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HDX-250 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 623 customers ratings and reviews

Smart Vault Safe
written by Nick on September 16, 2020
Great product! Easy to use, easy to gain access quickly.

Made in USA!!!
written by EdGinFL on September 8, 2020
Well made. Good instruction manual.

written by RDF on September 2, 2020
Good safe at a super price. Very easy to program as well.

Easy to setup.
written by Angie on August 23, 2020
Quickly open. Easy to setup after you find button. Came with a good quality battery.

Bio metric
written by Brian M on August 13, 2020
Easy to program and use for great protection.

Great Product
written by Dockfly on August 8, 2020
Safe, Easy and great quality

Great product
written by Smoking Joe on August 6, 2020
Love this safe

Made in America
written by Greg Hartnett on August 4, 2020
I searched long and hard for a safe made in America. I chose Liberty Safe because it was carried on the Military Exchange website. The reviews there were very positive and all other reviews noted that biometric accuracy is the best in the industry. ("Liberty 9G boasts among the best the False Acceptance Rates (1/100,000 finger swipes - the measure of the likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly accept an access attempt by an intruder) and False Rejection Rates (the measure of the likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly reject an access attempt by an authorized user) in the gun safe industry." Liberty Safe). That convinced me. Now it is time to put it to use. Having served in the military I appreciate reliability.

Best safe made!
written by ArabianRider on July 24, 2020
Great product.

Great Quality
written by Mike D on July 14, 2020
This is a great product. Great quality that Liberty Safe is known for.

Compact but Sturdy
written by thetxbear on July 11, 2020
This is a small, heavy duty but yet easy to carry pistol gun vault. I have small fingers so bio-metric locks do not always work for me but this one seems to so far.

I purchased the HDX - 150
written by William Nopay on June 27, 2020
A great product. Well made and works as represented. Thank you

Fantastic Gun Handgun Vault
written by Bearded Pitt on June 20, 2020
I purchased a cheap handgun vault on Amazon about three years ago. It crapped out and that's it. I love my 1776 Liberty gun safe I purchased two years ago. I came right back to Liberty for my next safe purchase. Thank you Liberty!

Received the HDX-250 Today
written by american121 on June 18, 2020
Easy to set up.

Easy to Program.

Easy to securely mount, that is if you purchased the accessory mounting plate for around $25.

I like that it is made of 14 Gage steel, opposed to the 16 Gage steel in other brands.

So far, opening the safe by swiping a programmed finger print works well.

My plan is to mount the safe on the side of the Oak side rail of the bed.

HDX-250 Smart Vault
written by TDBHM on June 16, 2020
Once you figure out how to enter your fingerprints it works well. Used mounting plate which is excellent. Would also recommend 110v. power supply be used . It's much faster than the 9v. battery. Instructions need to be rewritten on fingerprint entry.

Trouble with new safe
written by 84BOB on June 1, 2020
I had trouble with the first two safes. Customer service was great to work with , they worked with me to check the programming and exchanged the first two safes on a quick turn around. I know that sometimes things happen but Liberty Safe was outstanding to work with.

written by Brian on May 11, 2020
Replacement for the first one due to a faulty finger pad. Customer service was great and got replacement to me as soon as they were available. Replacement is working better than the first one.

Quickly resolved, very pleased with investment
written by The Gingernaut on May 8, 2020
My first HDX-250 came from a retailer, and had a couple issues. The Biometrics couldn't be reset to enter new data, and the light didn't work. I called Liberty, as advised by the packaging, and they actually sent out an all new HDX-250 and accessories in new packaging. I was able to mount the mounting plate, program it, and test it in no time flat. Great workmanship, guarantee, and outstanding service.

Customer Service Did Good
written by Mac on May 6, 2020
As described in a review posted a few days ago, I bought two HDX-250 handgun safes for myself after buying three others for my adult children. The first of the two that I bought just would not open reliably notwithstanding following all the instructions in the owner's manual, including registering two different fingerprints three times each. As per the instructions, I called Customer Service. Without hesitation, Whitney concluded that my first of two HDX units was simply not working properly and she asked if she could send me a replacement unit right away. Regarding my second unit, she asked me to try it and call her immediately if it did not work well and she would send me another replacement unit if necessary. The second unit worked fine and is now installed. The replacement unit arrived in four or five days with a UPS return label for return of the unit to be replaced. The replacement unit works as expected and is now installed also. No arguments. No hesitation. Good customer service. Thanks.

Trouble with new safe
written by 84BOB on April 19, 2020
First safe wouldn't program. Called support and they couldn't get it either.Sent me a new safe in three days and a return ticket for the first safe. Outstanding customer service.

Library had-250
written by Roro on April 17, 2020
Works great keeps my Gus and mags, lots of room!

Warranty Service
written by Oregon Warrior on April 9, 2020
Owned two smart vaults. One went bad. Liberty provided the best warranty service ever. I received two new safes delivered within a couple days time. Also UPS call tags to return old ones.
Very kind lady processed my issue. Makes me very happy to also have a full sized Liberty safe. The best! Buy Liberty USA.OREGON

written by BIGD on March 31, 2020
Bought 1 of these for bedroom quick access 4 years ago and use it almost every day . Excellent safe,I never had a problem with the biometrics the entire time I have owned it. I have found that if you load up on hand lotion before you go to bed,it will interfere with the biometrics of course-common sense.Just purchased 2d one for another location.This safe is AMERICAN MADE and BEEFCAKE,not flimsy thin crap from you know where!Follow the instructions,watch the VIDEO on YOU TUBE if you have to,and programming the fingerprints will be so much easier on you and the poor people at Liberty who have to listen to MORONS call them about how they can't figure it out.No I don't work for Liberty, it just hurts my eyes some of the stupid reviews.

Great safe
written by Jaegermeister on March 18, 2020
The customer service by this company is outstanding and the product quality is also outstanding.

written by Patrick R. on March 14, 2020
Love it so far! It's well-built and functions exactly as designed.

Great safe
written by danible on February 22, 2020
Great safe to safely store my handguns.

written by mikensully on February 14, 2020
Looks good, works as promised, easy to set up. Reasonably priced, good value.

Great gun safe
written by Opie on February 9, 2020
Very pleased with size and features

Easy Setup
written by Gary on February 7, 2020
Very simple, easy setup. Worked flawlessly.

This is my replacement HDX-250 Smart Vault
written by KB on February 1, 2020
I called Liberty about a problem with my 4 year old safe. The thing that attaches to the 9 volt battery broke. Liberty replaced the unit with a new one. Thats customer service. Thank you very much Liberty.

Love Liberty safes!!!
written by Nancy W on January 22, 2020
this works good, I had to call them and had them walk me through getting the fingerprint scanner to work, the only thing was finding the "administration button". Once I was able to locate it, it was super easy(the button on my vault was actually on the far left side standing up on the side not on the flat ceiling part) Was easy to put fingerprint in and works great every time i have opened it.

Christmas Gift
written by Ken in CT on December 28, 2019
Just set the pruduct up will see how it holds up, I like the size it should sit perfectly on my night stand. Will update my review in6 months.

written by Abe on December 21, 2019
This is exactly what I was looking for the people at liberty were great! I was in and out caught a sale I'm very happy.

smart vault
written by R. Wethington on December 14, 2019
Awesome product.Would like to thank the support team for helping with this safe.

Easy to setup, easy to use
written by Jesse on December 10, 2019
It's good to know that this vault is secure enough to keep unwanted hands away from my handgun. Easy to use to access when needed and to protect my family

written by Sal on November 21, 2019
Best handgun vault i have ever owned i highly recommend it to anybody.

Great for my bedside nightstand.
written by Berkley on November 12, 2019
Works perfectly. I love it.

written by Ginger on November 7, 2019
A very good product easy to set up just need to follow the owner manual

My second HDX-250
written by Larry LaPine on November 5, 2019
This my second Biometric Smart Vault HDX-250. I got my first one in November 2018 and have liked it so well that I have bought a second one.

Great Safe
written by Jason on October 31, 2019
Great Safe

good to go
written by none on October 30, 2019
seems to work pretty good so far

Smart Vault HDX-250
written by Kelly on October 16, 2019
Works great, I scanned multiple times on each finger so I don't have to be as precious on the scanner sensor. The result is that it opens on the first scan every time.

Excellent customer service
written by Kingranch on October 15, 2019
Had a problem with the biometric on my original safe. Liberty didn't hesitate and replaced it immediately! Very impressive response time and professionalism of the reps at Liberty. This is my 3rd safe and they have definitely secured me as a lifetime customer.

Made in USA and Built like a Tank!
written by William D on September 22, 2019
Exactly the bedside handgun safe I was looking for. Well built and easy to set up the biometric feature. With the mounting bracket I don't have to worry about trying to reach for it and risk pushing it away. Holds my handgun, extra magazine and flashlight with room to spare.

Awesome safe quick access great protection
written by Pauly on September 21, 2019
Buy it, the safe is kick ass!!

written by Jeff on September 18, 2019

written by Dj on September 13, 2019

written by Richard on September 10, 2019
Great little safe. Bigger than I thought it would be.

written by Bob on September 8, 2019

Happy customer
written by JesseL on September 5, 2019
We Really love the biometric feature of this safe.

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For more instructions on setting up your safe, view our Programming the Liberty HDX-250 video.

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