Liberty Safe Saves Priceless Belongings in Alabama Fire

Liberty Safe Saves Priceless Belongings in Alabama Fire

Home and property fires are scary enough when you aren’t there, but it’s another story entirely when the fire occurs right next to you.

One Alabama couple was sitting in their shop cooking when they heard a popping noise near the back wall. A fire had started.

No amount of dirt that they threw at the fire would put it out, so they had to watch as their shop and safes were engulfed in flames.

They had two Liberty Safes in their shop, one that was open and one that was closed. Unfortunately, the open safe didn’t offer much protection to their pellet guns, but the closed safe held more valuable items that would have been devastating to lose.

The closed safe was just ten feet from the fire when it started and was completely engulfed by the end of it.

When it was okay to open, it took the couple over two hours to break into the safe to see if their belongings were preserved.

“I don’t know how people can break into them.”

They ultimately had to use a backhoe to open the safe.

“We were absolutely amazed.”

Everything in their safe was in perfect condition. They had guns, deeds, other paperwork, and sentimental items that couldn’t be replaced. Among these items was a bullhorn passed down from a parent and guns that another parent brought back from Korea.

“As soon as we get another building, we’ll have another Liberty Safe.”

That’s why we do what we do. We are so glad that our safes can help protect the items that people hold so dearly.

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What belongings should you keep in a safe?

As you can see, safes can be used for more than just secure gun storage. They offer a great solution for protecting valuable and sentimental items in the case of an emergency.

So, what items can you store in a Liberty Safe?

Important documents and paperwork

When you aren’t using your important documents, a safe is a great option for keeping them preserved in case of a fire or other natural disaster (floods, storms, etc.)–or even just to keep them from getting lost.

These documents might include:

  • Passport and other IDs
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security cards
  • Will and Testament
  • Titles and deeds
  • Tax returns
  • Marriage certificate

Valuable items

You may have valuable items that you don’t use every day that would benefit from the protection of a safe.

These items could include:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Watches
  • Other important tech or electronic devices
  • Antiques
  • Guns
  • Medications
  • Healthcare devices
  • Collectibles
  • Designer clothes and accessories
  • Keys

Sentimental items

Some things you just can’t put a price on. And for those priceless and irreplaceable sentimentals, a safe allows you to hold onto them throughout your life and even pass them on to future generations.

What’s sentimental can be different for every person, but some of these items might include:

  • Photographs
  • Flash drives with photos, videos, etc.
  • Cards
  • Journals
  • Yearbooks
  • Souvenirs
  • Family heirlooms
  • Baby clothes
  • Quilts

Why is Liberty Safes perfect for protecting valuable and sentimental items?

Liberty Safes are designed to offer the best thief and fire protection. Each of our safes has proprietary solutions in place for thief protection as well as top-rated fire certifications to ensure that they will last if the worst happens.

Let’s talk about the elements that make each of these things possible.

Safe body & door

Our safes are constructed with as few pieces of all-American steel as possible. We use two main pieces for the safe body. The reason this helps with protection is that fewer welds are needed with fewer pieces of metal for the safe body. Fewer welds mean fewer weak points.

The safe door is formed from a single piece of steel (similar concept to our safe body), and we add a thick composite plate to the door which makes it more difficult to break through.

Military-style locking bars

We have patented military-style locking bars in lieu of the traditional locking pins that hold a safe door securely shut.

Our locking bars have three primary advantages:

  1. They are forged from one piece of steel, eliminating weak rivet points and adding pry protection.
  2. They have a large surface area that connects the safe door to the body of the safe, adding further protection from pry attacks.
  3. They extend deeper into the body of the safe than traditional locking pins.


Fireboard is a drywall-like material that adds heat and fire protection to our safes. We line each safe with layers of fireboard to protect your belongings against the hottest fires. The more fireboards a safe has, the higher the fire rating it has.

Palusol™ fire seal

Another fire protection, the Palusol™ fire seal is applied to each Liberty Safe as well. When the seal reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it expands to seven times its size to prevent heat and smoke from reaching the inside.

Get a Liberty Safe today!

If you’re looking for the perfect safe to protect your belongings from break-ins or fires, look no further than Liberty Safe.

We know the value of a good safe. We’ve seen the relief that our safes bring when fires occur. And we want you to have the best safes on the market.

And, when you purchase our lifetime warranty, we’ll give you a free replacement should the unthinkable happen.


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