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Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit Ratings and Reviews

Not worth the price!!!!
written by Derrick on February 27, 2019
I bought these lights and installed in my brand new liberty safe , It has barely been 2 months and now every time I open my safe it's like I have strobe lights in it they just flash and sometimes don't come on at all .I spent over $ 130 for these and they are junk and not only that I can't find my receipt to send them back. Unless liberty makes this right, This is the last liberty product me and my family will ever buy.

Follow up on earlier review - Great when they were working
written by John O. on January 31, 2019
After doing all the in house testing I could (mutli-meter, AC detector, etc) I was still unable to find a cause of my lights not working. I quick call to customer service and after a short wait my problems were solved. The phone menu was a little screwy one option that I should have chosen #4 did not want to work but I eventually got to a person and all was fine. After talking and walking through the issue we still could not get the lights to work.

I am completely satisfied with the remedy to my issues we were able to come to and fully stand behind Liberty. They are and will continue to be my gun safe choice

8 months and they atre dead
written by Matt on January 3, 2019
Purchased march 2018 by December started flickering. Then stopped working all together. Emailed liberty multiple time over a couple weeks and no response. On phone now for going on an hour so far. $160 for 8 months not worth it

WAS happy with lights until a year later
written by Safe owner on December 30, 2018
Led lights were great and was very useful when opening your safe! However now that I am used to having them when I open the safe, I cannot get them to shut off. I have to get on my back and plug/unplug them every time I want to use them. I understand they won't last forever and have nonproblem replacing them once I get my use out of them. I may open the safe 2-3 times a month. With that being said, I have only had this safe for a year and lights are a problem already. Safe is great but I bought it because it was big and had space and the lights were real handy. But they may have been on and off a total of 50 times now for a total of 4 hours. I am really frustrated that they are out. They could have at least put the plug up high so I don't have to lay down to get to plugs.

Purchased march 2018,8 months later they stop working
written by Matt on December 26, 2018
Purchased march 28,2018 by December they stopped working. $150 for 8 months that's crazy

Will Not Recommend
written by Customer on December 14, 2018
This item did not work from the start and after I had it replaced the sensor would work only when it felt like it. The lights are so expensive to have this reliability problem! Hopefully Liberty can get it together and fix this issues. I would not recommend the Clearview LED Wand Light Kit due to the sensor not being reliable.

Great when they were working
written by John O. on November 16, 2018
I received a 6 wand kit last year (2018) as a Christmas present. They worked great for 10 months and now they have totally stopped working. All six wands dead. I have power to the outlet so it must be a dead transformer (to the touch is seems right - not cold or hot) or the motion sensor or the lights or a combination of something. I'll have to get out the multimeter and test to see where the problem starts. Maybe I can salvage some of the kit.

The amount of light they put off was great and it was never an issue seeing the deepest darkest portions of my safe. Simple to install if you have an interior outlet or get the outlet kit. One of the wands did start falling down (about 6 months after install) the glue gave up but a bit of Velcro fixed that.

Easy to install
Great amount of light

Totally dead inside of a year

While they worked they were a solid 5 stars and I would recommend them. Now that they don't work and due to how long they lasted I feel that 3 stars is gracious. I would still recommend them with the caveat that the life expectancy I got out of them is less then what I expected.

Worked well, but quit
written by PJ on August 5, 2018
These lights worked well for the past few years on our Lincoln safe. Suddenly they will not come on; we have power to the safe & outlet in the safe, so I'm guessing it is the motion sensor? How can I check it, or replace it?
Liberty's Response:
Hi, Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you called our customer support at (800) 247-5625.

Installed and they worked for 2 minutes and quit
written by Stephen K on June 15, 2018
I installed these lights in my colonial 50 extreme today after I plugged them in and tested them first. Around the time I mounted the last bar of my six bar kit the whole kit shut off. Now it will just flicker every once and a while and not turn on fully. Kit and safe was just delivered this morning. Again as stated before by others ,with the amount of money spent on this safe the lights should be of better quality and last much longer than just two minutes of use before dying.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about this.  We will have someone from customer suppport reach out to you.

Once working they are good lighting
written by Jim P on February 17, 2018
Got the six wand kit from Cabelas. Came home to install in the safe and on the four wand side only one wand worked. I plugged in from other end and three wands worked. OK I got a bad connection so I wiggled the wire next to the dead wand and the light came on wiggled it again and had the whole wire in my hand. This kit worked after I soldered the wire back on to the circuit board. The light set is more than enough to see well without casting a lot of glare.

I would recommend this kit. If it worked right out of the box I would have given it five stars.

Disappointing product
written by Keg in Alabama on April 18, 2017
Got my new Colonial 50 and the dealer added the lights as a bonus. Not much of a bonus in my opinion. Installed the lights and right off the bat the motion sensor doesn't seem to work properly. They would light up if I actually put my hand on the sensor but then they wouldn't turn off. After reading the reviews I'm glad I didn't pay for these cheap lights. Come on Liberty, you can find better quality lights than these.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear they are not working as they should. A member of our customer support will be in contact with you.

Great lights
written by Scott H. on March 4, 2017
Do not know why I didn't get them earlier. I had purchased the 5 wand kit for my 30 gun safe but , I think I could have went with the 6 wand set there seems to be enough room for it had to do a couple of lay out test fits before I decided to stick them in place but overall very happy with the lights and would recommend them to anybody who is a little skeptical or is wondering if they are worth it they are. Mine function properly and they stay on for five minutes or so no complaints out of me as of right now.

Thank you Liberty and keep up the good work

Great lights
written by DSH on February 12, 2017
Just wanted to leave a review on these lights because it looks like a mixed bag. I know we only tend to leave reviews of things when we have a problem, but for me these lights have been great. I hope I don't have any of the issues others have had, but they have been in my safe for years now and they work amazing. Every time I open the safe they come on after the door opens about a quarter of the way. If I leave the door open long enough and back away I see they go off on their own. I do think the light bars could lose stickiness in the future as that is the nature of lighter adhesives. But I haven't had that problem years later. They work really well and light up the safe fantastically. The only thing I wished when I first got my safe, and still now, is that they came with about 2 more light bars, which I think would really get the entire safe lit up. I would recommend these to anyone, you won't regret it. In fact, I just talked my dad into buying a liberty safe, and the first thing he asked was if I could install these lights for him when the safe is delivered.

Lights stay on
written by Bobsim on December 8, 2016
I have had my Lincoln safe less then a year and all of the sudden, the lights will not turn off. I have to unplug the safe to get the lights to turn off. I love the safe, but the lights are a disappointment. I realize that things can malfunction, but when spending over $3500 I would expect it to make it at least a year.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about this.  I have forwarded your information to our customer support team who will be contacting you.

Light Once More
written by Mike on October 13, 2016
I posted earlier about my lights not working. I suspected the sensor and Liberty sent a replacement out very quickly. Unfortunately, that was not the problem. After further troubleshooting with a multi meter I discovered the power supply was not supplying power. I contacted Liberty and they sent a new power supply very quickly. I am happy to report my safe is once more lighted!

Thank you Liberty for standing behind your products!

Led Light Sensor
written by Gun Fanatic on September 13, 2016
Just purchased a Colonial and I love it. Installed the Led wand kit and noticed that they don't shut off, even when I wrap the sensor with a towel. Are they set to a timer or does the sensor need replacing?

Great Lights but sensor failed in matter of months
written by Mike on September 12, 2016
I purchased the 6 wand light kit this past April. It lights my safe beautifully. The kit has recently stopped working (early July). I suspect that the motion detector is faulty. When I initially bought the kit, and hooked everything up before installing, I noticed that occasionally the motion detector would not register movement. Sometimes it took several times waving my hand to get the lights to come on. It is now completely dead.

I was disappointed that my email to from Aug 5th has gone un responded to. I am hoping that a new motion detector can be sent as this seems to be a common issue.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry to hear that your email was not responded to. However this is not a suprise. We recently discovered that this email was having issues with delivery that we have since fixed.  I will have a member of our customer service department email you as the issue you are having should not occure.

Good Lights- Could Be Better
written by Steve in Mesquite, Texas on July 18, 2016
I purchased the 5 wand light kit for my Fatboy Jr., and the instructions were easy for me to follow. I couldn't tuck the wiring behind the fabric liner as recommended (because the seams were too tight- didn't want to damage the wires or fabric) I purchased some small 1" stick-on wire management blocks and some small wire ties from my local hardware store, and routed the wires out of the way. The lights work fine, but I realized that the white light would likely destroy my night vision at night- not good. I suggest that Liberty look at changing the light color to red- it may be a bit dimmer, but at least you'll retain your night vision when you need it the most!

Great products- very satisfied!

Back In Business
written by KH on April 29, 2016
This is an update to my previous review about lights only lasting a year. Right after my review I contacted Liberty Safe customer service and they sent me a replacement light kit and everything has been working perfectly since. Good to know Liberty stands by their products and has excellent customer service.

Well They lasted A Year
written by KH on February 17, 2016
I got these for my Fatboy safe and now nothing works I tried everything. At first the auto part of the sensor function stopped working and now some of the lights do not always come on. They were great while they lasted but should have lasted longer for what they cost.
Liberty's Response:
You are right, a year is not long enough. Please call our customer sevice number and we will work with you to figure out a solution or to get these replaced.  

These Lights are a Requirement for Any Safe!!
written by Gerald on February 1, 2016
I bought a Franklin 35 safe and I was excited that it came with lights. But upon setting the safe up (was delivered and setup by an authorized dealer) and loading in my valuables, I noticed these lights left a lot to be desired. They would turn off too soon and they would not trigger on consistently. Even waving your hand in front of them would not make them come on most of the time. By the way, the batteries were new. I even put in some Energize Lithium batteries with no improvement.

In addition, these two light sticks did not provide adequate was very dim. I had to supplement these lights with a flashlight. sigh

So, I pondered and hesitated to get these Clearview lights due to the cost...they are pricey!! I even thought about going DIY and getting a kit for $50-$60 which comes with a power brick, sensor, and lights. But after reading the reviews here, on Amazon, other safe dealers, and forums, these lights have outstanding reviews. So I bit the bullet and purchased them.

Installation was easy. The hardest part was figuring out where to install each wand. It is critical that you do this using some T-pins to mock up your lights and wiring to get the best distribution of light. After some trial and error. I installed one wand on the upper left corner horizonally shining light on the top shelf, then the other two wands run vertically in the corners of the door jamb. This provided the best light distribution for each shelf.

These lights are BRIGHT!!! Its a joy to open up the safe and have the lights turn on. You can see everything in the safe. No nooks and crannies are dark.

I highly recommend these lights....even though they are pricey...they are worth it. Highly satisfied!!

It's great when it works; after a year It won't go out
written by Be the safe on February 1, 2016
I bought a Lincoln a little over 1 year ago; the LED system was part of the package. Recently, the light remains lit and will not shut off; even after 2 hours with the door shut. The lighting system is great if it functions properly, but at this point it appears the sensor lasted a little over a year. I guess I'm better off as many of the others have no lighting at all.
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like your sensor isn't working like it should. We will be in contact to determine a solution. We will replace it if needed. 

Quit working in two weeks.
written by Tgrauer on January 26, 2016
These lights didn't last long, but while they did work, they were nice. Easy to install, adequate lighting, price wasn't too bad.
Liberty's Response:
These are great lights...not sure what your problem is. We will contact you and get them working again or replace them. 

Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit DOA
written by Tom on January 19, 2016
My wife hated me holding a flashlight in my mouth to see in the safe, so for by birthday she bought the light kit 5 days ago at Cabelas. Once I got the best location they installed fairly easy and very bright. She just told me this morning the lights no longer come on. Checked all the connection but didn't help. She's pretty disappointed:( I guess it's back to using a flashlight! I could only rate it 2-stars but when it worked, it worked very well...
Liberty's Response:
Not sure what is going on, but I assure you we will contact you and get to the bottom of it. If needed, they will be replaced at no charge to you. 

Clearview Safe Light Kit
written by Liberty Safe Owner on December 12, 2015
Exceptional - easy install - lights up the safe. Truly worth the money. Now if I can just keep my wife limited to two shelves! Seriously, great product.

Amazing and worth it!
written by Andrew F. on October 29, 2015
My safe came with the wireless Brightview Light Kit. It was worthless, so I replaced it this Clearview Kit. It is amazing!! Completely lights up the entire safe, even with shelves installed. This kit is absolutely worth the money.

Will never want to be without lights again!
written by Josh on August 12, 2015
My safe came with a set of the battery powered lights and I had issues with them. A second set gave me the same problems. After talking to Liberty's customer service (which is excellent) and doing some trouble shooting I got a set of these wired ones. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! So much more light, it has been consistently reliable and not had a single hickup. Frankly I think on the bigger safes should just come with these, they just light the whole safe so much better and are more reliable. If you are contemplating between these and the battery ones...get these hands down. Yeah they may seem expensive but buy once cry once.

The absolute best customer service
written by grayghostcsa on May 9, 2015
I bought the six wand LED light kit via mail order from a large sporting goods company. Unfortunately when it arrived, without testing it I installed it in the safe. I did not work.

So the next morning I called Liberty and relayed the problem. The gentleman I talked to said it had to be either the power brick or the motion sensor. So he sent both.

Unfortunately they still did not work. I dug out the VOM and tested the power bricks and verified that both were functioning. The motion sensor had a different style of plug so it was unusable.

Call Liberty again. The nice lady said unfortunately I had been caught in a model change over but she would send the correct part immediately.

Success! Everything works and I can now actually see the contents of the safe without getting out a flashlight. By mounting the lights in the vertical corners next to the door Liberty has designed a system that give excellent illumination to the entire safe.

I would gladly recommend this product.

Last Years X-mas present DEAD
written by GK on December 17, 2014
My wife bought these for me last X-mas. They almost made it a year. Parts would come on and I thought it was just a loose connection but no longer can get any light. Disappointed no where near the quality that the safes are at.

written by SJS on December 9, 2014
Liberty's Response:
We will be in touch today. Probably a connection came that happens every once in a while.

Dbl face tape
written by Randy on September 29, 2014
Having the same problem as Discouraged. Other than that, am very pleased.

Just quit working
written by Matt on September 13, 2014
I have had these lights in my Colonial 25 safe for about a year now. Last week, they just quit working. I cannot get them to turn on at all. I am not happy! For $150 I would expect to get more than 1 year of use out of them. To be fair, while they worked I really enjoyed having them. When I opened the safe, the lights came on and lit up the inside beautifully. Just beware, there seems to be some quality issues with these lights. They don't last.
UPDATED REVIEW: September 23, 2014
Back in business
This is an update to my previous review. Two days after I posted my review stating that the lights had quit working, Liberty Safe contacted me and sent me a replacement light kit. I may have originally received a bad unit since it stopped working so soon, but its good to know Liberty stands by their products and was able to make it right. As I said in my previous review, I love having these lights in my safe. The motion sensor works great. As soon as I begin to open the door to my safe, the lights come on and I can actually see inside. After having a dark safe for a week, I would never want to be without them.

spare parts
written by doc on August 1, 2014
Got my new Liberty safe with pre-installed set of 5 lights. Works better than could be expected. Very pleased. One and only thing missing is the light at the top. I went to the Liberty site in hopes to find an additional strip of lights which I would've plugged in to the existing circuit and place above the door... Especially since the power source can handle up to 6 strips. Unfortunately can't order just a single additional strip. Hope Liberty takes this comment as constructive suggestion., as the lights truly work great!

Highly Recommend
written by Bob on July 29, 2014
I recently purchased a Lincoln model Liberty safe. Taking my old safe to the hunting camp and put the beautiful new Lincoln in my office. Never thought about lighting until I saw it in the new Lincoln. It makes a huge difference. So I ordered the 5 wand kit for my old safe. Installed in about 5 minutes and it works perfectly. Yes they seem a little expensive but they are specifically designed for the application and work perfectly with the motion detector and wiring that is easy to hide. Very pleased.

Not happy especially with the high cost
written by JVG on July 23, 2014
The long string of lights doesn't always illuminate. Sometimes I have to wiggle the wire to get it to work. Double checked the flimsy connectors and its fully seated. The instructions leave more to be desired and the double sided tape to install is disappointing with the high retail cost. Once installed it looks more DIY then and expensive add-on for a high end safe. Expected a lot more for $160.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like we need to contact you and get the lights working the way they should, or replace them. We will be in touch today.

written by Discouraged! on April 3, 2014
Pros: I must admit the LED lights are bright and illuminate the safe adequately.

Cons: Expensive and poorly constructed. Wiring is exposed and connections are flimsy. Should be installed in a wiring conduit for this price. The double back tape will not stick the lights to the fabric lining material. I purchased Velcro strips and installed them on the lights and they work great now.

Just not what I would have expected from Liberty
Liberty's Response:
We have had great results with our adhesive. The only problem we have seen is if the lights are placed, then removed and attemped to restick. When you remove them, they lose a lot of thier stickiness. Please contact customer service and we will get you taken care of. 1.800.247.5625

written by Blake on February 8, 2014
Looked for a safe for several month, bought a signature at Cabelas, same as the Franklin... So wanted the wand light kit. 50 miles back too Cabelas...160.00 for the kit got them home and they won't stick to the interior of the safe... Very disappointed....
Liberty's Response:
It doesn't sound like your lights are working out for you. We will be in touch to see how we can help. These are great lights, I hope we can make them work for you.

written by Delighted on January 22, 2014
Can't believe how nice these really are. Crystal clear white light. Motion sensor works great. Really far better than the older halogen lamps that are in the safe ceiling!

5 wand lights
written by Miller on August 1, 2013
I have the Fatboy safe and recently received these lights. They were VERY easy to install and there are directions, with pictures, on the box. These lights will really work with any larger safe as they didnt really seem Liberty specific aside from generic branding on the box. The motion sensor is ideal. All in all this is a much better setup than the lights that are recessed in the top of the Fatboy.

6 wand clarview led wand light kit
written by Romeo on June 20, 2013
Lights are bright, best $150 you will spend on large safe lighting. I have tried many lights and these are the best and brightest. it also has the sensor to turn the lights off when safe is closed one of my favorite features.I have an older 72" tall liberty safe and these are awesome!

Now complaints. Directions suck! No real clear directions on how to install these lights. pictures would be helpful.
I searched for hours on the net and on Liberty's website and nothing!

I gave 5 stars for product, but it would be 0 stars for directions!
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Romeo. We'll take a look at the instructions and improve them. We'll even work on a video.

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