USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Liberty introduces one tough entry level safe-The USA Series. Built right here in America, our USA safes were recently tested against the competition by dropping a 1000 pound block of cement on top of each safe. Check out the results by viewing the video below. Toughness is built in with Liberty's newest defense system, our Patent-pending 4-inch wide Military Style Locking Bars coupled with Liberty's engineering marvel--the 2-piece roll form body--and you have one heavy-duty safe! These American made gun safes are available in 3 sizes--the 23, 30 and 48--with textured black powder coat finish and New TopLit SecuRam E-lock. 3-in-1 flex interior and economy door panel offers extra storage capacity. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 40 minutes of fire protection.

PRICE: Starting at $949

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 647 customers ratings and reviews

It's a nice gun safe for the price I paid
written by gun safe on December 3, 2018

John Marrocco's Review
written by John Marrocco on December 2, 2018
So far so good. I have had good luck with my other safe.

Liberty 36 gun safe
written by BJ on November 28, 2018
This seemed to be a good safe for the size and price. The fire rating is good and the research on the internet is good. We are able to buy accessories for this safe.

Great safe for the money
written by REUBEN on November 27, 2018
I picked this safe with 2 factors in mind. Size and budget. This us the biggest safe I could find for the money that wasn't flimsy and cheap fealing, like what you can find a budget retailers. I would have loved it to be about 3-6 inches deeper, that's what she said. Because with having as many scopes rifles as I do, you cant even use the back row.

This safe is sturdy and strong, and big for the money. I would buy it again if I was in the same position.

Liberty Review
written by Jacob on November 23, 2018
I am happy with the safe so far, I have only had it a few days. Price point was good. Time will tell.

By the powers of youtube and the internet vested in me
written by Buy the biggest safe you can! on November 14, 2018
Ok review trolls, this is a veteran reviewer and multiple safe owner. You cannot buy a better safe in the same price range period. This is great safe for the price, if you want a plush interior stop being a tight ass and spend the money. Who cares what the inside looks like, its not like you leave the door hanging open!! Sad to see they are no longer equipped with Sargent & Greenleaf locks, that would have given 5 stars easily. ***DO NOT BUY THE JUNK ANCHOR KIT, GO TO YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE STORE AND GET THE GOOD STUFF.

My second Liberty Safe
written by HLM on November 13, 2018
Good, well made safe for the normal hunter..............

30 Gun USA Safe
written by Mike on November 12, 2018
Just purchased the Liberty 30 Gun USA safe. The fire rating at the price point and the flexibility of design was what sold me. So far the safe is exactly as promised.

USA Series
written by pkat67 on November 11, 2018
I am quite pleased with the safe thus far. The only downside has been the installation for the electrical lighting in the location where we had the safe installed. There has to be an easier way to prepare the safe in that regard.

Otherwise, the safe is easy to operate, including the password set up. I feel much better having it installed and my firearms stored in it.

written by Stan on November 6, 2018
After looking at about 4 locations and 6 brands of safes, I decided that the Liberty safe was the best value and size for my needs.
This is my second safe and my first Liberty. My dealer made shopping very easy and was very helpful. Salesman's name is James. (can't remember last name) but safe was purchased at Evans Firearms and Archery, Regency Road, Lexington, KY.
Great people to do business with.

Great Safe for the money
written by B B B on October 21, 2018

Perfect size to feature to price ratio.
written by Jay Pea on October 13, 2018
Function and fitment of the metal outer parts, and door parts are excellent. Inside seems to be constructed a little sloppy. Carpeting and shelves are just okay quality and the fronts of the self are needed to be glued back on. It's more annoying then anything, but over all the rest of the safe is great. the USA series is the best combination, of size, features and cost that I was able to find with not just Liberty's options but any other company. I would buy one again and it fits my needs perfectly!

New Safe
written by Ken M. on September 19, 2018
I have not had enough run time on this safe to adequately comment.

Very Good Safe!
written by Mike D. on September 14, 2018
I needed a safe for ammo and a few guns that wouldn't fit into my Colonial 50. The Ammo Can wasn't large enough and didn't support long guns. The USA 48 is perfect for my second safe!

written by Lucas on September 8, 2018

written by Carman01 on September 3, 2018

written by safeuser on August 31, 2018

Good Value
written by Hoosier on August 23, 2018
The Liberty USA 30 safe is a good value for the money, it is sturdy and well built with plenty of room and versatility for storing guns and ammunition, it is pre-cut for easy installation of the Liberty electrical accessory kit, and can be configured to fit most anyone's needs. I would recommend to a friend or anyone else looking for a good value.

Liberty USA 30
written by K61 on August 20, 2018
Bought this safe and arrived within a few days, great safe for my gun collection and a few other item of value, passport etc...

Love it!
written by JasonV on August 12, 2018
My 1st safe. So far it's great.

USA 30
written by Rick N on August 8, 2018
Wanted a 1776 but settled for the USA 30 due to availability , very happy with my new safe.

Alot of safe for the money
written by Weasel the maladjusted on July 23, 2018
Seems to be a good solid safe. I do know it is very heavy compared to some of the compitition. Alot of safe for the money

Marcia T
written by Harleys for ever on July 21, 2018
We bought our Liberty USA 23 gun ???? safe about a week ago and we love ???? it !!

This is my third LIBERTY safe
written by Rocky on July 15, 2018
I love the Liberty safes, this is my third one. I keep moving to a new home and the safes are just to heavy to move. So I include the liberty safe in the sale of my home, and I think that is a big selling point!

written by MAGA on July 8, 2018
just looks great in my office

Liberty 36 Gun Safe
written by Weidman on June 28, 2018
Just purchased our safe today, so far we are very pleased with the features.

written by hawksclaw554 on June 27, 2018
Went to store, safe I looked at was not in stock because it was a new line. Salesperson showed me safe with all the features I was looking for. It was also $200.00 cheap Delivery price was $300.00 which was $75.00 higher then advertised price on Website. Also I ordered two options, One was a heater which required an Power Outlet to be installed which was also extra. When delivered neither one was installed. Delivery crew said they didn't send screws to install the power outlet. I would have thought these two items would have been installed prior to delivery. I have to call the store and see when they can install these items. This is the only thing I was disappointed in. Other then that delivery was a little late about 45 min from scheduled time but understandable with traffic that time of day.

greats safe
written by TOPLINER1 on June 27, 2018

written by Rob on June 27, 2018
Safe is well made and works well. Only thing I would like to have changed was a beefier or reinforced door jamb where the locking bars interact with the body

Good product but room for improvements
written by Ryan on June 27, 2018
This is a nice safe for the price, but with that comes some reduced quality ie the mechanical lock appeared very cheaply made so I had the dealer swap it out. Partical board shelves seem pretty light duty and the trim on them is okay, we shall see how they hold up. Overall I think this is the probably best made in USA safe on the market in this price range. Can't expect perfection with an entry level safe. Very pleased over all.

USA30 first thought
written by Juliet Romeo on June 25, 2018
After installing the safe I thought it had some good features and had some recommendations. First the safe is solid and everything works according to spec. I had a little reservation on the locker bars vs bolts. Especially since I could not find any information anywhere on the reliability of them. But its a fairly new tech and I didn't think Liberty was going to stake their excellent reputation on a maybe. So I got it home and installed it and its great. The only thing I would recommend for a future fix is the floor is a little flimsy. Even after its bolted down the thin gauge steel floor allowed for some movement when pushed. I would recommend a floor brace of some sort, like a thicker piece of steel to stiffen up the floor.

Steve Huffman Gun Safe
written by Nizmo on June 25, 2018
Very nice safe for the money.

The End
written by 204shooter on June 11, 2018

Review before using
written by Rocerman on June 8, 2018
I find it odd the I am being asked to write a review on my safe just to register a warranty. I do not know what is good or bad about it, because I have not owned it for more then a day. I can say that the dealer I went through was a little sketchy at first by trying to sell me a safe that I did not order or want. after getting past that point though, things went smoothly. The delivery personnel where also polite and prompt.

Wish lights were included
written by Random name on June 7, 2018
Overall very satisfying to have at home. Still need to fill it.. only downfall is that I am about 40 guns short to be considered full!

1st safe only safe??
written by Echo7Ret on June 6, 2018
had better results buying online than local box sporting goods store. good response for local dealer in making delivery. great quality. 1st real safe purchased, great price for size.

written by clak on June 2, 2018

Keep on improving
written by Crowmandu on May 30, 2018
Time order Febuary 20th Safe made April 27 Pick up from dealer May 25 Dilivered to dealer May 22. Ordering easy on line and finance was easy but after that the dealer lost the order and they use a different finance COMPANY. Was in the blind on that and good thing I called twice and then contacted Liberty. No actual delivery date for this just had to keep in touch with dealer. Had to digital sign finance on 7-May and got the safe on 25-May. Was lead to believe I could get the safe dropped from truck at Abington, Va but Main dealer is in Johnston city, Tn and would have had to wait for the safe to be delivered there from mmain store. Opted to drive the extra and get it as tired of waiting. Main store was a mile away from warehouse but guys really know how to handle them and loading was a breeze. They gave us pointers for unloading and that went well too. 44 gun so big but two guys can handle it easy. Safe was in great shape with no flaws. The free door pockets are great. Easy to open got the old school not electronic lock. Opened first try. When opened liked the pocket but the top shelf was too low and when adjusted up the center divider was made for that height only so will have to figure a attractive way to raise the bottom and fill the gap. The electric port is a plastic clip and 1/2" fire X sheet rock with fabric glued on it. I'm going to get a electrical weather or fire tight insert for this. The door is not tight to the seal so going to call and ask for the fix for this.Over all I like the safe and the 0% finance is great. I can imagine the logistics of getting these big heavy boxes out can be a head ache so good job on a dent and scratch free safe. I believe if Liberty continues to improve the safes and keeps the price right they'll have no competition. Keep up the good work and keep America working right here at home.

USA 48 Gun Safe
written by Philip Frederick on May 19, 2018
The 48 gun safe is the best bang for your buck.

Shelves are not standard and are a little weird but can be swapped around.

Door is heavy and may cause the safe to lean forward some even bolted to hard wood floors.

Lots of room

Came with delivery option

Key pad is EMP proof and lights up in the dark.

quality safe
written by George Blankenship on May 18, 2018
this safe is very srurdy and well built.

USA 23 Series
written by DL on May 18, 2018
Bought this as a secondary residential security cabinet for Bedroom. Enough space to store personal records, irreplaceable items, and a couple guns. I live in town close to fire dept. so I figure this budget security cabinet will be awesome for me. Way better than nothing at all! Extremely satisfied with fit and finish! Liberty Safes are the best value and quality I found with the most options to choose from. If you are going to buy a residential security cabinet / Safe go with Liberty. Buy 3 times bigger than what you need.

Great Safe For A Decent Sized Gun Collection
written by Brandon on May 15, 2018
I bought the USA 23 gun safe and I am very pleased with it. It feels very solid and sturdy. Has room for a decent size gun collection and more. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is I wish it had circular bolts instead of flat ones as the circular ones are much better and more resistant to prying. It did not come with the bolts to bolt it to the floor which is weird but they are not hard to find at a hardware store.

Quality safe at a reasonable price
written by MAR52 on April 21, 2018
The design, quality of construction and interior layout are very good. My only concerns are the lack of an optional mechanical rotary combination lock and a little higher fire rating. I question whether thirty minutes would be enough time to safeguard valuables for a large home fire. I know that the higher fire rating is available for the more expensive safes, but cost becomes an important factor for many retirees living on a fixed income. Regarding the electronic combination lock, I have doubts this type of lock is as reliable as a mechanical lock. All factors considered though, a quality safe at a reasonable price.

USA 48 Gun
written by Wes M. on April 15, 2018
Solid product for the price. Allowed me to get the 48 gun capacity (much needed for guns and valuables) without paying the higher price for the Fatboy Jr. I would highly recommend to anyone needing to secure firearms at a great value.

Shotguns too tall for shelf
written by Rob hempel on April 15, 2018
Shotgun too tall but you guys already knew that.

written by Mike in Cincy on April 11, 2018
Great quality for the price. Versatile safe that provides excellent functionality. Can't beat the lifetime warranty!

Good safe
written by Rusty on April 9, 2018
I just got the safe today but it seems well made and is a very nice size. The shelves can be moved to any position you want. The safe is large enough for quite a bit of whatever you want to store in there. I'm leaving 4 stars and not 5 because i haven't had it long enough to feel comfortable leaving 5 stars.

Libery USA Review
written by Bass Face on March 24, 2018

written by Jonesey on March 23, 2018

Big,smart, safe
written by Tony on February 28, 2018
Well built safe, nice design, good materials used.

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