Made in the USA

Presidential Series

Best of the Best!

The king of all gun safes, the Presidential line provides unprecedented levels of fire protection and security, such as:

  • 2.5 hours of certified fire protection
  • 24 color options
  • 7-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 18 - ½” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • 5-point Suretight handle

The Presidential models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand automatic on/off interior lighting
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifer
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $4,399
Payments starting as low as $100.07 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 18 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Presidential Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 514 customers ratings and reviews

Presidential 40
written by Jim on April 2, 2018
Presidential 40 is an excellent safe with numbers to back it up. Liberty is a great company that stands behind their products. I'm happy to own this safe

Quality USA-Made Safe...Piece of Mind for More Than Your Weapons
written by Jeffrey D on March 30, 2018
I've seen the videos of the 'experts' telling you a safe wont protect against a structure fire and how easily the safe is defeated, keep in mind, it is a layer of defense (there are other layers of protection). I spent almost a year looking at gun safes, commercial safes, fire ratings, RSC ratings but ultimately decided on the PX40 because it has an excellent balance of capabilities vs. cost. The videos on construction not only educate but provide some insight on what goes into the safe... they are worth the time to watch. The last thing I will say is the final determining factor was the safe is made in the USA from USA materials, not just assembled from foreign parts or made overseas.

written by Mr. on March 30, 2018

Got What I wanted
written by John L Dyer on March 28, 2018
I just got this safe. I don't even have my guns in it yet. I don't know enough to write a review.
I did learn that most safe buyers ended up wanting a safe bigger than the one they bought. I got a really big one. Plenty of room for more guns and other stuff.
I did learn that fire safety was an available attribute and I got 2.5 hours at 1500F. That's impressive.
The down side of my big safe is that it almost didn't fit into my house. Were it not for some very strong and very able installers, it might not have made it up the one 8 inch step right by the garage door tracks.
Call me in an year or so and ask for my opinion then.

Presidential 50 - Well Designed and Built in the USA
written by Big T on March 24, 2018
If your looking for a safe to protect your families valuables, firearms or other items. This is the one to buy. Made in the USA, not imported. This safe is HUGE, double check all doorways and entryways to be sure it will fit BEFORE ordering. The Gold package goes well with any decor. Lifetime replacement warranty, 2.5 hour fire rating. I would definitely consider buying this model again without a doubt.

Liberty Presidential 50
written by One Happy Customer on March 18, 2018
This is my 2nd Liberty safe. They are simply the best.

written by City of Algona on March 16, 2018

Best decision Ever! (On a safe that is!)
written by The Walker on March 1, 2018
Looked and shopped to upgrade an old gun vault of mine for over 20 years. Shopped and reviewed 15+ brands and kept coming back to this one! Finally pulled the trigger and best decision I ever made as this is not only a great protector, it also looks absolutely amazing. Thanks Liberty for such a high quality product! Black mirror on black chrome looks amazing!

Best Warranty In the Country
written by Arizona Mike on March 1, 2018

Great Purchase
written by Cabie on February 27, 2018
Jean does Genealogy research and part of the reason for this purchase was that it gave her the greatest fire protection for the forty years of work and the pictures she has acquired with that research. We are so pleased with the safe and so happy we bought the larger safe. It is pretty too!

No Regrets
written by Dr. Ryan S. on February 27, 2018
Amazing fit, finish and functionality. The attention to detail is apparent in the workmanship in the Presidential. No regrets in this purchase and I would strongly recommend this safe to the family that wants to protect their important treasures.

Great safe
written by Carl C. M. on February 23, 2018
The quality of the Liberty Safes is exceptional. I have now purchased three of the safes.

Best quality and customer service I know of.
written by Dan D. on February 15, 2018
I have been looking for a gun safe for a long time, when my daughter was born it was time to get one. I looked high and low for over a year and decided on Liberty. I am impressed with the looks of the unit, the professionalism and quick response from the support team and the dealers they choose to work with. I have only had it for 1 day so I am not sure about longevity or the lifetime warranty but the reviews written by others helped in that decision as well.

Excellent safes
written by REC on February 13, 2018
I bought my first Presidential (40)safe in 1998. I bought my second Presidential (50) in 2005. The service has been excellent. The safes both retained their "good looks". and served the function intended. Following the Houston flood in 2017, Liberty graciously offered to sell replacement safes at an extremely helpful price so that I might be able to replace both safes. I now have two Presidential 50's in a beautiful bronze color that my wife says fits well with the furniture. Moore Security, the dealer who moved my first safe, delivered both safes in a most professional manner with no problems. They do an amazing job in moving such large pieces of "furniture". All in all, I could not be more pleased with my safes and the Moore family. Thanks to everyone involved.

written by John wayne on February 12, 2018
It's still in the box so I can't give an accrate review or even its actual condition as I have not seen it yet. It was delivered laying down so I can't even open it. Requested this delivery with it laying down. Only complaint was how long it took to build and deliver. The deciding factor on this purchase was the 500$ rebate. Can't wait to get it set up!
Thanks liberty safes
Ryan H

Finally a real safe
written by Houndsman on February 9, 2018
Finally got a real safe . I feel safe against theft and fire with the presidential

Peace on Mind
written by Poor Richard on February 8, 2018
Presidential safe was installed onto my Previously constructed base on concrete slab. The Rowdy's install team of St George, Utah set that bad boy onto the base and bolted it to the floor. They were in and out in an hour and a half which included entry programming and initial instruction. We took possession of it immediately thereafter! My guns and other stuff are now behind a safe and secure Vaulted Door. I like to open it up every day just to see that i can, and, sure enough it opens with out fail. Great Job Rowdy's! Great Safe Liberty! Super Idea Sean Hannity!

written by Kenny on February 8, 2018

I'm very pleased with my purchase!
written by T on February 3, 2018
It's worth the price!

Presidential 50
written by Ben L on January 21, 2018
Excellent quality safe in appearance, Material of construction, and electronic extras. interior lighting and Power/USB connections are great.
the interior is average. I may retrofit interior.
This is my third liberty safe, still own the previous 2.

First time safe buyer turned lifetime customer.
written by Casey on January 7, 2018

Great Product
written by Andy on December 30, 2017
Product functions exactly as advertised. Interior layout allows for multiple configurations to meet my needs.

Best Thing, A Presidential 25
written by STETH on December 29, 2017
I'm Smiling now!!! Love the New Beautiful Presidenital 25 "SAFE AND SOUND WITH LIBERTY"

Best safe, period.
written by More than satisfied buyer! on December 23, 2017
This is my second purchase of a Liberty safe. Still using the first one since 1988 and it worksf perfectly just as the first day I bought it. Both are perfect in quality, operation, and dealer service. If I'm in the market for more, I wouldn't even consider any other brand.

written by Potter on December 23, 2017
I love my new Liberty Presidential 50!!!

written by Alex Stebly on December 22, 2017

Can't wait to read the owner manual...
written by David Fredericks on December 19, 2017
I'm a guy and stereotypically we don't read owner manuals. I feel like I know the product so very well from the brochures and the online videos and sales staff at 3N Liberty Safe in Clifton Park, NY.But...this safe is so jam-packed with features, I want to be sure I didn't miss something

written by Elmer fud on December 17, 2017
Nicest safe I ever seen well built

Allen's Review
written by Kittie Steele on December 13, 2017
Allen is very happy with product.

Peace of Mind from behind the Door
written by Outlander on December 11, 2017
The presidential series safe is without a doubt a very sound investment for securing anything of value. The construction is the cleanest of any brand safe that I looked at. The interior is sturdy and very versatile. The door although very heavy can be moved with my little finger with no effort what so ever and without any drag at all. The door opens like it is floating in air. The locking mechanism works equally smooth. The exterior finish is without flaw. This Presidential safe is a very attractive addition to the home furnishings and will long outlast me.

written by Metallica on December 10, 2017
When you want the best, buy a Liberty Safe.

Liberty safes
written by Jp5 on December 7, 2017
Well built eazy shelf's ajustment, good color choices

Dusty Alford
written by DustyAlford on November 21, 2017
100% happy will recommend to friends and family

MR. Big
written by MR Big on November 17, 2017
Wow! I was amazed at the quality of the safe and it is now a piece of fine furniture in my home. The Presidential 50 with the gold fixtures is the way to go. Thanks Liberty

Presidential 40 in One Word...
written by J Portofino on November 2, 2017
The Quality and Customer Service of Liberty are UNMATCHED!

Peace of Mind
written by D&D on October 29, 2017
Beautiful as well as Functional

A Work of Art and Functional Too
written by Bob on October 27, 2017
I bought this safe because it had the highest fire rating, was the most secure, and had all the features/room I was looking for in a safe. What I didn't expect was it being a work of art. It is the most beautiful item in the room.

written by WGraham on October 20, 2017

written by Miss Nell on October 16, 2017

It's Big,,
written by Bone on October 16, 2017
It's Big, and it's Beautiful, Glad I bought the larger safe!! Once in a life time buy for me!!!

Best Safe Ever!
written by Gatorscooper on October 13, 2017

written by SATISFIED CUSTOMER on October 12, 2017
This will be my second liberty safe ,my first safe I have had for 7 years no problems, very happy with LIBERTY SAFES.

Presidential - Beautiful and functional
written by Chris C. on October 9, 2017
Bought the black cherry presidential with the intent of having it in a central area of the home. It's beautiful, doesn't stick out as an eyesore like my wife was concerned about. The interior is slightly lower quality than I expected for the price and the "top of the line," but it's still very modular and capable.
Overall, very happy with the purchase, and would highly recommend the presidential for anyone who is planning on keeping their safe on display in the open.

Robert Thayer Liberty Safe Presential
written by Robert on October 1, 2017
The product itself is very quality product and the delivery and retail location was very professional when they delivered it. My only comment is the rebate process was a little unclear and created lead time in the delivery of the rebate.

Great Safe
written by David on September 28, 2017
The size is great! It holds all we need. Also like that the door only swings 90 degrees so it does not bump the wall. Has options to varying shelf heights.

Peace of Mind
written by Matt Strader on September 19, 2017
My wife and I just purchased our third Liberty safe. We gave the first two to our children as we kept upgrading. We now have a Presidential in our home, and we love it. It's a great feeling knowing that our valuables are 100% safe from fire and theft. We're extremely pleased with our purchase, and highly recommend Liberty Safes.

Liberty Safe
written by Andrew G on September 15, 2017
The presidential series safe represents a great value for the price. The quality is outstanding and it is made in the USA.

It's not just for guns
written by Artist in Texas on August 30, 2017
Very flexible interior. As graphic artist, bought to protect cameras, digital media, artwork. and personally family items (in case of disaster). Feeling confident stuff will be safer in case of disaster. Easy to access, interior lighting convenient. I had worried a bit about it being an obnoxious "elephant" in the room but with wide selection of colors it stands more elegant than obtrusive in the guest room. VERY satisfied so far.

Finally got one
written by Happy Home Owner!! on August 28, 2017
My wife and I struggled over getting a Liberty safe primarily due to the retail cost but we also knew that we would eventually get the safe because we were convinced that Liberty safes are the best for home owners. We are extremely relieved now that we have one and it is a handsome addition to our family room. Thank you Liberty for being an incredible quality product that can still be manufactured and bought in America.

Happy Home Owner!!

Best Of The Best
written by Kenneth C. Ivins on August 19, 2017
There is no better safe than Liberty. They're simply the best of the best. The fact that they are made here in AMERICA BY AMERICANS tells the whole story. Thank You Liberty from a US Army Veteran.