So Safe... It's Exhausting

So Safe... It's Exhausting

Our customers know Liberty Safe is the #1 manufacturer of home safes in the world. They see exactly how we earned that reputation once they get their own Liberty safe.

Our competition knows it.

And would-be criminals know it, too.

Here are just a few things that make our safes so “freaky tough.”

  • Military-style locking bars: These bad boys are a serious upgrade from the steel round pins that other safes have. They make it much harder for thieves to pry the door off your safe.
  • Two-piece safe bodies: We have exclusive technology that lets us bend a single, solid piece of steel to create the sides, top, and bottom of our roll-form safes. That means fewer welds and a much stronger safe body.
  • The best safe fire protection: We conduct our fire testing using research-based methods that match actual house-fire conditions. And more of our safes have survived house fires than any other company.
  • UL-listed locks: Our locks are certified by the highly respected Underwriters Laboratory for security you can trust.
  • Flexible interiors: Nearly all of our safe interiors can be customized to let you choose whether you want more gun storage or more shelf storage.
  • Serious style: We offer a huge variety of styles and paint colors, including our ultra-shiny gloss models.

Protect your valuables — and intimidate even the most determined thieves — with the industry's best home safes.


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