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USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Survivor of the “1000 lbs. Drop Test,” the USA line offers entry-level pricing with premium protection, including:

  • 40 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 12-gauge steel safe body
  • 6 - ¼” thick locking bars

The USA models also include these features and accessories:

  • Economy-style interior door panel
  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • TopLit SecuRam E-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,099
Payments starting as low as $25 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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USA Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 1446 customers ratings and reviews

written by safe owner on November 12, 2019

written by Montana Rifleman on November 10, 2019
The best safe in the world. Very Pleased with my purchase. I don'
t like the Pallet arrangement but I understand why it exists as is. It's just hard to remove.

Just got it.
written by Domino on November 9, 2019
So I cant give a review yet. Picked it up myself and have it in place, have to order accessories.

U.S.A. does it again
written by JA on November 7, 2019
Very good quality for the price , secured all my needs

Great Safe
written by Marcus Bob on October 25, 2019
Very good product. USA 36. Only 1 suggestion LS....for those who wish not to bolt to slab, or cannot, LS should design the unit to prohibit the safe from tipping over. One would think this could be established by a slight redesign to the safe bottom, or providing an accessory (other than floor bolts) that would slip under the front edge to prohibit tipping.

Great safe!
written by Derek W. on October 25, 2019
Why is this not a 5-star rating? Because it's not a National Security/Presidential safe. This safe is amazing for its price point, and I am 1,000% happy with it. When I get the money for the National Security safe, I will still keep this one as well.

Good overall product.
written by Happy Camper on October 17, 2019
Very pleased with this product. I'm not a huge fan of the electronic keypad. I'd much rather have the manual dial with a backup key, but otherwise I'm happy with it. It's VERY heavy and has plenty of room for my needs.

First Safe
written by ORduck on October 15, 2019
Just purchased my first safe. Bought at a local dealer for LIberty.

written by td on October 7, 2019

Just got it....I can't get in....
written by Pintac Yeowww! on October 4, 2019
I guess it works and no scratches!

Great Product should have got it sooner.
written by Natro on October 3, 2019
After getting it i feel i should have just spent another $400 and got the Fat boy Jr. But i do live in town Mile and half from a fire house. So its not needed, this U.S.A. 48 will work great.

Good product with a few minor observations,
written by Outdoor Guy on September 29, 2019
Poor alignment of the fireboard cutout in relation to the knock out hole for the electrical outlet installation. I would have preferred the door adjusters to be made from steel instead of plastic. Some long guns will not fit in the rack unless the top shelf is moved higher leaving a gap between the shelf and dividing wall. I'll have to fabricate a filler piece for that, otherwise I'm happy with this product.

great safe
written by KenM on September 26, 2019
large capacity easy to arrange shelves. Only missing the ability to add internal electric outlets

written by Dexter on September 24, 2019

Just the right size and price for what I was looking for.
written by Olys4x on September 21, 2019
The only complaint I have was it didn't come with any paperwork of any kind.

Good Beginner Safe!
written by Brad on September 18, 2019
This safe is great for someone just starting out in the firearms world. It is sturdy and reliable enough to store your belongings and firearms!

A little sloppy
written by Dewy on September 18, 2019
A nice safe
The safe could have been a little cleaner, white powder all over safe with smudge marks also material could have been tucked in neater overall its a nice safe

Leon T!
written by Leon T. on September 10, 2019
Buy the larger safe that comes with free delivery. Instruction pamphlet is extremely basic. It so basic that it leaves you with questions.

Great safe.
written by Bill on September 10, 2019
I do wish these safes had levelling legs on them. Yes, bolts can solve a lot of that, but floors - especially basement ones, are not level intentionally sometimes.

written by Lg on September 4, 2019

Good solid safe
written by James on August 14, 2019

Great safe
written by Angry American on August 12, 2019
Great safe but your shipping packaging was absolutely terrible. For the money I spent on this safe I would have thought this thing would have been packaged for shipment. One piece of plastic & some cardboard that wasn't even secured to anything. Spend a little time,$ & engineering to better ship your safe that "Liberty" wants consumers to remember & in order to be the number 1 "American " safe...

written by GUN GUY on July 31, 2019

USA Series 30
written by Tim on July 29, 2019
Solid safe. Not many worries with this safe around. Even though, i Wish fire rating was better with the USA safes but I live close to fire station so I'm counting on them to put fire out before 40 minutes. This category is where for the price, other safe companies beat Liberty. For $1200 you would think the fire rating would be higher than just 40 minutes. This is where I feel Liberty is losing customers. We came real close to buying a Stack on from Sams Club.

Security of a man's second best friends
written by hodgie on July 28, 2019
If you want to secure the the things most important to you after family and your dog, this liberty safe has the space and the change of you can organize the shelves.

written by Todd Meloncon on July 22, 2019

Great safe
written by AmericanMade on July 19, 2019
Great safe, warranty would need to be used on the first day but I know they will fix the issue right away

Nice safe
written by Bs on July 17, 2019
Very solid safe, wish power piont was installed.

Too early to tell
written by Cory on June 30, 2019
It is really to early to have an opinion. As of now, seems ok. Sorry that's all I got.

written by none on June 30, 2019

Decent safe
written by BigLo on June 28, 2019
We got this safe because we started to add more rifles and handguns to our collection and needed a better safe for our documents and valuables. We couldn't afford the top end safes $2-3k but this at just over $1k suites our needs at this time.

written by LuckySleven on June 21, 2019
It was just delivered today, so can't really give it a review until I start using it. It took the vender 22 days to deliver, and the user packet said registration MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 30 day. so I registered it now so I don't forget.

New safe
written by Jim on June 19, 2019
Solid product for affordable price.

Good Value
written by WileCoyote on June 18, 2019
Safe was reasonably priced, fully functioned as expected Lifetime warranty

Warranty Registration
written by 2safeowner on June 13, 2019

written by nf on June 4, 2019

Uncle Sonny
written by Uncle Sonny on May 25, 2019
USA made!

new owner
written by calvin on May 21, 2019
only owned a few days but sattisfied so far seems to be a quality product

written by Carl on May 20, 2019

Liberty 30 Gun Safe
written by Kme109 on May 17, 2019

Good safe for the money
written by Ronnie on May 16, 2019
Seems to be a fair value.

written by JM on May 13, 2019

Nice safe
written by Ruben on May 8, 2019
Nice safe

Great quality and service
written by JoshM on May 1, 2019
Able Safe Warren made purchasing the liberty safe easy and affordable. I would recommend to everyone.

Quality product
written by Austin on May 1, 2019
Good product no issues other than the dial on my mechanical lock is loose and does not turn smoothly. I am currently contacting their customer service (safe was delivered yesterday) and I expect them to take good care of me!

Very nice for the money
written by Jake on April 28, 2019
Nice safe and a great warranty that I hope I'll never have to use lol

The Real Deal
written by Casey Showalter on April 24, 2019
Everything about this safe is top notch. Can't wait to fill it up and buy another one!!

USA 36 Gun Safe
written by Trump on April 23, 2019
Good safe for the money.

USA series
written by Chris upstate NY on April 21, 2019
I looked for a safe at all the big box stores in my area and did weeks of research to try and make a cost effective,informative decision. I am happy with my decision, one of the biggest reasons was being made in the USA. Liberty dose sell a China Version in some big box store( in my opinion it unfortunate ) I do believe these same models are available that are built in the USA by real distributors. You can search out safes and info on safes until you bang your head off the wall like I did. It comes down to 1 how much you want to spend
2 how big you want to go with 3 looking for security and or fire protection 4 your own personal preference.
As for #1 you can spend a hundred dollars to almost any amout you want. For me the liberty safes where a couple hundred more than big box store brands, a little of "4" built in the USA and outstanding customer reviews
#2 go bigger all review say so as did close friends and family that have safes. Most safe gun counts dont account for scopes and slings ect.
#3 more theft or fire protection more money.
#4 customer reviews and customer service out sells most.
I went with the USA series bought and picked up myself. The salesman Bob from 3N liberty safes in NY was awesome.
Informative and helpful not pushy or "salesman" upsales let's you make your own personal choice with a little personal input. Thank you Bob!

Liberty USA model 36 gun
written by LibertyMadeMeReviewThis on April 18, 2019
Just got it today so haven't got to test it much, but it seems of good quality

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.