay for this Safe I expect everything to be perfect. there were residues of paint marking on the "Made in USA" print ,plus imperfection on the print logo.

Peace of mind.
written by Pilot Mike on June 16, 2017
I now know that I can leave for 7 months in my Motorcoach and even if the house is compromized everything in the safe will be just fine.

Peace of mind
written by Hunter on June 3, 2017
I'm glad I bought the 50 and moved up to the presidential from oringally looking at the lincoln. I will not be one of those people that regret getting a smaller or cheaper safe. Looks great sitting in my living room and I love knowing I bought from a company that backs their products.

Terrible quality control
written by Greg on May 22, 2017
Given your reputation I am shocked by the lack of quality control on my safe. The paint issues are obvious and on the safe door, yet it was inspected, packed and shipped with the flaws as if it was perfect. I really don't think i could be more disappointed given your reputation and the price point.
Liberty's Response:
Hi Greg, sorry to hear that your safe did not arrive satisfactorally.  It is possible that paint issues happened durning transport. I have submitted your information to our Customer Support Manager who will be in contact with you.  Rest assured, we will get you taken care of.

written by Kim M. Utah on May 21, 2017

written by The Arcadian on May 19, 2017

written by Philip on May 14, 2017
This was my third safe so I decided to do my homework before making another wrong purchase. As my gun collection grew I began to worry about the cheap safe I used to protect them. With the history of the Presidential series I now have the peace of mind I thought I was getting buying the cheap safes before. You get what you pay for in this safe.

written by Joni on May 7, 2017

Excellent safe but ...
written by DaveTX on April 27, 2017
Excellent safe ... but ... it took me three days and multiple phone calls in order to open it the first time. My "master code" was not the one listed in the manual, nor was any of the next three or four we tried. After multiple calls from the dealer, Liberty customer service tech was finally able to walk me through enough trial and error steps until we got it open. After that all went smoothly.

Presidential Series 50 Safe
written by Rick on April 16, 2017
The outside appearance of the safe is excellent. The color I chose is a dark red metallic with gold strip & an old school combination dial. The interior is light cream color. To this point all is fine, but have only had it for 2 days at this writing. I'm afraid that the interior may dirty a little faster than I had anticipated, but we will see.
Otherwise I'm pleased with the purchase.

Excellent service - delivery - setup
written by Jim and Raquelle Myers on April 10, 2017
Excellent knowledge on the safe and what is offered for each one. Delivery persons were very nice and friendly. Thank you for such a positive and easy transaction. We are pleased.

Now that's a safe!
written by PoppaBill on April 9, 2017
Everything about this safe speaks quality. I am trusting that the fire rating is accurate, but hopefully I won't ever have to find out. This is the best safe I could find and I am glad I chose to go with the Liberty brand.

Excellent Safe!
written by JP on March 30, 2017
Purchased from and delivered by P&S Security Great Bend,Ks. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Delivered Presidential 50 and it was exactly what I needed with a smooth swinging door, flex interior (great!) and lights. All work as promised. Will buy Liberty again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by D. Bruner on March 23, 2017
Excellent product. Made in USA.

Great safe!
written by Taylor on March 18, 2017
This is a beautiful safe. It was delivered in perfect shape and the crew delivering it was very professional and did a great job installing it. Independence Safe Company in Noblesville IN is a great company to do business with. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I am very impressed with the safe, from the quality of the build to the physical appearance of it. I went with the Presidential safe in order to have the most space and to also have room to grow into. This safe will last the rest of my life and it will be a great family heirloom to pass on for generations. The only thing that I could think of to make this safe any better would be if Liberty Safe could install steel shelving inside the safe for more support and the ability to store more weight per shelf. I love the safe and I am very happy with my purchase.

additionzl info
written by JD on March 15, 2017
the physical location of this safe is 100 Dacus ROAD, STEWART MS

written by John Clark on March 12, 2017
We looked at various safes online and in person. The process of research took some time as we compared other brands. The research also took us into many hours of viewing Youtube and asking many questions. Finally, my wife and I decided to purchase the Presidential based on our personal needs, the reputation of the company, and the warranty provided. I printed out the size and model we wanted and presented it to the sales person and placed the order.

If you are going to purchase the Presenditial from Liberty be prepare to wait at least 8 weeks. One item of irritation for me was the lack of communication from the retailer and from liberty as to the status of the order. I strongly suggest developing some type of tracking device to monitor the progress of where your order is. This is paramount in today's face paced world. I do understand that you must build this safe from scratch; however, communicating is key and not leave your customer in the dark. This by far was the most frustrating point in the transaction. Again, it would be highly recommended liberty create this communication platform to provide an additional layer of effective customer service.

Once we received our presidential, it came as advertise. The safe is beautiful, well crafted, and "powerful." We love the safe and is considering buying another one for our other home. For all the men and women of liberty, safe thank you for constructing our safe. The product is beautiful.

We highly recommend this company and the Presidential Safe.

High quality safe.
written by Liberty presidential on March 6, 2017
Love the color, ordered the presidential 25 in bergundy marble. LIke the safe a lot 7 guage steel, 2.5 hr fire protection. Don't like the particle board shelving. The particle board shelving is a downside for sure. Other than that I love the safe.

written by J & J on February 28, 2017
Very secure. Excellent fire protection. Made in the USA

Great Quality!
written by Johnny on February 27, 2017
I love my safe. I wish I would have bought a bigger one! But, I'll just buy another one!

John's accessment of his PX 40
written by John on February 27, 2017
Have had the safe a week, not enough time to fully appreciate everything. It's beautiful and everything works as it should and I'm quite happy with it, but it is too small for me. I should have bought a National Magnum (for the external hinges) 50. Oh well. Perhaps in a year or so.

written by Concrete Man on February 25, 2017

the only SAFE to BUY!!!
written by renayy on February 14, 2017
This is one beautiful safe! I wish I had room in my main living room just to show it off. I love everything about it from the glossy finish to the inside which is also beautiful. Do not hesitate to buy this safe. I will never regret my decision in purchasing this particular model. It holds not only my guns but all my treasured photo's as well as other valuables. Thank you for such a wonderful product proudly made in the USA !!

Best Safes on the Market!
written by Houston, Texas on January 25, 2017
After doing a through evaluation of comparable manufactures, I chose Liberty. Bigger bolt diameter, better fire rating, best value. I would highly recommend there safes to anyone.

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