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Electrical Outlet Kit Ratings and Reviews

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Average 3.9 out of 5 stars for 16 customers ratings and reviews

Workes perfect A+
written by BigLo on July 15, 2019
I purchased this product with my safe along with liberty dehumidifier. Lucky for me the sales man took all the added liberty plugs and dehumidifier and installed them for me for free prior to delivery of my safe. Every plug/usb works as it should. I even plugged in my led light kit and I am happy with these additional items that IMO is must for any gun safe owner. A++

Poor quality plugs
written by gsf on January 26, 2019
Just had my new Lincoln safe set up. took me a few weeks to get everything rounded up and stored. tried to plug a second dehumidifier into the three plug outlet that comes standard, just wouldn't work. Have two out of three working just fine but really bad to have a poor quality plug fixture in high quality safe, will need to get a hold of a replacement from the local dealer who always has great service.

Electrical outlets hard to plug in
written by Mitch on March 27, 2018
Install was super easy with great pictured instructions. About 15 to 20 min install. After installed I had a safe light and a dehumidifier to plug in. The center outlet plugs in fine but the two outer outlets do not allow the plug to be pushed in. Seems by the way it feels the internals are cheap/poor design. Expected better Quality because it was a Liberty product.

what about safes older than 2007
written by jason on September 22, 2017
will this kit work for Lincoln safes that are older than 2007? my safe doesn't have an electrical outlet installed. this would be a great feature for my safe

Easy install and inexpensive
written by 06AngusSG on February 22, 2017
Just bought the kit through Amazon. Only $43 and about 20 minutes to install. That includes un and re-bolting the safe to the floor. Now i have lights and a golden-rod inside as well. Makes a great safe even better!

Easy to install outlet.
written by Nic on April 2, 2016
Installation of the outlet was easy. Cutting the hole for the outlet was no big deal. I used a MK Morse TAC44 2 3/4" hole saw to do the job. The MK Morse hole saw has a built-in arbor that will hold the guide rod that is in the kit. I only had one problem. The exterior cover plate for the outlet was not included. I called Liberty and talked to Marty. Marty said he would take care of it, and I had a cover plate in my mailbox a few days later. Thanks Marty! So, check your kit to make sure you have all your parts before you begin. Also, don't get too carried away tightening the screws on the outlet. The outlet is mostly plastic, so threads could be stripped if the screws are tightened too much. Definitely don't use power tools to tighten the screws. Liberty also has installation videos on Youtube, which address every type of installation. I suggest watching before installing. I found the video pertaining to my type of installation very helpful. I have no regrets purchasing this kit.

USB Performance Marginal
written by Frank K. on January 19, 2016
This electrical outlet kit is not sufficient for good USB. I have my computer on the outside of the safe with my external harddrive on the inside of the safe. I have use a 4ft and 6ft cable between the computer and this kit and I have used a 3ft and 6ft cable between the kit and the harddrive. In all cases, I am unable to maintain successful USB devices of keyboard, mouse, wifi dongle, and this harddrive. It appears to be taking down the USB bus. When I take the electrical kit out of the loop using the same lengths of cables as above, I have flawless use. I am going to try a powered hub next, but this should not be required for a passthrough connection for the length of cable I am using. I am suspect on the fact that the ethernet and the USB are on the same ribbon cable AND are not appropriate for high speed data transfer. For example, I would have expected the USB to be shielded and both the USB and ethernet to be twisted pair.

Liberty's Response:
Good feedback Frank, we will take a look at the issue and see if improvements can be made.  

Excellent and Easy to Install
written by James on January 23, 2015
Just purchased this unit a few weeks ago. Easy to install. My dad had just purchased the old model of outlet. Now he wishes he would have seen this new one instead. One thing was that the unit i purchased was missing the exterior cover plate. Talked to the store and they told me to bring the unit back and they would give me a new one. But im not going to uninstall it just to reinstall it again. I just screwed the unit onto the back of the safe and it works fine.

Wish i Had One- New Outlet
written by MR. S on October 28, 2014
I wish I had one of these nice outlets on my new Liberty Safe. I have the old one I guess. I just bought the safe a few weeks ago and it is a 2014 model so I would think it would come with the good one. How can I install the equipment without it? Thank You
Liberty's Response:
Glad you like the safe Mr. S. Regarding the outlet kit, we made the change to the new outlet kit in April and comes standard on all Franklin safes and above. We will contact you regarding your purchase and see when it was made. Thanks for letting us know. 

Not the same
written by foxfire on July 14, 2014
The same store I bought my safe from ordered me a kit, when the kit got here it was a cheap standard one, I ordered the up-grade, now I am sitting here waiting on someone to do something, my safe has not been installed as of yet, due to this problem....its hard enough getting 4-5 friends all together at once to move this safe, now I am just waiting on liberty....HELP !!!
Liberty's Response:
We will have our customer service rep contact you so we can follow up on the delivery of your outlet kit.

Just installed this new design outlet kit
written by Carl from Canadakistan on June 23, 2014
Installation is easy and really clean. Fit perfect in my Cabela's Woodsman safe (Liberty Revere23).

Only complain, the three outlet inside of the safe were F&?%$/ hard to use at first, you have to push like crazy to first plug something in it. After the initial plug run into it, it work like a normal outlet, not too tight no to loose.

Happy with it!

Question about installation.
written by Alan Sawgrass on May 28, 2014
I have the old version of the outlet kit installed on my Fatboy Jr that I bought just a few years ago, if I want to upgrade to this new outlet kit will there be some drilling required like as shown in the video? Or does this new kit still fit into the previous hole provided in the Fatboy Jr safe?
Liberty's Response:
Great question Alan. All safes built between April, 2007 and April 2014 will need to have the outlet hole bigger using a saw hole that is 2-3/4" (or 3") round. The hole you currently have is 1.5" so the old outlet will need to be removed and a larger hole cut.

We are updating our video to clarify this and we hope you enjoy the new outlet kit. Thanks for asking.

you're welcome
written by coal on May 22, 2014
I would have loved to have had this option when I purchased and installed my new Liberty Safe. I use my safe for a small amount of data storage like backed up pictures and documents as well as my other valuables. Glad you made it. I had to make my own. When I registered my safe I told you this should be an option for people who need an Ethernet port in there safe, but you took it one step further with the USB and extra power ports. Nice job! By the way, you're welcome for the idea.

wish this came on my PX50 i bought this past february
written by Proud presidential 50 owner. on May 17, 2014
This would make my safe look a LOT better than it does right now. it is a BEAUTIFUL safe but my safelert antenna cord runs out the front of the door and on top of the safe, its like seeing a beautiful woman with a black eye. I do not have this product but I would love to have one however I wont be buying it as an accessory i'll just live with my safe having a black eye.
Liberty's Response:
Give us a call and we will send you a free antenna extension so you can run it out the back of your safe: 1.800.247.5625

Fire Rating Question
written by Leon P. on September 21, 2013
How would this affect the fire rating of your safes. Is this product fire resistant as well? It would seem like if any holes were drilled, it would provide an avenue for heat and fire to enter? Any information would certainly help.
Liberty's Response:
Good questions. We fire test all our safes with the electrical hole as it is built into the back of the safe. Our tests show no measureable heat gain through the current electrical outlet kit when installed. The outlet kit is not fire proof, but will help keep out smoke and heat during the initial onset of fire.

DIY is cheaper
written by George on July 10, 2013
I have purchased and installed this outlet kit; however, after thinking about it I could have just pulled a 14 guage extension core through instead.
Liberty's Response:
True, you could install you're own wiring system in the safe, but you're on your own if you do. We don't recommend it due to proper installation and standard electrical codes. The nice thing about our electrical outlet kit is it is a clean quick installation device with easy plug in cords and is UL Listed.

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