Large Gun Safes For Sale

If you store guns in your home, you know that safety is a priority and a high quality gun safe is a must. We believe that safe storage of all firearms is a must and we have for sale the best in home safes, biometric lock gun safes, and vault doors. Our ratings are high, and prices for our fire rated gun safes and biometric locks are competitive. We've worked hard to bring you reasonably priced, highly effective fire rated large home wall gun safes and vault doors with state of the art biometric locks. We wouldn't have it for sale if we weren't sure it was the best in fireproof and biometric technology and made from the toughest steel out there. We care about our customers, their home and their valuables and it shows in the products we sale and in the great customer service that comes along with it.

What We Do

We specialize in everything that deals with safe gun storage.

  • High fire rated wall safes, large and small
  • Biometric entrance technology to prevent tampering and invasion
  • Large gun vault doors with high fire rates and optional biometric locks
  • Fire resistant gun safes and deposit boxes for your valuables
  • Safe storage accessories
  • Variety of large wall gun safe sizes and color options
  • All with a lifetime guarantee!

Why We Do It

We love what we do. We are happy to sale top of the line large home wall safes to keep your guns and valuables away from the wrong hands and safe from disasters. High fire rated gun safe innovation is our passion and we take pride in our work and in what we have for sale. We've perfected our design and have proven to the world that our home fireproof safes are the best you can buy. Our fire resistant gun safes have had extensive testing inside and outside our labs. We extensively test our fireproof safes before we offer them for sale. If you check out our revises you will also see that some 'other' tests have been done to our safes by mother nature herself. In an F5 hurricane our large fireproof gun safe survived and kept it's contents secure while a competitor's safe was destroyed and its contents scattered and broken. If you invest in guns you must protect them and our tough fire resistant gun safes for sale are the way to go to guard your valuables of any kind.

*NOTE: Though no safe can technically be termed "FIREPROOF", buying more fire protection increases the safes ability to protect valuables. Electronics are even more sensitive to heat. Securing those items in a fire box and placing it on the bottom of the fire safe can help.

View Liberty Safe's signature collection of fire rated home safes and vaults for sale online today.