Gun Safe Accessories: Keep Your Bananas Organized

Remember as a kid how your parents would always tell you to clean your room? While it was probably annoying back then, it’s a lot easier to see the value of a tidy space as an adult. That’s especially true when you’re talking about items that are valuable, or that you care a lot about.

So while you can always leave your “bananas” (or “Firearms” for those of you not afraid to pull the trigger) heaped in a pile, we’re pretty sure you’d prefer to keep them a little safer, and a little more organized.

Don’t Monkey Around with Those “Bananas”

The thing about firearms (and bananas) is, you almost never have just one. That’s likely why you own (or are interested in owning) a Liberty Safe — it’s a secure place to store all those “bananas” that you’re bananas about. But just because it’s got the space for all of your firearms doesn’t necessarily mean they’re organized when you put them in there.

That’s where our safe accessories come in. With the right tools, you can make your safe more orderly than a silverware drawer, and more impressive-looking than a platoon of marching soldiers. You can wow friends and family with a safe that not only looks stunning on the outside, but looks sharp on the inside too.

Not every safe owner has the same organizational needs, though, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of products to help keep all those firearms in line.

Available gun safe accessories include:

  • Jewelry drawer
  • Door panel
  • Hangers and racks for handheld bananas
  • Rods for the big bananas
  • Caddies
  • Magnets
  • And more

So don’t just leave your bananas lying around; give them some space and put them in their place with the right accessories from Liberty Safe.

The Liberty Promise

At Liberty Safe, we’re serious about our lifetime guarantee. We’ve built our company around quality and innovation, and that includes holding our safes to some of the most rigorous fire-protection standards in the industry. When we say our safes offer certified fire protection, or that they specifically protect against pry and drill attacks, we mean it. We want to be the company offering the best home safe fire and theft protection in the world.

Our safes, and all the things that go in them, are built to protect your bananas like nothing else. So don’t trust your bananas to anything else.

Liberty Safe™: Always Protected™



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