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Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit Ratings and Reviews

Great when they were working
written by John O. on November 16, 2018
I received a 6 wand kit last year (2018) as a Christmas present. They worked great for 10 months and now they have totally stopped working. All six wands dead. I have power to the outlet so it must be a dead transformer (to the touch is seems right - not cold or hot) or the motion sensor or the lights or a combination of something. I'll have to get out the multimeter and test to see where the problem starts. Maybe I can salvage some of the kit.

The amount of light they put off was great and it was never an issue seeing the deepest darkest portions of my safe. Simple to install if you have an interior outlet or get the outlet kit. One of the wands did start falling down (about 6 months after install) the glue gave up but a bit of Velcro fixed that.

Easy to install
Great amount of light

Totally dead inside of a year

While they worked they were a solid 5 stars and I would recommend them. Now that they don't work and due to how long they lasted I feel that 3 stars is gracious. I would still recommend them with the caveat that the life expectancy I got out of them is less then what I expected.

Once working they are good lighting
written by Jim P on February 17, 2018
Got the six wand kit from Cabelas. Came home to install in the safe and on the four wand side only one wand worked. I plugged in from other end and three wands worked. OK I got a bad connection so I wiggled the wire next to the dead wand and the light came on wiggled it again and had the whole wire in my hand. This kit worked after I soldered the wire back on to the circuit board. The light set is more than enough to see well without casting a lot of glare.

I would recommend this kit. If it worked right out of the box I would have given it five stars.

Lights stay on
written by Bobsim on December 8, 2016
I have had my Lincoln safe less then a year and all of the sudden, the lights will not turn off. I have to unplug the safe to get the lights to turn off. I love the safe, but the lights are a disappointment. I realize that things can malfunction, but when spending over $3500 I would expect it to make it at least a year.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about this.  I have forwarded your information to our customer support team who will be contacting you.

Great Lights but sensor failed in matter of months
written by Mike on September 12, 2016
I purchased the 6 wand light kit this past April. It lights my safe beautifully. The kit has recently stopped working (early July). I suspect that the motion detector is faulty. When I initially bought the kit, and hooked everything up before installing, I noticed that occasionally the motion detector would not register movement. Sometimes it took several times waving my hand to get the lights to come on. It is now completely dead.

I was disappointed that my email to from Aug 5th has gone un responded to. I am hoping that a new motion detector can be sent as this seems to be a common issue.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry to hear that your email was not responded to. However this is not a suprise. We recently discovered that this email was having issues with delivery that we have since fixed.  I will have a member of our customer service department email you as the issue you are having should not occure.

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