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Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

Looking for a safe that combines the security features and certified fire protection of the Liberty Lincoln with a sleek new style? Look no further! The Liberty Safe Modern Lincoln 25 is up to the task. Standing at just over five feet tall, this compact and secure safe offers the features you love - including a reliable Liberty Tough Door, military style locking bars, and a 90 minute fire rating that allows it to serve as a certified fire protection safe.

All of these features are wrapped in a stylish exterior that pairs your choice of color with our modern take on the Liberty Safe logo. Choose between classics like mirrored black and gray gloss, or add a pop of color with burgundy, blue, or green. It's just another way you can make your Modern Lincoln 25 feel like a true part of your home. Get started customizing your Liberty Safe!