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Presidential Series

Best of the Best!

The king of all gun safes, the Liberty Safe Presidential line provides unprecedented levels of fire protection and security, such as:

  • 2.5 hours of certified fire protection
  • 24 color options
  • 7-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 18 - ½” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • 5-point Suretight handle

The Presidential models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand automatic on/off interior lighting
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifer
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $4,399
Payments starting as low as $100.07 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Presidential Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 514 customers ratings and reviews

bought the best
written by Safe buyer in ATL on February 12, 2019
I bought the safe knowing I'd have and use it for decades so I bought the best one available. it's big enough, secure, and has the best fire rating available. It does not look out of place in the house and is finished like a very high end appliance. Really versatile interior with room and spaces for jewelry, documents, many guns and other types of investment materials or hard currency. It's absolutely secure when locked.

written by Richard on January 17, 2019

Good product, bad purchase experience.
written by Steve on January 17, 2019
Just received Presidential 40 safe. Safe appears well built and arrived in good shape with all the ordered accessories. No dings, scratches or cosmetic issues. All appears to be working properly although it has only been in service less than 24 hours. 2 star rating is due to very poor communication. I ordered the safe online in October 2018. Liberty's ordering website routes orders through closest retailer. Since I had not received any confirmation for days after I placed the order, I called the retailer and they missed the order - never opened the email. As a result of my call, they said they would order the safe the next day -13 October 2018. I figure if I had not called the retailer, the safe would never have been ordered. No communication from either retailer or Liberty for weeks after the order supposedly went in. No confirmation from retailer that the order was sent in and no confirmation that Liberty ever received the order. I called retailer mid November and was told to expect delivery 1st or 2nd week in December. Mid December passed and having heard nothing from retailer or Liberty, I called the retailer on 19 December. I was told they are at the mercy of Liberty and do not have any idea when the safe will be delivered. Could they contact Liberty? I guess not. I got a call on 15 January that the safe had arrived at the retailer and delivery driver would contact me to set up delivery. Safe arrived two days later on 17 January 2019. More than 90 days passed since my original order with no communication that I did not initiate. Good thing this was not a Christmas present. Customer service gets a ZERO on this order!

written by Jesse drake on January 17, 2019
This safe is very classy , and well made, proud that we still have great products made in the USA by people that have pride in there product!

Beautiful Safe
written by Ray on January 16, 2019
Excellent quality, good delivery, seems to be exactly what we were looking for.

Kyle D
written by Kyle D on January 8, 2019
This safe is like a piece of art keep up with a great job

Awesome piece of furniture
written by JimG on January 5, 2019
My Presidential 40 safe was delivered today and the delivery technicians went through all of the features and functions with me
The safe is Gorgeous and ordered in the beautiful Emerald Green color
The mechanism functions perfectly smooth as I expected from Liberty Safes just like my Franklin Safe
The safe lighting is great and illuminates the entire interior of the safe
The Bolts are the 4" security type and are massive and the door is heavy
The premium door panel was included with the safe and is real quality to say the least
What a great piece of furniture.
As soon as my wife saw the safe while it was being delivered she fell in love with it and wants it for herself now
I believe I'm going to need her permission to use it for my guns!!
Liberty did a AWESOME job on the fit and finish .... just beautiful
Great job Liberty Safes!

Great quality safe!
written by Ed C on December 28, 2018
This safe is exactly what I need to store business and personal items as well as my many handguns and rifles. Sad to state that the installer was the dealer. They broke my door jamb, but they paid for it after an issue on fault.
I will highly recommend Libert Safes to all my associates, business and personal.

Buy a Liberty Safe
written by SpiritualMan on December 13, 2018
Liberty Safes do the best job of satisfying your need for protection, security, and safety.

A Great Product
written by A Proud Owner on December 13, 2018
This is the second Presidential 25 that I have owned. I had the first one for 11 years but I had to leave it when we moved. I have 4 grand children and I like having a safe place to store my firearms. The fit and finish of this safe is excellent. It looks great in my office. It gives me confidence to know that my firearms and other valuables are safe from theft and fire. I highly recommend Liberty safes!

Liberty Safes
written by Bud on December 1, 2018
I recommend liberty safes to anyone that has something that is sacred to you! I love my presidential 50. White marble

Great thanks
written by Bredon on November 17, 2018
Good product, well made

Receipt, unboxing and setup of my Presidential 25
written by Herodrh on November 7, 2018
Gorgeous safe with impressive security and fire protection features. Opens quickly and all the bolts and locking mechanisms move with silky swiss watch precision. Interior is organized in such a way that one will locate items quickly and easily from top to bottom and front to back. Trap door floor is a nice touch and the lighting system is automatically switched on upon entry and leaving no shadows within the container. Finally, the styling attention to detail and finish of the container is strikingly beautiful. You could find yourself admiring the safe when passing through the room in your house the way one might admire a lovely Steinway grand piano before or after sitting down to play! One thing I wasn't prepared for was how tickled my wife is with the safe. She loves the speed of entry via the keypad and rack and pinion vault handwheel/spoke and the interior lighting showing the contents without having to peer inside of a " dark safe". She also is taken with the stylish beauty of the imposing container. It definitely perks up a room!

good quality
written by Larry N on November 1, 2018
i like the quality construction the ammenities on the interior and the rigours testing performed to ensure years of service

written by Andy on October 28, 2018
It's a lot bigger in my house then the show room! Quality is great and I ha e no clue what I'm going to fill it with. Need more guns now.

Presidential 50 meets or exceeds my expectations.
written by Allen O on October 16, 2018
Purchased this safe expecting a top quality product. Liberty delivered in all aspects, fit and finish are second to none. Worth every penny spent.

written by . on October 12, 2018

Presidential, Excellent safe!
written by J Ramirez on October 11, 2018
This safe is above and beyond what I imagined. What an excellent piece of workmanship. We are very happy with our purchase!

Presidential 40
written by Texas Ortho Doc on October 4, 2018
Maybe it's because I have always owned Presidential 50s, but we bought a new home that required me to downsize to a Presidential 40. I just had a heck of a time fitting things in. No problems with quality, but as in all other things, size matters.

Liberty Presidential 40
written by tbolt on October 4, 2018
Security, protection, size, quality, warranty

written by Zipper on September 16, 2018
Top self performer and a real beauty. We are much more safe and secure.

Wish you had better interiors
written by Alan on September 10, 2018
I once saw a Liberty safe that had a tanned leather interior (must have been done by the owner after purchasing from Liberty). It looked amazing and smelled of leather every time you opened the door. I would have paid extra to get a similar option from Liberty had it been offered. The new faux leather option is not what I'm talking about either. That looks cheap!

The one I saw reminded me of the interior of a Ford King Ranch pickup if you've ever seen one of those. I hate Fords, but I love that interior!

Anyway, thanks for an awesome safe!

Buy the Best
written by Willy Mac on September 9, 2018
Extremely satisfied. Built in America. No cutting corners on quality and security (construction, features). Fire protection is exceptional. As Kris said, buy big because you will fill it up quick - and we did. If your on the fence on if you should buy and/or brand - a visit to a Liberty outlet will make your decision for you. Don't wait.

written by Gerald Staten on August 21, 2018
Safe is great. HDX-350 needs improvement.

Popping safe, awesome, sharp!
written by Cole Younger on August 17, 2018
I love it ! ....... Wife loves!......... Put in where everybody visiting can see it!

Good cost/benefit ratio
written by OlyPen on August 16, 2018
Best cost/benefit ratio I could find short of a vault.

A great Experience
written by Tom on August 9, 2018
This safe meets or exceeds all of our expectations and some we did not have. From the first meeting with the salesman who narrowed down our priorities clear through to the delivery stages everything was handled professionally and accurately. We could not be happier with our purchase.

American made
written by Mastertech on July 20, 2018
Beautiful appearance, peace of mind. Sized to fit and makes a statement. Proud to own one.

written by Terry Harrelson on July 10, 2018
Amazing safe and easy to use!!

Blown Away
written by David C on July 10, 2018
My Presidential 50 was delivered this evening and installed within an hour. The quality was evident from the moment that they unpacked it and when it was opened, I was very satisfied with getting this model. I have no doubt that it will serve me well. This is a very high quality product and the security features are incredible.

written by CHRISTY HELMS on July 9, 2018

PX50 Presidential
written by Major Rotorwash on July 4, 2018
My PX50 was delivered yesterday. Beautiful, mirror-finish Burgundy Gloss finish. I'm very impressed with The Beast, and am in the process of getting everything organized, utilizing the very versatile interior design.

written by Uber on June 28, 2018

written by drillerred on June 26, 2018
Awesome safe, great price and very roomy.

The best quality safe on the market A++++
written by David&Alicia on June 17, 2018
Absolutely love the safe very well built the quality of the safe is unsurpassed nothing even comes close.

Exceptional quality
written by Cody V. on June 14, 2018
I shopped around for several months and decided to finally spend the money on a Liberty Safe. Very exceptional quality, and I'm very pleased with this purchase. I would recommend Liberty to anyone looking to have peace of mind that their valuables are properly secured.

Great Safes, Great People
written by Safetypcb on June 12, 2018

Need touch up pen or bottle of paint.
written by Bill the "LEMON" man. on June 8, 2018
Safe looks good but could be updated. It seems the National Security has moved ahead of the Liberty in modern style.

Presidential 25
written by Loc on June 6, 2018
the safe speaks for itself! beautiful

written by Dan on June 5, 2018
The safe is everything that I expected it to be and more.....It is so nice that I don't like it being hidden. I wish that everything that I purchased was this nice; both quality and appearance.

written by Joe Victor on June 1, 2018

The Supreme Safe.
written by Dr. Tony on May 21, 2018
Was thoroughly impressed with this safe. When I saw it in person I mentally thought that the safe was beyond my expectations. It really is worth the money and as the
old adage goes " You Get What You Pay For ".

Buy Liberty Safes with Confidence
written by Bud on May 9, 2018
Buy a Liberty safe!... you will not find anything better at these prices!

Purchased the Liberty PX-50, would purchase again! Very happy wi
written by -anonymous- on April 29, 2018

This is an excellent safe
written by tobyrowe on April 27, 2018
First off Thank you to Able safe of warren they were the most helpful in selecting our safe and telling us the different features for each model and their delivery was on time and they took the time to make sure nothing was damaged including the hardwood floors.
We love our safe and the features of the Presidential series from the fire rating to the lighting and the flex interior, the construction of this safe is great as is the finish on the outside, the only decision we had was where we were going to place it in our home as it will fit in any room it is gorgeous.

written by Ryan M Szczesny on April 27, 2018

It is best to go big
written by Elgar Macy on April 23, 2018
Most of the reviews I read before purchasing my safe emphasized that the purchaser wished they would have gotten a bigger one. Based on all those recommendations, I ordered the largest Presidential series safe that Liberty Manufactures, The Presidential 50. I have not been disappointed. The quality of construction, the security provided by the numerous locking bars, the exceptional fire rating, and the exterior finish with the Gold ships-wheel handle make this safe aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as functional in all respects. The large size holds everything I anticipated putting in the safe before I ordered it plus a lot of other important items I hadn't previously considered.

Simply the Best
written by Central Florida Family on April 19, 2018
100% satisfied with every aspect of design, quality, and service!!

An Inspiring Experience
written by A very blessed customer. on April 14, 2018
Let me tell you of a situation I experienced. Many years ago, I bought a gun safe [Liberty Safe]. I and my wife were in the process of moving when we had a residential burglary at our home. When we returned to take the safe, we were devastated to see what had been done! After collecting our thoughts and doing necessary procedures, we notified the Liberty Safe people. They assured us all would be taken care of. Liberty explained EVERYTHING that needed to be done and walked us through this process with human kindness, excellent professionalism, and answered any questions that was asked. I was impressed with the honesty which is not seen any more. THAT IS SO SAD. Liberty Safe is what ALL companies should strive to be. Thank you for being such people. May God's grace, mercy, and blessings follow your company as you follow in His ways.

Don't think about it, Buy it!
written by Happy Owner Doug on April 10, 2018
Best on the market, delivery and Install by dealer was flawless. This is the fourth Liberty safe I own, owner for life

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.