Luxury Gun Safes by Liberty

Liberty Safe is the number one manufacturer of luxury gun safes built in the USA. Liberty safes are where opulence meets rugged dependable security.


Lincoln gun safes include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

National Classic Plus

A plush interior with extra amenities, and you have one of the classiest safes on the market!

National Magnum

National Security Magnum gun safes are a luxurious blend of superior security and Old-West styling. Beautiful with any decor.


If you are looking for ultimate peace of mind and the pinnacle of fire protection and security...It doesn't get any better than this - The Presidential by Liberty Safe!

A Dream Gun Safe for a Dream Home

Would you put a cheap front door on your dream home? Then why use a cheap cardboard box for your priceless valuables?

Your dream home deserves a dream safe, and Liberty has just the model for you. Our passion is to replace those ugly gray boxes of yesteryear with luxurious centerpieces that match the decor and motif of any well-designed house---a gun safe that's made in the USA and is a showpiece on the outside, yet rugged, dependable and secure on the inside.

And in traditional Liberty fashion, we want to help you find a safe that is easy on the eyes no matter who comes to call.

From the company that makes the best-selling safes in the world come three luxury models in the color, style and capacity that uniquely meet your every need.

For example, keep a full-sized Presidential downstairs near the theater and poolroom for your guns. A Lincoln model on the main floor dresses any lounge area for smoothly-engineered access when business is underway. And a National that matches the upstairs bedroom or office decor helps finish off anyone's master home plan.

A Closer Look at Our Luxury Gun Safes

For the successful investors who have a great number of assets that require regular attention, the Presidential offers "top of the line" on everything. A solid 6-inch door on this 990-1,555-pound safe will shut out the burglars who might hope a cardboard box is all that stands in their way. With 2.5 hours of fire protection, a 39-gun capacity, ball-bearing hard plates, gear drive mechanism with slip clutch, and a seven-gauge steel body, this safe's beautiful painting scheme almost seems superfluous. This is a beautiful and secure part of any home security system, a safe for the most discerning home owner.

The Lincoln series is rated #1 by sportsmen in America. And for good reason. The Lincoln sports a sleek 5-point handle, and twelve color options that let you blend it to any decoration plan you have scheduled. Your choice of lock is one of those finishing touches that you control. Choose from a mechanical lock, a D-Drive electronic lock, or a Biometric Fingerprint Lock.

For the sitting area, try this luxury gun safe on for size: our uniquely designed National Classic. A great deal of creative engineering, and thought, went into our National Classic safes. Depending on your gun collection, the National Classic's can store from 25 to 50 guns. Their fire rating is even better than a Lincoln, coming in at 110 minutes of protection at 107,000 BTUs. Change your interior shelving to best meet your needs, stock it up with pistol hangers, dehumidifiers, lights, and all the rest, and you're set to go.

Liberty Safe appreciates the wonderfully satisfying feeling of a finished dream home, and the sense of achievement, joy and completion that comes when the movers have left and the lights are dimmed for that first luxuriously delicious night's rest. Before that happens, be sure to add that one additional ingredient that only Liberty can provide: that beautiful and relaxing peace of mind when all is safe. It's living at the top of the mountain because when it comes to owning the very best, only a Liberty gun safe will do.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.