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HD-90 Key Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 186 customers ratings and reviews

Pistol Safe
written by Joik on October 12, 2019
I have not yet used it but tomorrow I plan on using it for the first time. It looks like a good product from liberty I chose liberty over any other brand.

written by Daddy on September 23, 2019

Perfect Drawer Vault
written by Phil P III on September 9, 2019
This Sleek Design will fit in your bedside table Drawer and has a quick open once the key is turned for fast release. this holds to full-size 9mm Hand Guns and 2 magazines, Easily. Very impressed with the low cost for what was purchased.

Wonderful Pistol Safe
written by Annie Oakley on September 5, 2019
This is a strong sturdy box for a pistol. It has an upper and lower pad to cushion the pistol to keep it from rattling around inside. It comes with two strong keys. I bought it for two family members and now have one for myself. I researched many vaults but would highly recommend the HD-90 Key Vault as the best. You will be very satisfied.

Great product
written by Dave on September 1, 2019
As described. Well made

Great build, but needs more internal padding.
written by JJ on August 25, 2019
Very robust build, and seems like it could take a lot to get inside of it.

But, IMO, it needs more foam cushion along the inside perimeter. If your gun can slide around in the vault, it may damage the finish on your pistol, due to it making metal to metal contact inside the vault. I hot glued some extra foam over the exposed internal metal surfaces, so that the chance of metal to metal contact is minimized.

I would have given it 5 stars, if it had better internal protection. Great product though.

Great little safe
written by Shaniac on August 23, 2019
Purchased this safe for two reasons; one is due to Liberty's reputation for making a great product and the second is to keep my firearms protected from smash and grab burglars and from my grandchildren gaining access to them. My first impression upon handling the safe is that it is very sturdy and well made. the size is not to big nor is it too small. It is large enough to hold a 1911 and several magazines but I keep both my XDS-9mm and my S&W Bodyguard in holster in this safe pretty much all the time.
I will say that the cable is small and should anybody be carrying a small bolt cutter or a pair of cutting dikes; they will be able to cut the tether but it's much better than locking my firearms in the glove box. All in all I would definitely recommend this little safe to anybody whom may be interested.
Thanks for a great product Liberty!

Motor home vault
written by MAD MAX on August 21, 2019
Just keeping our pistols safe while out and about.

HD-90 Advantage
written by Buster on August 18, 2019
Small enough to store my 1911 & holster without taking a lot of space plus extras..

written by Thomas Sears on August 5, 2019

written by Csears on August 5, 2019
Easy to install. Very sturdy construction.

written by none on July 15, 2019

written by happy customer on June 29, 2019

written by happy customer on June 29, 2019

Excellent features for the price!
written by Danny on June 7, 2019
For the cost, the vault provides excellent security while still allowing quick access to the gun.

Good value, simple and effective.
written by dsutton24 on May 21, 2019
Did a lot of research on these, and settled on the HD-90 key-locked box. It's a nice sized, and fits perfectly under the front seat of my Tacoma perfectly.

my new gun safe
written by Bubba on April 29, 2019

written by Ed DeVerna on March 28, 2019
excellent quality and fair price

Mass Gun Rights loves the Liberty Safes
written by Chris Pinto on March 24, 2019
Great handgun safe. Great price. Bought it at the Marlboro Show from a dealer from NH

Great products?
written by JH on March 23, 2019
These are very dependable, safe, well made, and tough vaults!

Simple Security for a Simple Price
written by profmrp on March 12, 2019
I purchased this vault because of the key lock. I had recently read a review by a well-known weapons handler which stated that the biometric locks were not yet 100% reliable. Since my fingers are often callused from working outside, I did not want to risk it. I also chose the lock because it met the air travel requirements and was approved as a gun vault by the state of California. I was a little disappointed in the way the security cable is attached. I also discovered that his vault needs two hands to open it since I did not bolt it down (that option is available for this vault). The vault is large enough for a second hand gun and extra magazines. I am not expecting to need to access it instantly, so this is a nice, secure vault which keeps the weapon handy, but safely out of inappropriate hands.

Solid Construction
written by Jason D on February 22, 2019
Very well made with 16ga steel by a trusted name. TSA compliant for travel on aircraft and CA DOJ compliant as well. Trim the white foam from packaging to customize a snug fit since included foam is insufficient at preventing the firearm (Glock 23) from moving around inside. Fits my G23 and two magazines inside.
Very happy with this product!!!

Hand Gun Vault
written by TJ on February 17, 2019
I was looking for something to keep a pistol and extra magazines close to me, just incase of a break-in during the night. It's easy to get to and easy to secure.

Hd90 key valt
written by Rodney Willoughby on February 10, 2019
Very nice safe! Made well and looks great! Will be mounted in truck for places that don't allow concealed carry!

written by Mike D on February 6, 2019

Not quality of Liberty
written by Nevada Man on February 6, 2019
This product is cheap. Not the quality of my big Liberty. Made in China. Simple safe.

written by Basher on February 4, 2019

Simple, but Effective!
written by Corey on February 2, 2019
Got the HD-90 as a Christmas gift for my first handgun, along with my C&C. Very solid construction, perfect amount of foam for my Glock 31 Gen 4 (not too thick, but not so thin that things slide around), and awesome that it's mountable. All in all, very satisfied!

Great, reliable safe
written by Robert on December 31, 2018
Very well made and solid safe, manual lock is much more reliable to work when needed, cable to tether to something to prevent theft is important, plenty big enough for a full size handgun plus one or two extra mags

Great product, great price
written by CvilleOMW on December 20, 2018
I purchased 2 Liberty handgun vaults, one for home and one for work based on reputation of LIberty, quality of safe and price. Was not disappointed with either product and would highly recommend Liberty products to those searching for handgun vault.

written by Jjerry on December 12, 2018

nice box junk lock
written by Doug on December 6, 2018
I bought the Liberty HD90 handgun vault for my car. I like the thickness of the steel on the box but the lock is junk. I used it everyday for less than a year and somehow the nut holding the lock in place stripped the bolt. The lock came apart. I was disappointed considering that I thought Liberty had a good reputation for quality. .

Great Vault for the $$
written by Lafitte on November 30, 2018
Great vault, east access with key, good size for more than one hand gun.

Very happy!
written by Lonnie on October 13, 2018
Thin enough to fit under a car seat. Big enough to accommodate my Springfield Armory XDM 9mm.

Excellent Quality
written by Robert Morris on October 1, 2018
I am impressed with the quality for the price. Big enough to hold a full size 1911 and a glock 43.

It's Liberty! Nothing more to say.
written by Rizz on September 30, 2018
My HD-90 arrived in perfect condition. I was very happy to see that Liberty kept its known quality even in an inexpensive portable gun vault. All of these vaults are built to deter the smash and grab thief from getting your firearm. If someone has the time and tools they can take anything. If they want it that bad, they will steal your vehicle too. Be a sensible gun owner and use this for short term keeping.
As far as the vault itself, I couldn't be happier. Thank you Liberty for coming through again.

Great littl Vault
written by Rick on September 21, 2018
Great quality easy to use an Makes the Wife feel much better with the Grand Kids around.

Excellent small portable safe
written by formerwrestler on September 15, 2018
Excellent quality portable safe that can be locked to any stationary object with the included steel cable. Great for travelling, camping or in a car.

Quality Product
written by jim on August 21, 2018
Quality product. Ease and safety in transport.

Perfect for my needs
written by John on August 10, 2018
Quality excellent. Exactly what I need to keep safe from grandchildren.

written by Hach on July 24, 2018

Perfect Size for Child Safety
written by Bald Eagle on July 20, 2018
Well made and perfect for keeping guns safe from kids.

written by Gun man on July 19, 2018

Durable with a fair price
written by Emily S on July 15, 2018
I purchased this gun safe after I picked out my first handgun. For the price, this vault is very duable/sturdy and can easily fit the gun, clips, and ammunition. It doesn't feel flimsy and gives off the impression that this vault will be in use for many years.

Strong piece of equipment
written by James on July 14, 2018
Outstanding safe.
I purchased this HD90 safe to replace another brand less well made. This was a little more expensive, but well worth it.

It fits better in the available space; it fits my firearm better, more easily. As well as space for extra mag and maybe a light, or my back up pistol.
The accompanying security cable appears stronger than my previous model as well.

Exactly what I needed !
written by RealUSA on July 12, 2018
Excellent safe - the ONLY comment I have is that I wish the safe was made in the USA !!

Peace of mind when you can't have your gun on you
written by Dan on June 18, 2018
So much better than having to leave it unattended because of gun free zones

Liberty HD-90 Vault
written by Ginsu D on June 13, 2018
Heavy Duty, TSA approved, low profile, and excellent quality. What more do you need? Great job!

Best locking box vault
written by Known as the Bobber on June 12, 2018
Great price on the Liberty Home Defender Series HD-90 locking vault. Wanted something to lick pistol in when at grandkids house. VERY STURDY and really like the locking cable. Thanks Liberty Safe for another Great product.

written by Michael on June 9, 2018
Great gun safe that meets by needs for keeping my gun locked under the seat in my F150.

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