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What is the Best Type of Safe for Jewelry?

Whether you're looking to protect your cherished family heirlooms or expensive designer pieces, there are several things you should take into consideration before purchasing a home jewelry safe.

First, how much are you looking to protect? This will determine the size of the safe you need and whether you need additional compartments. Second, what type of protection do you want? Not all safes are created equal. Some provide excellent fire and water protection but fail against break-ins and burglars or visa-versa. Third, where will you keep your safe? Some people feel more comfortable keeping their safe in a location that is easily accessible, like the closet in their master bedroom. Others prefer hidden safes that let you hide your valuables in plain sight.

High Quality Safes for Jewelry

At Liberty Safe, we are committed to manufacturing high quality safes to help you protect your most valuable items from both thieves and disasters. Our Lincoln and Presidential safes are ideal for protecting your jewelry. Each one comes equipped with a jewelry drawer and accessory door panel for added convenience and organization. The superior fire protection and security features should also give you peace of mind. They boast four layers of fire-board in the ceiling and three additional layers in the walls, doorjambs and doors.

Protect what you value most with our selection of full-sized home jewelry safes. All Liberty Safes are designed to offer you the best in security and fire protection. Buy a Liberty Safe and receive our unmatched lifetime warranty. Our team has proudly been manufacturing high-quality safes in the USA since 1988.


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