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Made in the USA

Presidential Series

Best of the Best!

The king of all gun safes, the Liberty Safe Presidential line provides unprecedented levels of fire protection and security, such as:

  • 2.5 hours of certified fire protection
  • 24 color options
  • 7-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 18 - ½” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • 5-point Suretight handle

The Presidential models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand automatic on/off interior lighting
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifer
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $4,599
Payments starting as low as $104.62 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Presidential Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 583 customers ratings and reviews

safe and loan
written by safe 1 on July 29, 2020
The safe is great but the company Liberty us for loans is bad very bad

Great safe, but ...
written by Dan Z on April 11, 2020
Good Afternoon!
I LOVE the safe. But, there seems to be a lot of play in the door when shut.
Not air tight. Is that by design? If so, please explain why. I'm concerned about
fire protection.
Thank you.
Dan Zehnder

PS. Jim at the Range of Richfield is GREAT to work with. I look forward to making other purchases with / thru Jim.

Liberty Presidential 25 shipped directly from Liberty Urah
written by Dennis on January 16, 2020
After 3 failed attempts to get my Liberty Presidential Safe 25 to my home (original purchase date 7/2019), logistics/shipper had compromised the aesthetics and integrity of the previous safes by damage. I finally got the safe, intact on 1/8/2020. The safe is beautiful. I haven't looked inside yet, but, the safe is everything I wanted, finally. I would have given Liberty 5 stars except that there were 2 scratches on the from of the safe. I will be contacting the company to have someone touch up the paint, or they can send me some touch up paint to do it myself. Overall pleased that i finally have the safe.

Last safe to own.
written by Fire Hardened on June 15, 2019
First I would like to say, knoxville Tactical in Knoxville was finest shop I have had to do business with.

Normally I would not make comments about what I have purchased, but when 6k is spent on something you hope you never have to need to the extreme you going to get feed back. Being a metal craftsman and Retired Firefighter I can appreciate the construction of this safe. I have owned other safes I would have serious doubts upon returning to my burnt house and finding my safe and contents intact. The advertised 2.5 hrs fire resistance would be minimum protection for valuables you would need.

The paint is for looks, but the metal is the integrity.
I would buy another.

written by Donny K on June 10, 2019

Presidential 40
written by Texas Ortho Doc on October 4, 2018
Maybe it's because I have always owned Presidential 50s, but we bought a new home that required me to downsize to a Presidential 40. I just had a heck of a time fitting things in. No problems with quality, but as in all other things, size matters.

Liberty Presidential 40
written by tbolt on October 4, 2018
Security, protection, size, quality, warranty

Wish you had better interiors
written by Alan on September 10, 2018
I once saw a Liberty safe that had a tanned leather interior (must have been done by the owner after purchasing from Liberty). It looked amazing and smelled of leather every time you opened the door. I would have paid extra to get a similar option from Liberty had it been offered. The new faux leather option is not what I'm talking about either. That looks cheap!

The one I saw reminded me of the interior of a Ford King Ranch pickup if you've ever seen one of those. I hate Fords, but I love that interior!

Anyway, thanks for an awesome safe!

Need touch up pen or bottle of paint.
written by Bill the "LEMON" man. on June 8, 2018
Safe looks good but could be updated. It seems the National Security has moved ahead of the Liberty in modern style.

Got What I wanted
written by John L Dyer on March 28, 2018
I just got this safe. I don't even have my guns in it yet. I don't know enough to write a review.
I did learn that most safe buyers ended up wanting a safe bigger than the one they bought. I got a really big one. Plenty of room for more guns and other stuff.
I did learn that fire safety was an available attribute and I got 2.5 hours at 1500F. That's impressive.
The down side of my big safe is that it almost didn't fit into my house. Were it not for some very strong and very able installers, it might not have made it up the one 8 inch step right by the garage door tracks.
Call me in an year or so and ask for my opinion then.

Finally a real safe
written by Houndsman on February 9, 2018
Finally got a real safe . I feel safe against theft and fire with the presidential

Presidential 50
written by Ben L on January 21, 2018
Excellent quality safe in appearance, Material of construction, and electronic extras. interior lighting and Power/USB connections are great.
the interior is average. I may retrofit interior.
This is my third liberty safe, still own the previous 2.

Presidential - Beautiful and functional
written by Chris C. on October 9, 2017
Bought the black cherry presidential with the intent of having it in a central area of the home. It's beautiful, doesn't stick out as an eyesore like my wife was concerned about. The interior is slightly lower quality than I expected for the price and the "top of the line," but it's still very modular and capable.
Overall, very happy with the purchase, and would highly recommend the presidential for anyone who is planning on keeping their safe on display in the open.

Robert Thayer Liberty Safe Presential
written by Robert on October 1, 2017
The product itself is very quality product and the delivery and retail location was very professional when they delivered it. My only comment is the rebate process was a little unclear and created lead time in the delivery of the rebate.

written by silver bear on August 16, 2017

Liberty Safes Presidential 50
written by New Liberty Owner in Georgia on August 12, 2017
Drove 150 miles to the largest volume dealer in the state thinking they would have the best choices in color to see and touch. I ended up getting the Gloss Bronze but all they had in the showroom for that color was a marble finish. The dealer checked their inventory and it said they had a Bronze Gloss in stock so I ordered it without seeing what it actually looked like. The delivery day came and I got a call from the dealer saying they went to verified the color inside the box but it did not match what was listed on the outside of the box. Gloss Bronze was the color listed on the outside but a Gray color safe was actually inside. Oops! The Dealer did call Liberty Safes before calling me to see if they could expedite a Presidential 50 in Gloss Bronze and the company said they could. The safe is beautiful!!! I am confused on the MONSTER MECH assembly though (reason for 4 Stars). Liberty Safes website clearly says under SECURITY that the Presidential series safe comes with the New GX-480 MONSTER MECH but the badging on the handle of the Presidential 50 I received says DX-80???? Very confused on that and I look forward to talking to Liberty Safes Customer Service on that issue. The interior is beautiful and looks well crafted. The interior lights are nice and bright and all shelves are well lit except the lower right corner. I guess I will have to wait to see if Liberty improves the lights in the future. Love the 2.5 hour fire rating and hope I never have the need to test it out.

Presidential 50
written by Mr. H on July 1, 2017
Well build Safes ... the only reason I gave 4 star was for the money I pay for this Safe I expect everything to be perfect. there were residues of paint marking on the "Made in USA" print ,plus imperfection on the print logo.

Excellent safe but ...
written by DaveTX on April 27, 2017
Excellent safe ... but ... it took me three days and multiple phone calls in order to open it the first time. My "master code" was not the one listed in the manual, nor was any of the next three or four we tried. After multiple calls from the dealer, Liberty customer service tech was finally able to walk me through enough trial and error steps until we got it open. After that all went smoothly.

Presidential Series 50 Safe
written by Rick on April 16, 2017
The outside appearance of the safe is excellent. The color I chose is a dark red metallic with gold strip & an old school combination dial. The interior is light cream color. To this point all is fine, but have only had it for 2 days at this writing. I'm afraid that the interior may dirty a little faster than I had anticipated, but we will see.
Otherwise I'm pleased with the purchase.

High quality safe.
written by Liberty presidential on March 6, 2017
Love the color, ordered the presidential 25 in bergundy marble. LIke the safe a lot 7 guage steel, 2.5 hr fire protection. Don't like the particle board shelving. The particle board shelving is a downside for sure. Other than that I love the safe.

written by . on January 2, 2017

excellent construction and integrety
written by Preserve your gun rights, VOTE on July 31, 2016
Excellent safe as a whole. Quality is top notch. My safe is full of long guns. If you fill every slot, butt plates will be against each other. very tight fit. Most people won't be storing a musket. I am. It has to be put in diagonally and in front of the center support. Makes for a really tight fit when the door is closed if you use the handgun storage on the door.

Nice Safe
written by Wyoming on April 4, 2016
So far so good. Have had safe for less than a week. Only time will tell how it will preform. Initial thoughts... I think it will work just fine.

written by VICTOR O on February 4, 2016

Presidential 40 safe
written by Ralph on February 3, 2016

I would give it a five but...
written by Bri on November 17, 2015
After a long time looking and weighing the benefits of their various pros and cons of the sea of safes out there I went with a Liberty. Being a Mechanical Engineer I look at every aspect of a product before plunking down cash. I don't care if its $10 or $10K I always vote with my pocketbook.

So, I took ownership of my Px50 which for folks that are still researching it's the Presidential model. I looked at features such as, shelving orientation, gun orientation and fire rating to just name a few. I looked also at the additional features I could add-on. My wife and I were looking for something to hold not only guns but other important documents this is where the add-on thing came in. We liked what we could get through liberty, plain and simple.

Construction and attention to detail is very good. But, there is one issue that I have noticed and want to get rectified which is the reason I didn't give a full five stars. What is it you ask? The handles! I have to small boys and in the glee of "What new things is this?" they showed me that the handles can easily be screwed off. As and Engineer I would think that these would be tightened to the necessary torques rating so that you could not just unscrew them by hand. Now, to be fair I've owned the safe less than 24 hours at this point. I have not spoken to the dealer NOR Liberty yet. It just so happens they asked me to write a review after filling out my warranty info. I have no doubt that the issue will be remediated and hence I can then change my rating (if I can?) to a full five stars.

Now, safe construction? Care has been taken through out manufacturing to leave crisp clean lines with ZERO burs and gaps. The doors' gap is right on. The interior is really nice! The stitching done for the shelving etc. is done with care. I didn't see a one stitch out of line. The shelf supports are all black and not a one scratched during installation at the factory. Debris from the assembly of the safes interior was extremely limited. What I mean is the fiber, dust and/or thread, there was a little but very little.

The reason I make note to some of things here I do which may seem almost like being picky is that the presentation of a product by a company is not entirely but, partially the sign of what to expect now and in the future of that company. Also, the things I mentioned I noticed over the course of nearly a year of looking at various safe manufactures. I try to take the sum of the parts such as; company, quality of the product(s) and service into mind when making the decision to plunk the cash down. In what I feel is a pretty darn informed decision I and my wife choose Liberty. We believe we'll have years of service from this safe with minimum to no issues.

written by Big on September 5, 2015
Big and heavy. Hopefully I never need it but if I do it better be fireproof

Overall great safe.
written by Patrick on August 24, 2015
I just upgraded from a Chinese import Stack-on Safe, (Slack on, if you ask me). My collection was cramped and safe was over stuffed. Now I have all the room in the world to expand my collection. Well it at least for a few more years! I love the safe and would have given it 5 stars but only 4 because of a 1/2 gap in the fire board noticed in the hinge pockets. This gap between the side wall fire board, and the door flange.

written by Joe on July 16, 2015

Presidential 50 safe
written by none on July 4, 2015

written by Abo Adam on May 19, 2015
Support anything made in the USA

Liberty Safe and Sound
written by Sterling Springs of Pennsylvania on May 8, 2015
This safe is very attractive and I suggest displaying this in your Den. Very nice on the eye!!

Presidential Excellence
written by Murry C. on March 10, 2015
I was and very impressed buy this product. I hope that it will give many years of trouble free service.

Very High Quality Safe
written by Jeff R. on December 14, 2014
The safe is everything advertised and much higher quality than most I looked at. Including the lights and dehumidifier is a nice plus. The flexibility of the storage system is the best of any safe I have seen.

Rock solid
written by CP on September 3, 2014
I recently purchased a Presidential PX 40 safe and it is as advertised, rock solid and secure. It's pretty awesome.

Only challenge is the number of rifles that actually fit. I'm getting about half what was advertised ... Of course, YMMV. Wish there was some way to "test load" the safe

Love it.
written by bisonrancher on May 7, 2014
Love the safe, size and strength, my only gripe would be is the particle board crap they use for shelves, other than that I love it.

presidential 50
written by j on March 20, 2014

Mostly happy customer, but not happy with shelving in safe.
written by Typical Southern guy on February 20, 2014
I looked for a safe for a long time, I read everything I could get my hands on, but one thing kept bringing me back to Liberty - fire rating. I liked everything I saw, but if your rating and time isn't that high, you're basically putting all of your guns in one location to melt them down. I recommend you guys beef up the shelving support for the upper shelves. If you plan on putting your ammo in the safe, it won't hold up to the weight if you have boxes of ammo for every gun that this safe will hold.

Customer Service is outstanding
written by Wyatt on September 26, 2013
Randi W. went above and beyond the neccessary measures to ensure I was satisfied with the end product. When I initially purchased the safe from Walter-Craig in Montgomery, AL there were significant issues that were caused by the dealer(ie cosmetic condition of the safe, lost combination, lost paperwork, missing 1 x combination lock key). Long story short, Randi spent the extra time and effort to ensure the issues were resolved and Liberty's name was upheld. Thanks again for the assistance and also for supporting our military!

Liberty's Response:
We will pass this onto Randi. Thanks very much for your feedback.

written by safe_less on August 1, 2013
ORIGINAL REVIEW: July 18, 2013
Customer Star Rating
I am a dissatisfied customer and my safe hasn't even shown up ye
I ordered my safe between late Feb 2013 and early March 2013. I paid up front a deposit of half the cost for a presidential 40 safe. I was told the safe would be shipped to the dealers location in Austin, Texas by mid to late May. Once mid May came, I called to get an update on my safe since no one contacted me. I was told my safe had not arrived and they had no projected date of completion. Liberty Safe of Austin stated to call back in a month. I called back in one month and still the safe hadn't been delivered to their location. The next week I received an email stating my safe would arrive during the week of 24 June. I called Liberty Safe of Austin during this week and still the safe had not arrived. The safe was listed as in transit but no delivery date was known. During second week of July my safe arrived in Austin and I scheduled for it to be delivered that Saturday since I work 6 am to 5 pm. The Friday night before delivery I was called by Liberty safe of Austin and told they were canceling my delivery due to logistical issues. I was told they would work around my schedule to make this right and fix the situation. I was called later that week to schedule a delivery but Liberty Safe of Austin would not deliver past 5pm or on weekends. I once again stated I could not take off work and that my only day I was available was after 3pm on Thursdays. The representative stated he would get back to me about scheduling a delivery as his schedule was very busy. Two weeks went by with no contact from liberty safe. I called Liberty Safe only to receive an answering machine at 3pm on a Thursday. I then called the Liberty Safe headquarters, I was transferred to a sales rep who proceeded to act very rude taking my situation very lightly, someone was laughing in the background, the rep cutting me off from letting me explain the situation in full and then acted like I was over reacting, stating their was a large waiting list due to high demand of safes, guns and ammo. He then let me explain in full and then he asked what kind of safe I bought as if it was a status symbol. I was so frustrated I couldn't think of the model off the top of my head and he started naming Colonial or Franklin. When I said presidential 35 he was shocked in his tone and took the situation more serious and changed his tone and attitude. He quickly stated someone would be contacting me and he would resolve this issue. I don't see why it should matter if I bought a presidential or a Colonial.... I then received a call from the south Texas manager who tried to explain why my safe hadn't been delivered. He stated my location was far from his and his new delivery service did not work weekends or after 5 pm. These are all issues that I as a customer shouldn't have to worry about if I'm paying thousands of dollars for a safe. More importantly these are issues that should have been addressed way in advance while my safe was being built. The manager proceeded to tell me the next available delivery date wasn't until the 1st of August. He stated he was planning on getting married next week and the entire operation would be shut down for two weeks. The lack of logistical planning, poor communication with customers and poor customer service has extremely tarnished the reputation of liberty safe in my eyes.
Liberty's Response:
Okay safe_less, let us see what we can find out and get a resolution to you. Thanks for the detailed overview of your experience. We have been sold out for 2013 but we should be communicating the progress of your order and letting you know. Let's see what we can do.
After writing my initial review (July 18) I was quickly contacted by the regional sales manager but I missed his call. We played phone tag for a couple of days until I gave up and decided to wait for my delivery date of 1 Aug (today). Yesterday I received a phone call from the regional sales manager and the austin dealer. I was very busy at work but took the call since we had been playing phone tag for a while now. The regional sales manager started the conversation by apologizing for the communications issues and the logistics issues surrounding the delivery of my safe. He wanted to see what could be done to rectify these issues and update my previous rating. I explained I just wanted my safe and we discussed my complaints. He explained his tracking system at Liberty safes (specifically when safes were being built, in transport and delivered) was very archaic and needed updating. I suggested an online login tracker, where customers can see where their safe is and an estimation to the delivery. He explained that the company was growing so fast with the high demand certain things needed to be updated and this was one of them. I also explained my frustration with the delivery and how it simply could have been fixed by contracting a small moving truck and a couple of guys on the next weekend to get this job done. He replied that the dealer had to fire his delivery contractor and rehire someone the day before my delivery but had no way of getting the safe delivered. I wasn't happy with the response because I would have been more than pleased if Liberty Safe dug deep into their pockets and paid someone overtime to finalize the job. The regional sales manager noticed I wasn't impressed and we continued the conversation but on a different topic of how certain changes could be done to improve the service. At the end of the conversation the regional sales manager offered to pay for having my safe bolted to the floor and the initial cost of a safelert. I was more than pleased with the outcome of the conversation. Today I left work a little early to get home for the 3pm delivery. I received a phone call asking for directions or a major intersection. The delivery ended up being an hour late. Once here the contracted movers placed the safe and set it up in a timely manner. Overall I'm content with the purchase. The safe came in perfect condition and I am happy with it.

I'm not sure the dehumidifier is working but I followed the provided instructions. The safelert is up and working but I am unable to get a wireless internet connection unless i use the extended antenna. This antenna has a short cord and requires the safelert to be placed at the front of the safe. A simple cut of the wire renders the system cut off from sending email or text alerts. Although it states a loss of internet conductivity will trigger an alert. I'd personally like to have the antenna at the back of the safe, out of sight and mind.

Presidential Review
written by TREE GUY on July 25, 2013
Professional staff no pressure. Patient with purchasing over a six month period. Allowed upgrades to other models.

written by Windsor3189 on July 1, 2013
I have 2 Liberty safes and believe the product to be well worth the money. I did a lot of research and just felt all things added up to Liberty.

Probably give this second safe a five star but I just contacted them about two minor things, and waiting for their response.
Liberty's Response:
Okay, no problem. Randi will contact you shortly. Let us know how it goes.

Very high quality safe
written by Satisfied in Texas on May 17, 2013
Purchased to store firearms, important documents and other valuables to protect against theft and fire damage. We feel highly comfortable that we made a good purchase.

Presidential 40
written by MR. FROGMAN on May 16, 2013
It is the perfect safe for a family. Secures weapons and valuables. Gives owner peace of mind. Between ADT and Liberty Safes my property is locked down.

written by MR.ED on March 31, 2013

Almost perfect!
written by Conservative in Virginia on February 14, 2013
We are almost completely satisfied with the safe. When it arrived and the delivery men took the packaging off, my husband saw an area on the front that was messed up. It is at eye level, right around the torch. It looks like while the clear coat was wet, something fell up against it. When the item was removed a little of the paint and clearcoat was removed. We called the dealer and he gave us a credit for the damage. We feel the dealer handled the situation very well. Shop Gander Mountain!

We love the safe!

written by ocast on January 16, 2013

Liberty Presidential
written by Wyatt on November 28, 2012
The presidential series is a great safe. Before the purchase, ensure that you check the light sensor to verify that it wasn't damaged by the locking bolts. Overall, it's an extremely professional looking safe! However, if I could conduct the purchase again I would choose the Liberty National. The exposed hinges allow for a greater range of motion for the safe door.
Liberty's Response:
Yes, the hinges are one of the five differences between the Presidential and the National Security models. Many like the internal hinge as an automatic door stop at 110 degrees. The external hinge as you mentioned does allow for a 180 degree opening. Both series of safes are top of the line models with 2.5 hour fire protection and level 30 out of 30 security features.

Top Notch Quality
written by RancherRon on August 25, 2012
I received my Presidential P40 safe a few days ago. The dealer service was excellent: great advice, good periodic updates after sale, delivery as promised. The Presidential safe appears to be able to withstand anything that mother nature can throw at it and would be virtually impossible for a thief to break into. The automatic lights (when door is opened) are a welcome addition for my old eyes. The only small disappointment I have is the area for rifles/shotguns must have been laid out for weapons without scopes.....I had to skip over several slots to make enough room for the rifles. All in all, a great safe from a great company. It's also nice to be able to purchase a product that's "Made in America".

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.